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Up The Tombstones!!! Live 2000

"Up The Tombstones!!! Live 2000" (2002 Live album)

1. The Silent Creature
2. The Premonition
3. The 13 Frightened Souls
4. Robotic Village
5. The Triangle
6. Dark Chilling Heartbeat
7. Fearless Undead Machines
8. The Psychic
9. Headhunter (Krokus Cover)
10. Sick Thrash

1. The Silent Creature

More than once we've closed our eyes to science and its flaws
Ghastly research carries on locked behind a door
While cancer cells still breed like roaches killing off the land
They disturb peace and destroy life, for this we all shall die?

The silent creature, the walking dead

The deadly dose of chemicals have changed the course of man
As reborn corpses activate on impulse from beyond
And there's no time and there's no end for finally it is done
So face the truth and live in fear of what has come at last

The silent creature, the walking dead
And every human placed on earth will bring their scent to them
As horror will now become the world

Like rabid dogs they smell the life that's flowing in our veins
A world of ghouls will storm mankind new life their destiny
As moaning corpses leave the ground and walk again on earth
Shattered coffins thrown aside for death's finally left it's womb

The panic it starts as reason has stopped,
The human mind must now adjust
Adjust to the buried walking the earth rabid to devour us all

A constant reminder is the stench of death of all the world's become
Quickly we learn they feed on the flesh as the hollow victims they grow and grow

The dreaded dark no place to hide from their reaching hands
The monsters slow yet menacing seeking out a soul
You close your eyes yet still you see the creeping reality
You tell yourself this isn't so but yet it's real, it's true

Run we must run, try to get away
Shelter somewhere, anywhere, from corpses that await

We're living in fear, but still we must go on
The shock must not stop us, our minds must stay calm

The silent creature, the walking dead

2. The Premonition

Broken down a nervous wreck yet there are no regrets,
All the prestige drains my soul as illness takes to bed,
It's time I need to ease my mind and become new again,
So rest my child and be cleansed for breakdown's not the end,

But what is this? What leads me from my room?
An apparition? It beckons me!

In this place here I rest while doctors roam the halls,
Yet I'm alone inside myself to struggle with my fears,
And there it is I can see a shadow on the wall,
Calling me towards the end and onwards to the morgue,

But the fear it takes my breath away,
So near is the lonely world of death,

I try to think of other things yet it is always near,
I just can't help but walk its path and end up at the morgue,
No, not the morgue! Not that dreaded place!

The morgue is cold and stinks of death the bodies freezing cold,
I feel the grasp of something strange pulling at my soul,
The dead just laying on their slabs sends chills right down my spine,
And there's that shadow on the wall its image stains my mind,

That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, that creeping down the wall,

What does this tell me of my mind this crazy lunacy,
I fear that this is a sign that death is wanting me,

That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, creeping down the wall,
That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, creeping down the wall,

Down the wall!

My release from this place should take this all away,
My mind has healed up long enough for life it now awaits,
So off I'll go into the sky and ride the flying plane,
Back to a place where I belong the soothing hand of fame,

But wait it's that shadow once again my fate is in my own hands,

I run away from the boarding plane that takes off in the night,
As up in flames death does claim everyone but I,

That shadow, that shadow warned me of the end,
That shadow, that shadow let me live again,
That shadow, that shadow pulled me from the flames,
That shadow, a premonition!

3. The 13 Frightened Souls

The shocking truth the 13 souls the time ticks
peacefully. A horrid tale a frightful day now locked in
history. As one by one the chosen gone some final
place they'll stay. Forever lost as all stands still and
weirdness claims it's prey.
Into the air they disappear the 13 souls erased. No
horrid thought was left unthought no boundaries
were untraced. The years have passed but nothing's
changed an unsolved piece of time.
The 13 frightened souls!!
Unmasking those marked to go was there a reason
why? Eerie choices random death is no one's quest
replied? Just what controls the course of all, lead us
to the one? Is there a being a martyr lord to change
all destiny? Can we believe in all truth that there's
no other life? Beyond our time beyond our world
beyond our seeing eyes.
13, calling
A texture made of demise, uncertainty of the soul,
the horrible task of fate. 13 the number of fear,
refusal to believe the beyond, existence of darkness
13!!! 13!!! 13!!! 13!!!

4. Robotic Village

What will become of a world where so few know?
Most lives escaped their without soul. The Earth is full
or robot minds. But who controls thought decline?

Detached senseless life brothers. They march pro-
grammed by others. In life forever they follow. In
death another lives shadow.....

Blind, exist without a mind. In trance a corpse of
time. Never knowing why. Never knowing why.
Never knowing why. Never knowing what their
thoughts unknown will be. Now obey.....

Obey in the robotic village!!!!!

5. The Triangle

Columbus wrote of awful things, as he fortook the seas
And many men have spoke of doom, aboard the Flight 19
The devil's home, some do preach, a force beyond this world
A secret time, that's part of us, a place that is no good
Explain the missing men, lost throughout the years
And all the missing planes, snatched from out of the sky
The triangle, the legend lives, a tale for all to read
An unknown force, that makes us trust,
The horrors we can't see
And what of the soldiers? Astray from their ships
As over 100 are gone
For where are the answers, to all that is "odd"?
Turning all science undone
Has alien life, within our time, marked the planet Earth?
Do UFO's come and go, lighting up our sky?
Do they search and steal, for their own world,
The bodies of our kind?
And do we know, just who to trust,
What's real, and what are lies?
The sea erupts, the sky goes black, the air is numb,
The wind is full, but can't we see, are we blind?
Some time has passed since the last tale,
Of the triangle's disease
But as before, the doom will fall, unto the haunted seas
The triangle!!!
Is this the porthole through time?
Is this the center of mind?
For what has caused this to be?
For now the other world sleeps,
But just how soon 'til the unknown returns to feed?

6. Dark Chilling Heartbeat

My nerves are sharp with insanity as slowly I've gone mad,
Why there's fear of the old man and his eye I'll never know,
Yes for some time I've had the urge to stop the evil eye,
As if possessed I crave its death I truly can't resist,

Inside my brain so many voices comfort me,
As murderous thoughts race through my mind to finally rid the eye,

I approach his room without a sound I'm death outside the door,
The heartbeat guides me through the dark and to his resting site,
For in my hand I hold the knife the one that slits his throat,
With a final shriek my torment ends the eye is no more,

And now I'm free for with his death the chains of fear are gone,
It's only me left all alone to live amongst the world,

In perfect manor I dissect the old man and bury him under the floor,
All the while thinking back to the deed I must laugh to reassure,
I reassure myself that I'm free and secure the open wood to the ground,
And when I'm done I try to sleep but nightmares twist my dreams,

That dark chilling heartbeat will it come for me?
Will it haunt my world for evermore and steal sanity?

But before my eyes can witness sleep there's a knock upon my door,
Without a pause I answer calm my discipline assured,

Behind the door I find police investigating screams,
I politely beg them "Come inside, put your mind at ease",

With innocence I lead them down to the room he's buried in,
I place my chair right above the man's poor and worthless grave,
As we sit and talk I'm becoming pale and sickly so on edge,
I beg for them to "Please be gone, and let me find my rest!"

But horror's just begun for the heartbeat does return,
I reminds my mind of the hideous eye, that gleaming putrid eye!

Sweat now drips from my brow I plead and scream aloud,
"I did the deed tear up the floor the corpse is in the ground!"

But horror's just begun for no one can hear my pleas,
For in my mind there lives the eye forever!

That heart it beats, it lives in me,
Inside my mind lives the eye...

7. Fearless Undead Machines

The prowling demons side by side
The final proof that death is life
The reapers army built to kill a tragic return to our world

I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare
Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge

Unknowing victims take the bait a horrid ending in distaste
As we sweep our dead from the streets
These fiends devour all in reach

I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare
Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge

An endless maze with no escape what can we do?
For just how long can we last for where is life still pure

Hospitals full with failing life the people soon to go
They scream in pain as they fade away
Into the shape of "them"
We bolt the door they die behind to try and find escape
For what can stop this deadly war what will bring their end?
Is it violence? Is is science?
My thoughts are so unclear who's got the answer?

The wind blows in the next wave of the walking dead disease
As I sit here watching their every move
I know they're watching me
But how can I plot my own escape from creatures that don't end
Is there safety anywhere? I haven't got a clue

As I flee to get away I know they're close, so close
I can see their snapping jaws open and close
Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane
And panic is now a part of life
A victim just waiting in the night, this night

Their crippled hands they pull me to their lair, despair
My every move and suddenly they're there, beware
Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane
And panic is now a part of life

But where am I to run? My destination is nowhere fast
Is there a place just out of reach where serenity awaits
Or am I just a dreamer without the strength to carry on?
The fools of fools forever chasing all eternity, eternity

This has to be illusion is this the way it's going to end
Zombies taking all life's children and throwing them away
On earth they've arrived like tortured soldiers sent to war
But they're the dead the past returning and now they live again,
They live again

Then reality hits me like a slap in the face
The world's become so wrong
Just look around at what's happened
To earth the ending has come
The terrible deaths the destruction of man the unhuman entity
This must be the work of unnatural lords for what else can it be
Tell me! What else can it be?

Fearless undead machines!!!

The end of hope and dreams, fearless undead machines!

8. The Psychic

A place full of futuristic insight with those who share a magical gift
Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come

You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man
Safely in their fortress they live as if there is life

There's no fear of the living dead
They know they'll live on in their "new world"

There's telepathic scenes with crystal balls and tarot cards
A cult of fortune tellers with minds that see all mystery

They say that they've been waiting for my arrival to their world
It seems as though I'm gifted with the sight to see beyond

As they prepare their magic I prepare my mind
To break this hold that's hanging on to keep me from my kind
As we join hands and chant the chant the truth is now revealed
I feel their power I join their ranks a living breathing lord

And now I know there's a future hidden beyond this world
A new beginning a higher plain very few shall see
By invitation I've been accepted to build and start again
I've learned these monsters are really saints cleansing all the earth

The undead have their purpose to strengthen, rebuild the weak!
Within my mind I realize there's still life to see
As I vision it now I can understand the reasons for their acts
I can see our world I can see beyond
We're not afraid forever we are strong!

And now there are no worries for all our goals will be achieved
While the outside world awaits this sudden "plague" to fade and die

And as all time keeps moving bringing the end to a tired world
We just stand by ready for our crowning moment to come!

Now they're tearing at our walls and challenging our force
A mutiny of our monsters now at war with our lords
Destiny all destiny a monster for infinity
Destiny my destiny an eternity of death

How quickly we lose battle with creatures that don't die
From beyond the grave these new messiahs control what's left of life
Destiny! All destiny, a monster for infinity

Destiny! My destiny, an eternity of death

9. Headhunter (Krokus Cover)

I am the animal, my god, I am the beast
I love to see you bleed, so welcome to my feast
We're serving human flesh to keep you satisfied
With every bloody bite you eat, another's going to die

Don't give me politics, don't give me public schools
Just keep the cops and t.v. police, from breaking all the rules
I am the raging bull, no fear, no Sympathy
Sex and drugs and rock and roll, that's my cup of tea

Feel the heat, throw your bodies into the fire
Time to feed, Headhunter, Headhunter
Headhunter, Headhunter

My axe is clean and soft and blade is shining bright
She's hungry for her midnight snack
And heads will roll tonight, I am the hunter
Not easy to please, stand in line, she cures their lust
Victims on their knees aahh

Headhunter, Headhunter
Headhunter, Headhunter
Headhunter, Headhunter

10. Sick Thrash

Today is amongst us let it all pass, the way to hope stands ahead,
The future of the earth it lies in distaste so come out living or dead

Fear, dreadful, fear
Sick thrash

Dealing with losing thrash metal age
Before you know it you’re gone,
Awaiting the push to fall from your hook
And meet the almighty one

Fear, dreadful, fear
Sick thrash

Today is amongst us will you be free to hide from your one only fear,
Sick thrash is ugly, Hell ridden yuk, it brings you to rotted tears

Fear, dreadful, fear - Sick thrash


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