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Blasterpiece Theatre

"Blasterpiece Theatre" (2002)

1. Warning
2. Desperately Seeking Satan
3. April Fools Day
4. Do Not Entry
5. Kolobos
6. Porn Again Christian
7. Public Aquarian Freebase
8. Solid Gold Beating
9. Sharing Needles
10. Disclaimer
11. To Kill... Again

1. Warning

2. Desperately Seeking Satan

Desperately Seeking Satan

PPrPrepare population for quick decent! With slugs of global
proportions, it won't be our blood on Satan's claw. I stayed
in one place as long as I could...To hail the New Dawn and to
be a Satanic human being....And reverse the karma of a ******
I do declare...It's a fuckin' shame.
In charge of projects, moreover, meant to clean. Liberation
here, will disappear. Bring them where they cannot flee...
Bestow their final agony!
Hang them on crosses...Divide them by sex and race....Then lop
off their hands in strict accordance with the Devil's demands.
Rocking back and forth...a dirty degenerate dynasty.
Satan!...We're desperately seeking Satan...We're desperately
seeking Satan!
The candidate for international conspiracy....Save the planet
from abduction and futility...Preside over supremacy!

3. April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Symptoms manifested, you must be tested. Opportunism from a
beast of minimal hate. But I was a devil without a cause and a
killer among thieves. To perpetrate betrayal in progress...Try
to put your money where your mouth is.
Sensitivity replaced....By the mouthwatering taste of
superficial expectations sporadically placed in every single
In the presence of a genius, I'm shell-schocked!Designed for
spectators only. Proceed with unholy mire...Stupid and fucking
pointless desire!
Opportunism? Fuck, you must be wasted. We're not supposed to
be the beasts of maximum death and hate! Circles of friends
lie over the fuckin' rainbow. But it makes so much sense to be
dead, and so tasteful sinners blend repent and forgiveness.
Forlorn is the face of deceit that can't prosper in human
form...Because I don't believe in shit! After all, 'tis the
season for treason

4. Do Not Entry

Do Not Entry

FUCK!...When we're down, I'd love to see the guilty one. I'd
wave the spoiled solace of the underdog.
Bell-brow, leading the fleet. Which compels me to allege the
The teachers all agree. The saber is green with envy. And I
was (next)...or so the astrologists seemed.
Physical education, as always, increased...A social climax to
say the least. Swallow the marrow of the fortunate few (While)
the innocent lick their chops...
"E" as in entry! I'm here to mingle with the selfish and

5. Kolobos


In control and why exist for this gut reaction? -
unattraction...My post-primordial complex at 823x it's
original dosage. Initials carved in my anxious palm, I fuck my
way through Odysseus Psalm! Defiled in holy
chambers...Horroscope hallucinogen. I would say "yes" to see
profit from heaven run dry.
How can you keep from he who fingers the ultimate? Wait 'til
you see!...Kicking heels while heaven runs dry! Kolobok!...
I would say "yes" to see profit from streaming flaw. Just
relax and take a deep breath. The conference begins...
A conference meaning a mutual bond between the selves - A
master by theirs and his own advised hell.
Gut reaction - Unattraction! The problem is I grossly admire
an interest inhuman...You see, horrible habits die hard, and
I'm starting to feel like me again

6. Porn Again Christian

Porn Again Christian

Dynamic worms of wax who offer validation. I wait to serve a
modern mannequin. I cannot resist to stick my tongue in this!
Once again, reminding me how bad she's been. The Dawn has
come...You may begin. Smear all your burden on this bed of
flesh I feel. My tools in hand, I slip inside Teutonic peel.
Porn again christian....Porn again christian!
New nail in uniform, I want the pliable face. Bludgeon the
Aquarian flow. Fingers fight from eiter side of the fleshified
"net in the knot".
Bodies churn and quiver in the most prominent.
Hands down below again, extract the inside...Pull from with
slender slime. I've cursed my pallet with the taste you cannot
Sticking so sublime, the estrogenic holy shrine.
I'll find new ways and, through hypnosis, enter the salty slum
where nails are driven from...Just open your mouth! Give me
Porn again christian...Porna again christian!
Born to fornicate. The consequence of creation. Live and die
by the Cunt!

7. Public Aquarian Freebase

Public Aquarian Freebase

"Breathe in not the clove that gestates with distinction...But
rather, the sophisticated stench of the clearly wounded"
A champion, certainly not at his best...Choking with personal
distress...Reaching reconciliation. Like a crab in the wet
sand...Mine and your object of obsession. Because it's no
longer the thought that counts. Hence the new twist on life as
we know it...A different mask for a different day.
It's a tempting world we live in. It's sublime, without
treatment or release...A new man, from what we believe to be
an excruciation of the truth. So how many licks does it
take?... to get to the bottom of the barrel?

8. Solid Gold Beating

Solid Gold Beating

Let's reveal those who are less than receptive to invitation.
As they repeal the weak and ambitious from a mouthful of dirt.
We rid ourselves of anything unpure. We've lots of room for
the vicious and obscure. Trade up adventures and cyclical
psychoticism...Perpetual dicotomism in the narrative waste.
With the most disgusting face, I personify this disgrace. But
you are the honesty of sparse virgins who equate death with
pain and lack of sorrow.
There's no tomorrow, so focus on the pains of the
day....You're never getting out of the Theatre!
Interpret love as sin...The audio-syncratic crutch. Believe
so, in the need to be voracious.
But the pit is spacious enough to bleed from all holes and
start rotting from the outside in. We rid ourselves of
anything faithful.

9. Sharing Needles

Sharing Needles

Induced psychosis lies dormant for today, but you know you'll
get sick again.
So what's wrong with this picture but bones in the beak of the
Erudite who talks to himself.
Cut yourself, hang yourself...The human instinct presides when
mind and body consequentially divide. Emerge from cold tile.
Not to be reborn...Rather, to suck the breast of scorn.
Breathe in...Breathe out. The drugs begin to take and what
used to be a deadly secret, now is the utmost rapport.
As far as I can tell, I am more addicted to a wealth of being
possessed. Make room, deep inside, for malevolent thoughts in
your mind. It's a conflict of interest, but it makes the truth
easy to find. When the walls are hammering down your curse and
the prophecies stand aside...Time flying by like you wish you
were dead...So hide as well as you can. You'll never be free.
How does it feel? You've got no fuckin' chance.
All done...This is it...You're gonna burn in fuckin' Hell
until you die. Sickened by relation...You're diseased.
Sharing needles!

10. Disclaimer

11. To Kill... Again

To Kill... Again

My purpose is to bring you sorrow. I always meant to cause you
pain. A servant of violence, I walk with fire in my goddamned
For I am to whom you bow...The Commander of killing -
Effective now!
Extinction staring you in the eye...You and your creed should
fuckin' die!!!
Get on your knees...Don't beg...Don't pray to your god! He's
deadmeat...As well, you are! Can't you smell defeat?
Get in line and get ready to greet your leader - Satan!
We've got no reason to be discrete...We'll just watch your
fucking numbers deplete...
Even the "innocent" which you've bred - Women, children,
infants...All dead!
I can't wait to watch you rot away! GENOCIDE!...That's what I
In the perfect world for which we aim,all ****** ***** go up
in flames!
TO KILL WITHOUT EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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