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Decayed Divinity

"Decayed Divinity" (1999)

1. Fragments
2. In Silent Descent
3. Bitter
4. These Thorns That Tear

1. Fragments

Amongst this world we live
Days filled with darkness
Growing in fear of confronting
Dying in loneliness

Can't return to a past that's been
Memories bring misery
Fragments of our shattered life
Wash away in bitter tears

And the winters reflect our sorrow
The bleak reality of our miserable existence
This dark abode of solitude
The sun no longer warms
How can death save us
When our souls have already died

2. In Silent Descent

The bleakness and the loneliness
Fading light on a winter shore
Water blanketted in a misty fog
Like a dream without clarity

I'm all alone in a world of woe
My soul rises and falls with the tide
I'd like to fly but my wings have been clipped
I lay in the sands of my denial

These windswept paths that go forever on
To lavish the warmth again
Dreaming in silent suffering
A bleeding heart... Sorrow reigns

Deep within my being, coaxing of a bud to grow
The essence of my soul still flickering, it's just my flesh that will go
Bury me softly without a word, I give my thoughts unto you
Sand rains down and here I lay, just a memory concealed by the earth

3. Bitter

When life loses its allure
Its beauty it fails to charm me
My thoughts become forlorn
And rapture shuns me again

How many pains must I endure
Before my soul is completely dead

Crushed by mere words, no never again
I lay here clutching open wounds
The trickle of blood I'm drowning inside
The bleakest winters embrace my soul

4. These Thorns That Tear

I walk amongst the gardens of sympathy
Where even flowers die from my touch
All my hopes and dreams lay dead
Beyond the grasp of the real me

The pain of living is deeper than any joy
Death precludes any hope of a tomorrow
The certainty of forever is almost like always
Memories will be pleasant when I die

Cast adrift, separated from what I loathe
Amongst these vast oceans alone
My tear-streaked face embraced by my frigid hands
I unwillingly return my gaze to my reflection
I stare at myself searching for what I know is not there
I feel helpless, lost in desolution - help me

The rain that falls are the tears from my eyes
I bleed, I scream from the thorns ripping me apart
I'm choking, I'm nothing, grief suffocates my soul


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