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Completely Dehumanized

"Completely Dehumanized" (1998)

1. Conditioned By The Thoughts That I Transmit To You
2. Completely Dehumanized
3. We Are Everywhere
4. Time Flies When You Wish You Were Dead
5. Friday The 13th
6. The Gard Division
7. My Bible
8. Not With Tainted Blood
9. To Kill Without Emotion

1. Conditioned By The Thoughts That I Transmit To You

2. Completely Dehumanized

Completely Dehumanized

Walkiung down the slippery streets,
the mind sweats, my eyes just bathe in sin.
I tried so fucking hard to avoid them, but I can smell their skin.
Keep yourselves only to themselves, don't ever, ever let me in.
Come and look inside, what do you think you'll see?
But spare me all of your pitiful condolences,
you'll get none back from me.
How many times have the lines been beaten?
not once, not twice, but three!
Remember words from the mouth of the winding road,
one of us, he'll never be.
Look at how they run, I know its wicked weird.
See them dripping from his eyes.
But look out, he'll be back to fill your mouth with those
poison butterflies.
Feel safe and perfectly welcome to sit back and watch how Devon dies.
For there are no feelings left, he's completely dehumanized

3. We Are Everywhere

We Are Everywhere

Look in the eyes of a superior kind,
feeling the jealousy drip from your chin.
Feeling your envies flood for the taste of supremacy's churning blood.
A primitive force with which we control,
a gift devine, by which we are bound.
And to see what we see with our burning red eyes.
To be one of us is something you wish you could dream of.
No way to end us! with centuries carved in our hearts.
To know our minds would be a lesson from you know who we are,
we're everywhere and we control your fucking minds!

4. Time Flies When You Wish You Were Dead

Time Flies When You Wish You Were Dead

The yellow lines are beaten, so celebrate this a day we both believe.
A warm black Wednesday sign said don't give up,
so celebrate this day we both conceive,
Believe it or not, this acting gem is the bad guy.
But time is short, months are depleting, he's gonna die.
I'm getting worse.
Bubbles melt down the windshield, 'til you wipe it clean.
Turn it off!
close your eyes or turn around, just don't look at the screen!
The huamn bird still singin', believe it or not,
from a gem braided with beads.
A freezing Friday said don't hurt yourself,
but you can take this the heart I will not need.
Not staring back into this pile of charismatic crumbs.
The worse I get, the more normal I seem to become.

5. Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

Toilet full of barf,
feel their tongues wrap around your neck like a scarf.
Ingest the tiny white fish, throw up the dreams all over the bowl,
for which you have wished.
A splash of water on your face, a total loss of time and place
your mind and heart begin to race!
A journey through the pipes I have to puruse I'M CHASING YOU!
Then from the pier, the juice has washed out to sea.
But on the bench, a Friday the 13th.
The smell floats around like a kite,
and you'll remember when you're crying in your bed at night.
I've got this flower in the field of sight!
And as young 'um, you aspire to become the wrethced demon who takes
anyone from anyone leaving a hardened shell to bake in the Boston sun!
Walk up the stairs, to taste her spit like chewing gum.
And your fingers slip together while they pinch around the naked plum.
In a sea of splinters and smokestacks - Feeling so mundane - Ejecting
all the pain. I look down and I noticed your hands splittin' - while
installing your novacaine! From the chin, saliva traced. You're slowly
dripping down the neck and then the nipple taste. Moving into the field
tolet your tongue baste. Leave the phone on top of me. There's
something around 5AM we start to see.

6. The Gard Division

The Gard Division

And you watch your dreams float up in my wake.
You will eat the liver of my ever-cascading wrath,
your brain will be covered with glowing teeth marks.
I fold my hands around your planet.
I am the tree neath you rest, the adrenaline that voils in your blood
in a pot of sin, the tidal field that drowns your every hope and I
spread contagion throughout you - I created division!
I am the coma in which you sleep.
The swollen breast that feeds your every pain.
Sleep Sleep Sleep next to my talons
and your gin of the skin will be conveniently cut!
You have called and so I've come, and now we are together as one.
And the angelic visions of yours will be plagued with disease evermore!
Turning close a desperate attempt to see where all the divinity went.
As I reach, you start sinking faster
- No life left for the craven bastard.
I am a minotaur of agony, a pillar of pain, I am you, whose teeth have
turned to barnacles. No one knows, no one cares and there's no way out!
Before me, you kneel and pray and you watch all normality dripping away.
You can beg and plead all you want. It won't change, it's whom I taunt.
Yours is mine and mine is unknown. It makes me laugh to keep hearing
you bitch and moan. No life left for the day in our heart,
no life left as I tear you a apart!

7. My Bible

My Bible

For these pages will be the knife to his throat!
A desolate island, summers once only to incubate dreams.
My saliva... an ocean of thought was the allergy.
Saviour Centipede Pyramid bitch with a segmented neck.
Wait in the hallway and burn all the pages you take from me!
One again I, frothing and bleeding, deserve to die.
They won't let me!
The Gard factor thus be unveiled (Hail!).
No neck left now, shaving red hair in the shape of a heart.
Lift your head and show me the blueprints.
Pave my way to the utopia betrayed by this mirrored myth.
Take me now that I might find a good reason to die with.
You promised me! when will I ever learn???
A desolate island, summers once only would digest the dreams.
(In a) wet vagina, these servants of god will get rid of me (patiently).
Dump out the satin bag, filling the halls with the smell of the spell.
Hang your head in the rain and pave my way to the arena,
betrayed by a spineless whore.
Take me now that I might find this life's exit door.

8. Not With Tainted Blood

Not With Tainted Blood

I learned the ways herein in this land of the cold and damp, dark and
grim. And dream for my tongue to dance upon her skin. This pain - I
bore this angel - I adore.
Give me more!!!
And now, this time, the opus of a decade is over, and now what?
She was the last of the ones.
The missing piece, one final gem to bring me the truth.
Might as well pack up your bags, cause the bell rings, you're finished!
And go ahead and think about me on your way home, well, you may well!
And when the broken wing of a memort asks me Why?
A tear from them will flood what is known.
But I won't reach the ending, the day won't come,
because the heir to the dreams is dead!
My vains paint this world red!!!

9. To Kill Without Emotion

To Kill Without Emotion

I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.
I'm gonna tear your fuckin' heart out!
My purpose is to bring you sorrow.
I always meant to cause you pain.
(I'm a) Servant of violence, I walk with fire in my veins.
For I am the one you serve.
Genocide, you deserve TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
Desecrate with no debate.
Eliminate the ones I hate. TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
(Get) on your knees and beg.
Your shrieks do nothing.
Welcome to my world that is - My target!
I will create rivers of blood such as you will never forget.
Get in line and get ready to greet your leader - Satan!
For I am the one you serve.
Bullets and cum, you deserve TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!
Nailing your arses to the wall, cause I don't give a fuck at all,
so say one last thing before I...!!!


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