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Fearless Undead Machines

"Fearless Undead Machines" (1997)

1. The Silent Creature
2. Contamination
3. Fearless Undead Machines
4. From the Ground They Came
5. Night of The Deceased
6. Graphic Repulsion
7. Mysterious Research
8. Beyond Science
9. Unhuman Drama
10. The Psychic
11. Destiny

1. The Silent Creature

More than once we've closed our eyes to science and its flaws
Ghastly research carries on locked behind a door
While cancer cells still breed like roaches killing off the land
They disturb peace and destroy life, for this we all shall die?

The silent creature, the walking dead

The deadly dose of chemicals have changed the course of man
As reborn corpses activate on impulse from beyond
And there's no time and there's no end for finally it is done
So face the truth and live in fear of what has come at last

The silent creature, the walking dead
And every human placed on earth will bring their scent to them
As horror will now become the world

Like rabid dogs they smell the life that's flowing in our veins
A world of ghouls will storm mankind new life their destiny
As moaning corpses leave the ground and walk again on earth
Shattered coffins thrown aside for death's finally left it's womb

The panic it starts as reason has stopped,
The human mind must now adjust
Adjust to the buried walking the earth rabid to devour us all

A constant reminder is the stench of death of all the world's become
Quickly we learn they feed on the flesh as the hollow victims they grow and grow

The dreaded dark no place to hide from their reaching hands
The monsters slow yet menacing seeking out a soul
You close your eyes yet still you see the creeping reality
You tell yourself this isn't so but yet it's real, it's true

Run we must run, try to get away
Shelter somewhere, anywhere, from corpses that await

We're living in fear, but still we must go on
The shock must not stop us, our minds must stay calm

The silent creature, the walking dead

2. Contamination


3. Fearless Undead Machines

The prowling demons side by side
The final proof that death is life
The reapers army built to kill a tragic return to our world

I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare
Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge

Unknowing victims take the bait a horrid ending in distaste
As we sweep our dead from the streets
These fiends devour all in reach

I can see the terror in their eyes that empty stare
Their haunting souls still intact to seek revenge

An endless maze with no escape what can we do?
For just how long can we last for where is life still pure

Hospitals full with failing life the people soon to go
They scream in pain as they fade away
Into the shape of "them"
We bolt the door they die behind to try and find escape
For what can stop this deadly war what will bring their end?
Is it violence? Is is science?
My thoughts are so unclear who's got the answer?

The wind blows in the next wave of the walking dead disease
As I sit here watching their every move
I know they're watching me
But how can I plot my own escape from creatures that don't end
Is there safety anywhere? I haven't got a clue

As I flee to get away I know they're close, so close
I can see their snapping jaws open and close
Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane
And panic is now a part of life
A victim just waiting in the night, this night

Their crippled hands they pull me to their lair, despair
My every move and suddenly they're there, beware
Hell's lunacy is in my brain, insane
And panic is now a part of life

But where am I to run? My destination is nowhere fast
Is there a place just out of reach where serenity awaits
Or am I just a dreamer without the strength to carry on?
The fools of fools forever chasing all eternity, eternity

This has to be illusion is this the way it's going to end
Zombies taking all life's children and throwing them away
On earth they've arrived like tortured soldiers sent to war
But they're the dead the past returning and now they live again,
They live again

Then reality hits me like a slap in the face
The world's become so wrong
Just look around at what's happened
To earth the ending has come
The terrible deaths the destruction of man the unhuman entity
This must be the work of unnatural lords for what else can it be
Tell me! What else can it be?

Fearless undead machines!!!

The end of hope and dreams, fearless undead machines!

4. From the Ground They Came


5. Night of The Deceased

Last rights were given long ago to the corpse of man
The awful ground engulfs the dead, so sacred and alone
The world did spoil as their hearts grew cold
And the weird were born
What once was death now is horror lurking for a soul
Lurking for a soul

With this night the end begins, dark deletes the sun
Broken crypts now tell the tale that death is growing strong
Eternity seems close at hand as no one rests in peace
A ceremony from beyond the grave the night of the deceased
Night of the deceased, they've returned for us all

An infectious scream rings through the air,
A sound to chill every bone
A distorted victim of the plague will soon feast with the dead

In time they'll "turn" becoming ill no longer brother man
As guts of life and the macabre now decorate
The grounds of earth

The night of the deceased - casket monsters conquer and kill
The night of the deceased - cemetery's no longer full
The night of the deceased - cadavers marching side by side
The night of the deceased - by mans creations we shall die

Planet earth our battlefield the warm blood it stains the world
The awful dead unlock the end
Their empty graves and shattered tombs
Cadavers marching side by side!
By mans creations we shall die!

Marching, stalking, the deadly aggressor seeks out your flesh
Preying, decaying, your final vision will be your first death
All of your life you've hid from the fears
Of the haunting hands of death
Clutching the past instead of the future now you'll know at last.....
What is death you ask? What waits for you? Unveiling the truth

Distant, vision you've now been spotted and you will die
Crying, dying, you'll now know the answer you feared
To come true.....

Now you'll know at last what is death you ask
What waits for you? Unveiling the truth

Loss of sight loss of sound numbing pain takes over you
Floating up and off the ground seeing downward overview
Witness hell witness death instant nowhere nothingness
Failing soul turning grey craving flesh yes! You have changed.....

And all through the night you can hear
Their twisted awful screams!
We! Are deceased! And because of you
We are haunting this world!
We! Are deceased! Forever we kill for the dead!!!

6. Graphic Repulsion

The twisted flesh, alive or dead
Their veins are flowing with the blood of death
The final act, the last taboo
Yes! It's truth the dead will feast on you
These savage ghouls of obscene gore
Like insane rats they're still craving more
No survival, no escape it's just a world of.....
Graphic repulsion!

Dead cannibals of modern age
Have come from death in fits of all out rage
Without a pulse on man they feast
A scene of bloodshed has now been unleashed
A scary scene that stains my mind
Is knowing fact I too will die
No survival, no escape it's just a world of.....
Graphic repulsion!

They tear the brains apart, and swarm upon the heart,
It's never ending gore with life and death at war
Orgies of disease leaving the world in disbelief
The streets are colored red with blood from shattered veins
As we fall their legion grows as every grave is bare
Yes! Every grave is bare, the war of hell unleashed
Into battle!

Starving ghouls intensify the mania
The stench of death dances through the rotten air
There's millions slain as casualties keep coming strong
As certain doom awaits us all some place sometime

Gore pouring from the wounds of the awful dead
The naked eye the witness to it all
Our end is quickly coming fast this twisted deadly plague
Is sweeping up the earth, outbreak!
Yes I know we're damned to hell!

Their screams cover up the night
Haunting all the world the cries of war
And though a few of them will fall they're waiting in the dark
Distorted birth is quick to come again
This has to be an awful nightmare!!!

No place on earth the world's a tomb
No place to run amongst these ghouls of doom
The world's a tomb, the world's a tomb
No place to run because.....

The dead are among us!!!

7. Mysterious Research

A showdown of knowledge and death that won't die
It's the zombies versus the world
Trembling scalpels invading the minds of creatures we so little know
But studies are slow and time's moving fast
To question these cause of events
We must conquer the doubts of ending this plague,
What weapon will outdo theit best?

They reach for their poisons their guns and killing bombs
The might of the armed forces may soon just get their way
To unleash a horde of chemicals from which this all began
Bio-weapons on the loose but warfare's not the answer

How easy men weaken when life is on the line attempting to close every eye
Like a key to a fortune hidden away but the blood will soon enough spill
Unable to fend, protect and to serve the cowardly troops how they fall
So much for the strong, heros, and saints everyone dies in this tale

Afraid to confront the one real truth how quick they point the finger
The mark of scorn to someone else for right can do no wrong
To take these fiends and give them back to earth and to the grave
Too many hands control the wheel that's steering us straight to hell

Pleading for life are scared, frightened fools who once carried power inside
Now knowing they're beat they beg and they plead to quickly be forgiven
But no one cared when the hand of deception
Was turned to their side of the coin
They laughed and lived at others expense but the dead just don't forgive

In life, in death, forever.....

Mysterious research!!!

Monsters do exist, in us and among us, they walk in our every shadow,
They prey on man more as he fears them less,
We should know for we created them!

Entering the brain of something quite strange, trying to solve and control
Climbing inside a monster's mind in search of knowledge unknown
As experiments continue all through the night
The doctors proceed with their tests
Death is examined inside and out until the world's convinced
There's no tomorrow.....

8. Beyond Science

For it's still out there waiting for man
To bring the living to death
What's to stop these ghouls of gore
From eating all our birth
Beyond science stands the answer
To which there is no cure
No hidden saving antidote
Waiting for this world

We're reaching out so please take our hands
We're living hell right here on the earth
We're crying tears for all our life-long pains
And screaming out "save us from the dead"!

Terror unleashed came without sound
The dead crept out of their graves
Horrible creatures returning to kill
As graveyards open their gates
Is it pure evil is it a warning
Of what the earth's to become?
Is religion the key to end the attack
Or will we just die one by one?

Think to the past at all that man has done
The power of sin and greed its ugly head has shown
And maybe it only serves us right that we shall die today
A morbid lesson to the world for all our evil ways

Infection slowly setting in our souls are out of time
The errors of our lust for gain have finally claimed mankind

Do we deserve to live?
Life is fading fast
Do we deserve to live?
We beg to know at last
Do we deserve to live?
Our lives our fading fast
Do we deserve to live?
Forever think to the past!

9. Unhuman Drama

I wish my mind would just slow down to a slightly moving crawl
I've seen the terror and watched the dead molest my loved ones gone
With death so pale these ruling monsters will leave their mark on me
As I lose my edge I realize something's got to give

For a man that fears both life and death what is to be done?
Insane from knowing what awaits an outcome negative

A skeleton that's incomplete a human shape of fear
Thrown to the powers of death unknown unfolding before my eyes

And with my prayers unanswered they'll leave me for their kind
And now I know without a doubt that "god" is just a word

A grotesque creed has defiled the land mindless yet in total control
In all my years I'd never dream that earth would come to this
Man no longer "power creature" living beneath the sun

And so my search for heaven shows me that it's not there
No faith I learn that religion never was waiting for me

Now I've no emotion no feeling no cares at all
I'm drained of my only pure life as sorrow claims a soul

There's little hope and endless pain leaving me broken and weak
Deathlike in trance I'm quickly fading oh God you've forsaken me

These are tears of a beaten man that slowly wear my face
The scenes of doom may slightly alter the outcome's the same
This lonely tale just keeps repeating in circles without an end
A rotting world filled with creatures from hell existing humans damned.....
It's truly over!

I feel all alone in my plead to die and never return again
The need for flesh and malevolence is something I fear to come
And then someone or something grabs me and pulls me from this fright

I suddenly feel unafraid, safe and so alive.....
I'm so alive
Is it over? Did the torture end?
What's happening? Please tell me!

10. The Psychic

A place full of futuristic insight with those who share a magical gift
Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come

You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man
Safely in their fortress they live as if there is life

There's no fear of the living dead
They know they'll live on in their "new world"

There's telepathic scenes with crystal balls and tarot cards
A cult of fortune tellers with minds that see all mystery

They say that they've been waiting for my arrival to their world
It seems as though I'm gifted with the sight to see beyond

As they prepare their magic I prepare my mind
To break this hold that's hanging on to keep me from my kind
As we join hands and chant the chant the truth is now revealed
I feel their power I join their ranks a living breathing lord

And now I know there's a future hidden beyond this world
A new beginning a higher plain very few shall see
By invitation I've been accepted to build and start again
I've learned these monsters are really saints cleansing all the earth

The undead have their purpose to strengthen, rebuild the weak!
Within my mind I realize there's still life to see
As I vision it now I can understand the reasons for their acts
I can see our world I can see beyond
We're not afraid forever we are strong!

And now there are no worries for all our goals will be achieved
While the outside world awaits this sudden "plague" to fade and die

And as all time keeps moving bringing the end to a tired world
We just stand by ready for our crowning moment to come!

Now they're tearing at our walls and challenging our force
A mutiny of our monsters now at war with our lords
Destiny all destiny a monster for infinity
Destiny my destiny an eternity of death

How quickly we lose battle with creatures that don't die
From beyond the grave these new messiahs control what's left of life
Destiny! All destiny, a monster for infinity

Destiny! My destiny, an eternity of death

11. Destiny

Our mind manipulation was no strength for the deceased
The masterplan defeasted by the laws of earth's beliefs
And in death's costume now I live a lonely, empty corpse
Existing matter left to wait infinity's demise

For all the greed my just reward
The reaper's prize the mask of death

It fits my face and grips my skull as exact as can be
A perfect mold symmetric cast forever locked to me

For all the greed my just reward
The reaper's prize the mask of death
A marching ghoul the sight of hell, hell!!!

This war was armageddon the rising of the dead
As every breath of every life has vanished from the world
And here we stand the winning losers left to wander earth
The miles and miles of emptiness witnessed by no one

And as the story ends I'm still wishing for my dream
Of being dead, forgotten, no longer a machine!

There isn't pulse yet on I go somewhere in between
I cannot stop my time on earth or end my legacy
Thinking back to my past in truth I fell from grace
And for my sins I'm one of "them" and they are one of me

And as the story ends I'm still wishing for my dream
Of being dead, forgotten, no longer a machine!

For what mind created man and what did end his reign?
Just who created planet earth and who created me?
For I am only flesh and bone a seed of many seeds
A soulless victim on a chain a slave to what does lead
I'm hell's forever!!!

A marching ghoul the sight of hell

March!, March!, March!, March! Forever walking the earth
March!, March!, March!, March! Wearing the mask of hell
March!, March!, March!, March! Forever walking the earth
March!, March!, March!, March!

"As forever becomes no closer and the world it does not change
I admit my failures a thousand times in hope of some relief
Inside my mind there are questions but around me only time
Time to think where I went wrong and all I've left behind
And yes I know I'm searching for peace, tranquility
For the truth it stands before me, death is my destiny!"


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