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"Mutilage" (2002)

1. Uteral Mutilage
2. Gore Enema
3. Diseased Genital Infection Fetish
4. Manling Caustic Intestines
5. Inferis Gore
6. Sickening Pathology
7. Castratio, Carcinoma
8. Festering Vomit on Copro
9. Carbonized Relics
10. Rancid Bowel Sarcoma [Disgorge cover]

1. Uteral Mutilage


convulsing lymphatic orgy
foreign substances spilled
inside vulval orifice
fulfillment of congenital compulsion

post lapse disgust
overlooping sickened
saline discharges savouring
genitalia trauma
extracting the uterus
decimating cervix
destroying fundus and isthmus
uteral tissue degraded to mutilage

bloody repugnant mess
vile disgusting relics
vomitus eruptions
upon the rot

exeless bursts of haematemesis
disfiguring, mutilating
extreme facial fractures
visceral destruction

decimated, dialated, pyosisified
all her lips removed

sewing the lecherous orifice
closing the crevice
hiding the hole
filled with maggots

2. Gore Enema


surgery, pathological examination
gluttony on pro lapse, surgeon in psychosis
patient in dormant paralysis, munching and mincing
gastric meat, repugnant devourment
cannibal atrosity, necropsy

stenching reek
deeds sick, morbid
genitals sliced
frenzing scalpel carnage
blurred in oxidase

inserting steel into virginal tissues
raped of all cosmetics
ripping, tearing, defleshing, gutting

post psychotic nausea
puking out the ingested
forensic pathology vomit decorated
exhaling with burst

gasping breath
inhaling rancid regurgitate
extreme pulmonary fibrosis

3. Diseased Genital Infection Fetish


swollen blackened fetid uretha
extreme post gonorrhoea
blood mixed urine in the phallic
deranged savage whore aroused

raping infested disorienting male flesh
nausiating morbid molest
inserting malformed diseased
into slimy spread wide twat

prod bleeds pus
scabs and cysts in pyosis
feasting on the reeking warts
sickened craving

motor functions lapse
splurging infested ejaculate

nesting inside the saturated

sick vile savage splendour

uteral gestation maggotized
fetid, reeking

semi grown intentional miscarriage
into anal orifice

sickening fetish

stomach full of piss

4. Manling Caustic Intestines

5. Inferis Gore


demented viral psychosis

lymphatic act in disembowelment
regurgitating gastric intestines
deranged revel in pathology
raping all necrotic female physiology

fornicate gore

molestation and defilement
orgy of devourment
ingesting pieces, froth soaking chin
festering flesh covered with scabs

liberate tutenmej
ex inferis gore

6. Sickening Pathology


abnorm pathology
wretched and deformed
easily exposed
to malignant dysfunctions
of the body
acute inflammation of the lining
of the stomach and intestines

nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and weakness
sporadic spasms

spreading infection
sublingual colitis
inability of ingestion and digestion
draining and withering

lipophilic libido

penetrations causing vulvovaginitis
vaginal xanthomas
leucoplakia and leucorrhea eruptions
infected diseased prod
haematuria and melena

loss in vascular supply
gangrene destroying tissues

causing bacterial invasion
vital capacity falling
constant cephalalgia
and dulling of the senses

heart condition critical
concluding to arest

7. Castratio, Carcinoma


removal of the gonads
destruction by radiation
parasite infested lymph node
destructive metabolic process
organisms convert substances
into excreted compounds

malignant carcinoma growth
epithelial cells infiltrate
the surrounding tissues
give rise to metastases
perforated, perfused and catherized
bag of piss infects pubic area
causing rotting in corpus spongiosum
pyogenism in perianal region
abnormal biosynthesis

inside anal lumen
protozoon swarming

8. Festering Vomit on Copro


rancid faeces, corpo
festering, excrements

discharged from the intestines
blasted on anatomy
copro defilement of the humid
vile monument of disgust
act of contempt
in a way of extreme deliverment
hepatobilary disgorge

9. Carbonized Relics

10. Rancid Bowel Sarcoma [Disgorge cover]

Rancid Bowel Sarcoma [Disgorge mex cover]

rotting defleshed incarnosia minch
liynph excraving hobo stench reek
exploring on peeled pubic pukes
I ramming my dick in your hole

splitting grabing oesophagist sogs
gariliac paenemic chunky cannals
consumed on broken faeces
your organs melting in my stomach
virgin systems of digestion munched

clinning waste
in my slithering sodomy
suprapubical necrotic scrotal suffering

remained on
pedophiling bizarre

all flesh freezing toracical endo genitallia
facial nerves diluyng on pulp deformia

gribled wasted
unborn grotesque deranged
torturing dark putrid tissues
menstruoparasites on lepral burst
excruciating eruption of severed glibs
rectocellia laping splatting sherds
dehiscenced broweds rancid buffets

the pubic structures pro lapses in rupture
smells of desintegrated skulls on purulent lard
prunctured retro plasming innards breakage
boling on genetical aftermathing wrist

carbuncular neo cervyx
immerse of urine
slurping rectum thrombose in repugnance

in disgust
y rancid regurgitate
violent engorgement
blasted on anatomy

stiff endo sarcoma grinning bursted
lurk of perverse
swarming vile
recto macerated nausea
undinicism breaking on suppure stench
vitreobactereology infesting the crabia
strangled myo cavernosa purulence
uretra completly full of reeking shreds
critycal pro indigested
gut in rancid fluyds
horrid pircing in phallus
chewed pus

formed bowel of ulcerous fluyds
anoplasmical deform saturated of oxidisied
ferocious disgorge depraving in your body
swollen larynxpurulence cyst

all porously flesh on dislocated grim
your insides on crepitating scrubs
i'm your cure
in your perverse disease
filling you in mastication

i'm meeting my real antropophagist desire

my climax
is totally fulfied
and the smell of my creation
grubs in perverse


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