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Luck Of The Corpse

"Luck Of The Corpse" (1991)

1. Fading Survival
2. The Cemetary's Full
3. Experimenting With Failure
4. Futuristic Doom
5. Haunted Cerebellum
6. Decrepit Coma
7. Shrieks From The Hearse
8. Psychedelic Warriors
9. Feasting On Skulls
10. Birth By Radiation
11. Gutwrench

1. Fading Survival

In your mind defeat is fresh out of time, there's no more left
A morbid rush the growing fear a sudden flash and the end is here
A time to worry and a time to die unstable Earth has goodbye
Chaotic seizures fill our brains, convulsions steal our souls
Morbid battle of extinction, the hatred it unfolds
Universe of betrayal hidden by decay
Violent ending now in site eroding us away.....
Distant is the end at last the final call
Explicit horror is unleashed to evacuate our souls
A growing menace fading now survival seems unreal
Death is moving closing in waiting for the kill.....
Yes, Armageddon is intact and it has come for thee
Forever buried in a trance to never be set free.....
Distant is the end at last the final call
Explicit horror is unleashed to evacuate our souls
A growing menace fading now survival seems unreal
Unplugging cords stopping life death is soon revealed
Fading survival!!

2. The Cemetary's Full

Quickly the end of birth
Rotting this is the end
Another lonely corpse is ready now to bend
Into a prison of dirt
Beneath the god awful Earth!!
Closed gates of death where do I rest
Pray comes undone hopes of cremation
All alone, in the ground
Take what is yours my virgin corpse
Soul once for me set loose and free
What will be done soon I'm no one
Wait why must this be God help me please
All alone, the cemetary's full!!
Listen to what's been said, my words to all mankind
Combined evil visions, lurking inside my mind
Worried thoughts I wonder, imagine you were to die
Exist never again, no hope for afterlife!!

3. Experimenting With Failure

Dying faulting falling world
Down with future dark turmoil
Non existing chance to live
Unite with darkness and forgive
Man who wants to live again
The earth is dead, now let it rot away
Death finding strength in death
Close your eyes and slowly drift away
Death is ours instead away to doom we're led
And all must know the world is dead
Into a place for all who care
To a world without repair
No gloomy minds, no dark abyss
Leaders, Gods, just don't exist
Mother Nature's burning sun
Healthy people live as one
Slow to live, quick to die
Death is just the tears we cry
Dream, you can dream, but you shall see
Doom for you and doom for me
Reality awakes us and quickly we know
Dreaming won't help us for nothing will.....

4. Futuristic Doom

Destructions ready to unfold, death is what the future holds
Hate's the boiling over in the mutants slowly planning
Their dark revenge of the saviour of death
Earth, has, no, future.....
The coven of the hateful prepared
For the overpowering of the god
Revenge would bring vindication
Revenge would finally bring peace.....

5. Haunted Cerebellum

It crawled in his mind out of hate a parasite was born from their fate
Oozing its way into the brain of a symbol they once called god
To rip and to tear shatter and kill awful destruction is now fulfilled

All their lives they believed the word
And all their lives they believed in trust
And all their lives they believed in truth
But in death they will see the light
Possessed and squirming insane a nervous blood runs through his veins
Paying the price destroying the lives of mankind who lived by the lord
They ripped and they tore shattered and killed and the awful destruction
Has been fulfilled, has been fulfilled.....
Falling dead from the shock a tortured mind has come unlocked
Spilling out the secrets of the mind telling them the
future awaiting all mankind
A journey into visions psychedelic dreams futuristic terror
what eternity will bring
Looking towards the heavens a gloomy evil sun staring at a
legend it is done and god is gone.....
Haunted Cerebellum!!

6. Decrepit Coma

Broken man in a trance falling sick once again
Warning signs to the mind comas not far behind
Sleep the eternal sleep
Never to awake never to live
All the shock, tension, fear
Sickness, death, always near
Into trance once again
Just one more dying man
Sleeps the eternal sleep
Never to awake never to live
Man on machine, living only death
Man on machine, never to awake again
Never to awake again
Eternal sleep, eternal sleep
Eternal sleep, eternal sleep

7. Shrieks From The Hearse

Mammoth to man morbid to god it's coming to take them away
Coming in sight viewing in fright say goodbye to today
Collecting the living collecting the dead
It matters not what you are
The hearse has arraived so step up inside
And into a world so bizarre
Everyone rides no one denied the hearse has no mercy for you
No one can plead no one can beg nothing is all that you can do
Created by god to take them from earth
And to a place their home built from dirt
Shrieks from the hearse!! Shrieks from the hearse!!
Leaving them waiting for their demise they stand all alone
And look the skies, to the skies!!
Brought unto us, god's own dark curse,
Why must the die? Shrieks from the hearse.....

8. Psychedelic Warriors

Dissected systems rearranged it reflects and brings death
Your changing the time has come to go insane
Your brains are twisted and deranged the blood clots
The bad thoughts dead nerves die and hatred oozes from it's nest
Into a state of genocide, into a state of mental genocide
A mental illness are you insane? Your soul's lost it's distraught
The world bends, twisting, taking all away
Your every thought isn't your own, have you lost your mind?
Into a state of mental genocide, into a state of mental genocide
In your brain you're insane, In your brain going insane
In your brain you're insane, In your brain going insane
The morbid fiends unveil dark scenes showing true reality
Mental illness it's your time in your heart & in your mind
Crazed the whole world's crazed, sane but what is sane?
What is it you hear? Those voices talking to your mind!!
In every living brain is darkened and illness

9. Feasting On Skulls

Dismal source of energy scarce the food for life
Empty is an empty world contaminated sights
Collecting corpses all around building up their stock
A morbid menu for mankind distastes distorts to shock
Just how long will it last how much can they take?
Eating carcass as a meal in a frenzied state
Corpses gather many round piles of bones and flesh
Take the protein from the skulls of all those laid to rest
Feasting, on skulls!! Feasting!!
Starvation tearing at their guts eat the gore or die
The awful taste stomaches turn "it's wrong" a mutant cries
But is it worth it is it right?
Feasting on the skulls cadavers feel the pains of death
Now eat until you're full.....
Skulls our food
We live on
Feasting, on skulls!! Feasting!!
Feasting on skulls!!

10. Birth By Radiation

We have been risen from out of the grave
For something's disturbed our sleep
Nuclear waste has awakened us all
Bringing pain to those Deceased
We don't know why We are alive
Our bodily functions are dead
Inflicted mutants rising from death
And back to a life We once led.....
We beg for peace, Dead and free, from the world
A nuclear leak has reversed the procedure
Of death the eternal sleep
Why are We here back on this earth?
To march and to stalk and creep?
We are the Dead and We want our peace
So put us back in the grave
Letting us rest in afterlife's hands
An intense mysterious place.....
We beg for peace, Dead and free, from the world
Birth by Radiation!!

11. Gutwrench

The opening of gravs an awful site
Watch morbid villians scream out in fright
The sickening dead nothing but rot
Just corpses of late left and forgot
They summoned death, death shall be yours!!
Doom laden victims obey sick demands
Praying to violence devouring the land
A sickening death committing the sin
Of opening their graves again and again
It's Gutwrench!!
Gut wrench!!


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