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13 Frightened Souls

"13 Frightened Souls" (1993 EP)

1. The 13 Frightened Souls
2. Robotic Village
3. Voivod
4. Planet Graveyard
5. Nuclear Exorcist

1. The 13 Frightened Souls

The shocking truth the 13 souls the time ticks
peacefully. A horrid tale a frightful day now locked in
history. As one by one the chosen gone some final
place they'll stay. Forever lost as all stands still and
weirdness claims it's prey.
Into the air they disappear the 13 souls erased. No
horrid thought was left unthought no boundaries
were untraced. The years have passed but nothing's
changed an unsolved piece of time.
The 13 frightened souls!!
Unmasking those marked to go was there a reason
why? Eerie choices random death is no one's quest
replied? Just what controls the course of all, lead us
to the one? Is there a being a martyr lord to change
all destiny? Can we believe in all truth that there's
no other life? Beyond our time beyond our world
beyond our seeing eyes.
13, calling
A texture made of demise, uncertainty of the soul,
the horrible task of fate. 13 the number of fear,
refusal to believe the beyond, existence of darkness
13!!! 13!!! 13!!! 13!!!

2. Robotic Village

What will become of a world where so few know?
Most lives escaped their without soul. The Earth is full
or robot minds. But who controls thought decline?

Detached senseless life brothers. They march pro-
grammed by others. In life forever they follow. In
death another lives shadow.....

Blind, exist without a mind. In trance a corpse of
time. Never knowing why. Never knowing why.
Never knowing why. Never knowing what their
thoughts unknown will be. Now obey.....

Obey in the robotic village!!!!!

3. Voivod

My lands are infectious
Your sun begin to gloom
You see my harmful country
And my sky is black today
Pay the price for your life
Your ticket to open gate to die
VOIVOD ! I'm a paranoid
VOIVOD ! The wine of blood
VOIVOD ! I'm a crazy god
VOIVOD ! The ferocious dog
My eyes fix your soul
I like it cos it's too late to go
When I relish, I'm a beast
When I torture, You freeze
And if you see your angel
Contaminate him with cancer


I'm a nuclear creature
For atomic fight
Come with me in my spider line
In the black hole of the night
Your visit is short today
Don't worry in the terror you stay
And if you don't trust me
I'll chop your body to eat


4. Planet Graveyard

Empty world of nothing universe of the past. Silent
place of mourning history of mishaps. Wipe away
the future for it is gone forever.
Gone forever.....

Earth.....A dying future
Earth.....A barren wasteland
Earth.....Forgotten hellhole
The planet graveyard!!!

Empty world of nothing doom has come and then
gone. Planet graveyard buried drained of life for so
long. Torn apart by mankind life just couldn't go on.
Could not go on.....

And so the planet dies!!!
Entire world is gone!
Into the void they go!
The funerals' begun!

5. Nuclear Exorcist

It's not the end, we are suffering on. An endless
world filled with pain, how we hate the pain. Mentally slaughtered by evil, and disturbed are our minds.
But we shall return all the madness, for soon is our

We are our savior, the only one!!!

The air is toxic to breath, the skies have all come
undone. Will anyone see the next century, but was it
really to come? Seasons and weather will vanish,
and so will the once burning sun. Never again is god
going to win, for the downfalls already begun.....

Nuclear Exorcist!!!


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