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Supernatural Addiction

"Supernatural Addiction" (2000)

1. The Premonition
2. Dark Chilling Heartbeat
3. A Very Familiar Stranger
4. Frozen Screams
5. The Doll With the Hideous Spirit
6. The Hanging Soldier
7. Chambers of the Waiting Blind
8. Elly's Dementia

1. The Premonition

Broken down a nervous wreck yet there are no regrets,
All the prestige drains my soul as illness takes to bed,
It's time I need to ease my mind and become new again,
So rest my child and be cleansed for breakdown's not the end,

But what is this? What leads me from my room?
An apparition? It beckons me!

In this place here I rest while doctors roam the halls,
Yet I'm alone inside myself to struggle with my fears,
And there it is I can see a shadow on the wall,
Calling me towards the end and onwards to the morgue,

But the fear it takes my breath away,
So near is the lonely world of death,

I try to think of other things yet it is always near,
I just can't help but walk its path and end up at the morgue,
No, not the morgue! Not that dreaded place!

The morgue is cold and stinks of death the bodies freezing cold,
I feel the grasp of something strange pulling at my soul,
The dead just laying on their slabs sends chills right down my spine,
And there's that shadow on the wall its image stains my mind,

That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, that creeping down the wall,

What does this tell me of my mind this crazy lunacy,
I fear that this is a sign that death is wanting me,

That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, creeping down the wall,
That shadow, that shadow on the wall,
That shadow, creeping down the wall,

Down the wall!

My release from this place should take this all away,
My mind has healed up long enough for life it now awaits,
So off I'll go into the sky and ride the flying plane,
Back to a place where I belong the soothing hand of fame,

But wait it's that shadow once again my fate is in my own hands,

I run away from the boarding plane that takes off in the night,
As up in flames death does claim everyone but I,

That shadow, that shadow warned me of the end,
That shadow, that shadow let me live again,
That shadow, that shadow pulled me from the flames,
That shadow, a premonition!

2. Dark Chilling Heartbeat

My nerves are sharp with insanity as slowly I've gone mad,
Why there's fear of the old man and his eye I'll never know,
Yes for some time I've had the urge to stop the evil eye,
As if possessed I crave its death I truly can't resist,

Inside my brain so many voices comfort me,
As murderous thoughts race through my mind to finally rid the eye,

I approach his room without a sound I'm death outside the door,
The heartbeat guides me through the dark and to his resting site,
For in my hand I hold the knife the one that slits his throat,
With a final shriek my torment ends the eye is no more,

And now I'm free for with his death the chains of fear are gone,
It's only me left all alone to live amongst the world,

In perfect manor I dissect the old man and bury him under the floor,
All the while thinking back to the deed I must laugh to reassure,
I reassure myself that I'm free and secure the open wood to the ground,
And when I'm done I try to sleep but nightmares twist my dreams,

That dark chilling heartbeat will it come for me?
Will it haunt my world for evermore and steal sanity?

But before my eyes can witness sleep there's a knock upon my door,
Without a pause I answer calm my discipline assured,

Behind the door I find police investigating screams,
I politely beg them "Come inside, put your mind at ease",

With innocence I lead them down to the room he's buried in,
I place my chair right above the man's poor and worthless grave,
As we sit and talk I'm becoming pale and sickly so on edge,
I beg for them to "Please be gone, and let me find my rest!"

But horror's just begun for the heartbeat does return,
I reminds my mind of the hideous eye, that gleaming putrid eye!

Sweat now drips from my brow I plead and scream aloud,
"I did the deed tear up the floor the corpse is in the ground!"

But horror's just begun for no one can hear my pleas,
For in my mind there lives the eye forever!

That heart it beats, it lives in me,
Inside my mind lives the eye...

3. A Very Familiar Stranger

As I try to tell this story my skin's no longer tight,
As if it wants to leave and get away from me,
But I've lived through this night of fright,
And found real signs of other life,
In disbelief I'll tell you what I've seen...

It started out as simply normal driving in my car,
Taking in the world and marveling the stars above,
When a woman out of nowhere appeared to be in need,
So I stopped to reach a helpful friendly hand,
But something wasn't right!

She wouldn't speak at all but I felt this urge to help her,
As I told the girl to please get in my car,
She looked on the verge of death pure white and freezing cold,
So I placed my coat around her fragile arms,
In a couple minutes time her face showed signs of life,
She finally spoke and asked to take her home,

She gave to me an address I assured her to relax,
For in minute's time she'd be there safe and warm,
As I came across her cottage my hitchhiker was home,
She thanked me so and walked up through the door,

As I turned to pull away I remembered of my jacket,
She wore it as she struggled to stay warm,
I left my car and rang the bell thinking she'd be waiting,
Instead I got the mother of my girl,

She said that she'd been waiting and not to say a word,
And down a narrow hall she took my hand and led the way,
We stopped in a tiny room that looked as if un-lived,
All around sat pictures of my stranger's face,

But the borders they were black the signature of death,
She informed me that my passenger was dead,
I didn't believe a word she was sitting right beside me,
Only minutes back riding in my car,

She took my hand and led me back outside and through a gate,
To a private cemetery in the yard,
On a grave there sat a picture of my unexpected guest,
From the grave I learned she died some time ago,

She said in stranger's cars her daughter finds a ride,
For an accident had brought her to the ground,
And every night she comes home to please her lonely mother,
It's an instinct fromt he time she spent on earth,

But she is gone she assured me death had come,
And this ghostly image was living on in my mind,

I told her to cherish her spirit,
She just sat and cried at the grave,

I told her to cherish her spirit,
She just sat and cried at the grave,

In the cold she was in mourning at the passing of her child,
So I felt the need to leave and let her be,
But I stopped to quickly question who was my freezing stranger?
She was the perfect image of the girl,
As I turned to leave the madness I caught a flash of something,
It was sticking out from underneath the grave,

In a shocking revelation I became at one with death,
As instantly I learned the woman spoke the truth,
For in the grave before me my jacket in the ground,
The one I gave my stranger on this night, this very night!

She was my stranger, yet she was dead, familiar stranger.

4. Frozen Screams

Frozen screams and lasting fear are living in her head,
For in her mind the horror lies from a meeting with the dead,
She tells her story without a doubt while under doctor's care,
Is it mental illness maybe lies or just the creepy truth?

It all began with a romance lost two worlds that did collide,
The wish for urgence to the grave brought murder into his mind,
With a mistress waiting for his touch with pleasure he'll take her life,
An axe in hand he chopped the body of an aging, nagging wife,

Listen for the frozen screams they are out there somewhere,
Ready waiting to be heard by those who do believe,

Into a freezer he placed the corpse now bagged and stored like meat,
Her head and torso torn apart the hands, the legs, the feet,
Without remorse he now prepares to leave this all behind,
He sits and waits his lover's call to secretly arrive,

But his wife belonged to voodoo and the story took a turn,
With sweet revenge his life was lost by her dead and broken corpse,
Without a warning his lover crept into the horror house,
She searched for him most everywhere then came amongst his corpse,

The mistress's mind was pouring out but terror was not complete,
For all around her possessed limbs came rabid for her life,
With the axe he used to kill her once she swung to stop the bones,
But on her throat the grip of death was quickly taking hold,

She chopped at limbs one thousand times and fell into a trance,
This final vision of that night still lives inside her head,

In asylum now she sits alone with a story unbelieved,
There was no body of a woman found only a strangled man,
Deep down inside there is the truth but others they see guilt,
Around her doctors find her world insane without a doubt,

Frozen screams, listen for frozen screams...

5. The Doll With the Hideous Spirit

A relic from the sands of time an old and worn antique,
This ugly doll has come to her it holds a great mystique,
Around its neck a guarding chain is said to stop its life,
So with a smile and a laugh she sets the doll aside,

The sun arrives she makes her day and looks up for the doll,
It strikes her odd to find its chain has broke, the creature's gone,
The waiting ghoul lunges out and looks into her eyes,
The ancient spell has come for her and now she's going to die,
Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

Poisoned fumes within her blood its soul as dark as coal,
As evil lurks within the veins of the horrid awful doll,
It lives for death and brutal war to all that find its world,
Attack and kill to the death is all it's ever known,
Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

The spirit of the Zuni tribe lives on in battle lust,
It's here and there and everywhere and all so hideous,

It craves to feed and in frenzied greed a predator of hell,
For instinct tells it kill all man consume the human soul,
The human soul, soul!

She's looking for answers in this world of fright,
She's running in terror to hide from its sight,
Her heart is pounding its teeth as sharp as knives,
It's like a dream she can't believe this thing has come to life,

And she can't escape it as she will surely die,
For it needs her soul to go on and on and carry on its kind,
Now she's the victim of a curse from ancient times,
What once were laughs turned to screams tearing apart...
The night!

Yes it's too late her world enslaved,
And she can't be saved, for she is its prey,

Can you feel the doom? And can you feel the fear?
Imagine it was you!

Striking, fighting this vicious monster,

And now her blood becomes the doll,
He's in her heart as evil grows,
Its spirit writhes she screams in pain,
For it is now born again,
A life of Zuni has been done,
Act complete the beast has won!

6. The Hanging Soldier

Between life and death there is something more that each of us will view,
And when the moment is right for your death to arrive,
Then it will come looking for you,
And as in this tale to follow now it's never too late to die,
For the story of what did happen to one may truly twist your mind,

Clutched within the hangman's noose a man swings in the air,
For in the grip of total war death is quick and most unfair,
For on the grounds of northern state sat the southern man to die,
With a choking rope placed 'round his neck he enters into his mind,

Run, run! Runaway you want innocence and life,
Far, far faraway you must leave this place or die,

He prayed for all his loved ones and that God would bring him home,
As the hangman sneered and watched him suffer,
He knew his time and come,
But he found himself now falling down to the water that sat below,
For the rope had snapped and cheated death,
Giving him a chance to run,

So run, run! Runaway back to innocence and life,
Far, far faraway fromthis place you were to die,

You are the hanging soldier the one who cheated death,
By name the hanging soldier alive, but will it last?

You are the hanging soldier answered prayers have set you free,
By name the hanging soldier but a false world's what you see,

Eyes seeing sights...of peace not war,
Dying processed slowly fails you,
Sights seeing lies...of peace not war,
Dying processed sights, hallucinations! The man has died!

Yes it is sad how the story does end,
As we return once again to the noose,
For from a dangling rope with a neck that is broke,
Was the soldier who died all too soon!

7. Chambers of the Waiting Blind

The elders live to die getting old amongst their kind,
In a home their share affliction one and all,
They have no sight for they are blind but they see the constant lies,
And deceptive schemes that seem to never end,
For this "place" is run by power and a forceful greedy hand,
Whose way of caring for the needy isn't right,
For the sheets as thin as paper do not warm their freezing bones,
Hear them rattle trying to sleep in frigid night,
So the anger keeps on building as they plot to stop the pain,
On this nail that's sticking deep within their side,
And they all join together there's a creepy walk amongst them,
That tells in time they'll find their vigilance....

A room has been constructed for this outcast to commit,
And with trickery they have not been denied,

For locked behind four walls is the master of the pain,
Who's now trapped inside their morbid lair,

But what is on their mind what sort of horror will we find?
Down within the chambers of the waiting blind,

Six days and still they starve him as they offer mercy none,
For the hate it brews within them from his past,
In his body there is panic as he senses dread approaching,
He starts screaming for this torture ride to end,

They have taken more than enough and now the light is shining,
To bring to them a fitting dark revenge, dark revenge!

Then at once the room is open and the man quickly reacts,
Out the door he goes in search of those to pay,
But with a shock he finds around him that the walls are full of razors,
That rip at him with sharpened, striking blades,
He completes this trap alive but his eyes grow wide in horror,
For a dog sits starved and rabid for his throat,
So he turns back to the razors ans the lights to black they fade,
Like the blind he's now alone and in the dark,
The dark! The dark! He's now alone and helpless in the dark,
And the blind they stand the victor as the dog and man lay dead,
Their haunting laughter sounds their morbid victory,

Blind revenge, blind revenge,
They've found revenge!

8. Elly's Dementia

They did not know what was waiting so deep in a forest alive,
They'd come to search out the legend from 1785,
But there was an evil around them that took their spirits away,
They searched for the witch of the black hills,
Elly Kedward her name,

Within the confines of her haunting world,
Were three who would soon learn,
That their minds must face its unbelief,
In legends all so absurd that hide behind the dark,
Told by many in laughter for sadly they are lost,

But dark was their fear and the day was no good,
As the spell on their souls had begun,
Did they know down inside that something was there,
In this quest to find the one?

But they traveled on into madness with misery in their hearts,
They saw the signs of her presence and they heard her cries in the dark,
But still they would look for the answers to all they could see and would hear,
As thoughts of a laugh at a legend were replaced with dreadful fear,

Haunted were the corners of their minds,
They could feel the watching of the woods, a million ugly eyes,

Elly appeared behind their eyes,
It's Elly that dances in their minds,
It's pure and blessed evil that scares them in the night,
It would take now one away and to the other side,

Two souls now living damnation alone to question their lives,
Lost in her world full of madness they feared the coming of the night,
As they sat there scared in the forest,
There was a kindred of thoughts so insane,
It was sickness of mental confusion it was the final turn in her game,

There was a voice so familiar yet weird and ever so strange,
It called them on into terror to a house alone without name,
It is here that their quest to find Elly was destroyed,
With quick gasping breaths,
It is here that their story has ended but the legend is never to rest!

But legends are made to sort out the fools but which of us are fools?
This story before you may serve as a warning if this is what you choose...

Will we ever open our minds to greet a world beyond?


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