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Inhuman Determination

"Inhuman Determination" (2003 EP)

1. When Others Pray To God
2. What Jesus Has Promised
3. This Damned Reality
4. Deep Down From Hell
5. Inhuman Determination

1. When Others Pray To God

there's no place to hide
there's no time to cry
still i have not found
what i'm searching for
every moment is full of misery
the denial of
my soul tortures me

what should be above?
this beings sense is lost
when others pray to god
the pride lies in the dust
when others pray to god
i close my eyes and laugh!

many years have passed
different impressions
the insomnia
sucks my energy
there's a cage around
i'm a prisoner
shall i take my life
to redeem myself?

2. What Jesus Has Promised

living in an own world
feeling safe in the nest
blinded by simplicity
but that's for you the best

a huge wall of ignorance
is built around you
foolish theories of love
have captured your head

you will never see the light
that jesus has promised
you should know that it's a lie
there is no future
after your death you will
just feed the worms
and your false belief and hope
will bring you nothing
show me an example
for gods helping hand
you just believe in that crap
'cause your parents told you that

hidden from reality
self-confidence unknown
a cross with a naked gye
makes you feeling safe

3. This Damned Reality

born in a wrong time
i don't belong to this
todays world's a whole crime
and i raise my fist

societies oppression
takes away freedom
mental manipulation
i rule my own kingdom

steel the air, that i breathe
deny all, which i need
try to break my personality
show me the way to this damned reality

don't try to control
my whole life and my mind
your presence is so awful
weak humans are too blind

4. Deep Down From Hell

sulphur fires - darkest reign
lustfull desires - enjoyable pain
burning stones - evil dreams
broken hopes - rise and live the sin

deep down from hell

hellfire will cath us all
hear the masters call

no remorse - disrespect
bones and skulls - kneel before the throne
infernal vibes - feel the truth
satanic rites - immortal be thy might

glowing eyes - open veins
womens cries - fucked by the horned one
there's no chance to escape
bloody handy - learn to love disgust

5. Inhuman Determination

like a machine - grown up for war
expect no mercy - you'll bath in gore
according to my lifecode - everything's hostile
give me a weapon - and i will kill!!!

no place for love is in my heart
as cold as ice, feelings apart
gladness and pleasure - long dead and gone
my determination is inhuman

when i cut my flesh, i feel no pain
if i take someons life - i would do it again
what you call regret - is just weakness
living pure hate - and unholyness

inhuman determination
if you are human - i am not
i will not kneel before your laws
i will not kiss the book of lies
the only way to free my soul
is spreading a plague above you all


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