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īTil Ten Years

"´Til Ten Years" (1996)

1. Ode To The Master Therion
2. The Night That I Died
3. Our Centuries Have Been Found
4. Lycanthropy: Yonder Through Ice Storms
5. ´Til Ten Years
6. ...Whence The Clouds Cry
7. Outro

1. Ode To The Master Therion

Oh Therion Master, Lord of the double-wand...
Dictator Aiwass, Minister of Hoor-Poor-Kraat...
Goddess nuit, The bending woman like the arch in the nightsky...
The law of Thelema, Love is the law, love under will...

Do what thou wilt! This is the law!
Every man(and woman)... a star.

Equinox, collected works for his magical order...
Liber oz, sending forth thine rights of man...
Cry of the hawk, Hoor hath a secret fold name...
(It is) Do what thou wilt, see us through the realm of temptation...

...Of the gods! Liber oz!
...As thou wilt! ...Of the hawk!

There is no law beyond...
Dictation of the book of the law,
bringeth forth by the one of Hoor-Poor-Kraat.
Divinitive gaze from Rose in the trance,
in awe of the holy pyramid of horus... Holy guardian angel...

Ode to thee, oh Therion Master,
King of magical works.
To find the ways of the Dawn,
to lead the ways of the star.
To meet the Divine contact,
Egyptian Lord Perdurahu
Show me the ways of magic lust,
oh Therion Master, Fraternally yours(666)...

Ode to thee... Trinity...
Therion... Vengeful beast... Cometh forth!

Golden dawn, Secret fundamentals of the Quabalah...
Silver Star, retaliation from Mcgregor Mathers...
Orientus, Order of knights of Oriental Templars...
Konx om Pax, Tien Tao: The Synagogue of Satan!

Therion! Baphomet! 666... The Beast!

2. The Night That I Died

...And it was on that night..
When the wind threw the sun from sky.
And the night ran rivers into the forest.
And a thick wine ran swiftly from my gaping neck.

It was on that night...
I took my last step into the nocturnal kingdom of woe.
For at once, torn through, my teeth,
I tasted that wine dripping to my tongue...

We walked the forest with the moon in crescent gleam.
I and my love, as beauty rested under the stars.
I ventured off for means of fire...
his aquaintence was met... that youngen in the woods...
Pale complexion and burning soakened eyes...
I saw age in the youngen and I could feel his divinity.
I'd come to be taken, for life no longer was I tempted.
He drew in closer, comforting my last of life.

...And then I looked at my reflection in the sky
and my eyes were as orange as the midsummer sunfall...
And my teeth were as sharp as the crescent moon
that pierced the sun and bled the night...

That night, nocturnal kingdom, my pledge for pointed nightwings.
Instinct, the Vampire bats circled to consecrate.
I tread into the woods, forever forest walk.
That night, my time had come, eternally transfused.

At last my gift had come.
My life yearning stood before me.
I have treaded the last steps of mortality
and it was time to live death forever.

Drain my throat... Dripping tongue...
Make me feed upon the young.
Throw my life into dust...
Made me feed upon blood and lust.

Baptized in red melancholy,
swallow the oceans of blood,
bloodlust, my eternal hunger,
that night, reborn to lifelessness.
My gift, eternity in bliss,
undead, the kingdom awaits,
white eyes, body took grim tone,
crimson, the seas of existence,
I cum in jugular rapture!

...And it was on that night...
The night that I died.
My life poured out in rapture
from my freshly gaping neck
No longer was that boy before me.
He had taken his oath of scarlet treasures
and was off for other nightly worlds.

Once again, I glanced up at my reflection hiding in the stars
I bowed my head and with a soft kiss I said goodbye... Life.

3. Our Centuries Have Been Found

Facing towards the icy chills, we gaze into the sky
far beyond the tribal hills, towards the mountains high

For centuries we have lost the key to bind our Pagan ancestry,
never to be lost again, to never meet our end.
"...and after centuries of hibernaling and crawen desolation, by our cauldron's fire the key was found on that mild Autumn evening and our way was set... for the centuries had been found."

Our feet upon the blistered and withered carrion dry.
Together where coyotes stroll and witching eagles fly.
The burning of our cauldrons bright, so loud our haunting chants.
The scorching of our Pagan light, around the flames we dance.

But now brought back to life have we, the magic and the ceremonies.
"...and now our paths to prosperous plains... for the centuries have been found."

4. Lycanthropy: Yonder Through Ice Storms

On the iceful cliffs of December,
in the blistering mistwind,
upon a golden horizon, over the mountains.
Through iced streams
and rivers that flow through the woods,
it was the land and home of our siblings' union.

No defeat over us thus far.
Their men had come yonder through (our icescapes).

"...And then would come the men of the lamb.
And aligned were we, the enemies of the lamb.
We stood in midevening in fields of frost
and as country dwellers, there would be no conversion to a kingdom of liars.
We stood on forever's edge and howled the tune of the ancient ones and of Pagan Pride!"

"Prepare! Now warriors of union!
The holy men have come to icescapes!
Take shelter in the midst of trees and frozen froth!
For soon the angels will come to take their simpletons back to the kingdom of light!"

They came in numbers
and slaughtered the members of our union.
But soon would they feel the tearing
enough to turn them white!

We rose as defenders of the clans
and in rage vowed to avenge the deaths.
Our tread was through streams and iced falls,
and the scent of theirs trails on our would see the way.

Prepared through blizzards and IceStorms
and through the midst of our Pagan icescapes.
The heard the numb of our frostbitten voices
and soon would they turn for what was to come.

Their bodies served as Winterseeds in our freezing blizzard holocaust!
Holy men through Wolferian storms... return to the shrine of the weak!
Never again could they dare to strike... we killed in the snow of Pagan Pride!
Our hatred was enough to serve as our weapon, vengeance would be ours!
We circled in our companies and a thousand godful men did we rip apart!

5. ´Til Ten Years

Looking close at what remains, my eyes, so burning, see...
And limping across the frosted plains with what's to be.
In midst of fight to lose my feathers, together so entwined...
And so the story of my endeavors, bells have finally chimed..

I looked to the sky in desperate search for the sun,
yearning to taste the fruits whom so many have won...
Buried in ice, so eager that life be enhanced...
I see them float, the Angels so often do prance...

But I am still buried in the ice.

"We keep him close, bound by trust.
With no hope or desire to ever leave us...
Armies bound in swift Angelic fashion.
Here lies the aura of Divinity on the plain of unearthly passion."

...And suddenly an oasis... A feeling not felt for centuries.
This was not in the dream, the dream of my mourning seasons,
whence the trees are my shoulders and I swim in leaves.
I can feel the others, and my token: for seven days they let me go.

I looked to the sky in desperate search for the sun,
yearning to taste the fruits whom so many have won...
Buried in ice, so eager that life be enhanced...
I see them float, the Angels so often do prance...

...And once venturing home, his mind told mine "You've known all this time..." I can feel the others, the ones lost, the ones that walk by, the ones who call my name three times. I see them when no one else can. Perhaps they too know. They'll recognize us, so suddenly conspicious, so diverse. But behold the elements of the binding.
"I also knew back then. Do you remember?"

I looked to the eyes of the master to which I am slave...
Soul enemies of the forces to me have depraved...
charisma guides me to the land of the kings and the Queens...
I've all the wisdom, and not one phantom longer dimeans.

6. ...Whence The Clouds Cry

Forlorn I lay at the edge of August.
Swallowing the salted wine.
Oceans build within my seething lids,
only to slip from the pale 'neath the eyes of mine.
Without a breath I'm cast
to realms unbeknownst to me.
And whence again from that day forth,
I shed my elegance to thee.

And under mighty walls I hide,
and all the dreams that I had that died
are washed out with the tide.

From behind to recite the future,
floating by on that one last day.
A fool became from my inherant knowledge,
to be sent into the Winters frothed grey.
This was the lair of the wholesome Angel,
the home of which I was so fond.
She is the Hostess of my tragedies
with her Oceanic eyes and her hair of golden Blonde.

And in the ocean of time i quiver,
and as the serpent wrapped around my neck she slither,
for all I know is bitter.

Whence I flew over mouring dew in awe to reach the sky.
Alone she stood inside the woods, anticipating that clouds would cry.
In upward glance, her seeming trance, he presence so Divine.
That strangely odd manifestation of God, never see through the eyes of mine.
But soon to twist, destiny's fist, and soon come swinging down.
Like dullened arrows and aimless sparrows the eternity for which I'm bound.
So take my tears in which to swim, that forlorn spirit whines.
And lay beside my tattered whims in hopes fruitful times.

May we be united at the land where we can be Kings and Queens!

Forlorn I stand at the end of August,
gazing seaward into the fall.
I can feel the wind get colder,
and I can hear the voice of Destiny call.
I taste the last of the tears,
thinking back of her upward glance.
This was to be the last of the ones
and in the oceans of red and melancholy I dance!

And on this plateau I am king!
And on these icy shore of wisdom I sing,
no more to heal my broken wings.

7. Outro


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