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"Gutting" (2001)

1. Maggots Consuming Cranial Contents
2. Brutally Butchered Carcass
3. Swarming Vile
4. Larvae
5. Morbid Savouring Of The Sadistically Gutted
6. Necrocannibalism
7. Severe Exhumed Carnal Butchery
8. Copulation With The Gutted Corpse
9. Sodomized Purulent Devourments
10. Colonize The Inhumed

1. Maggots Consuming Cranial Contents

vital cranium smashed, vile colonized
lifeless decapitated head, severed body
torso torn and mangled, raw muscle tissue exposed
cannibalistic violence, disfigurement

maggots infest

corpse rotting, pyosisifying

verminous mass lusting to consume, consume the necrotic flesh
vulgarly digesting, dead tissue
nothing but relics, left to decompose
cranial tissue overally devoured by swarms

maggots consume cranial tissue

vile vulgar worms, defiling the dead maids
maggots birthing in cranial cavity, colony

rotting rapidly, decomposing
cranial insides, devoured

maggots consume cranial tissue

2. Brutally Butchered Carcass

my spear bathing in you blood, in your rectum
crushing spinal columns, impaling the lungs
the base of your neck cracks, your brains scatter
blood spewing, horrifying wound

grotesque impalement
vile offering on a stick
smashed, torn and mangled

molested and abused

covered with purulent sores
bathing in pus
decayed flesh, rotting organs

bloodsoaked appeal, carnal infest
maggots consume, devour the insides

I will soon kill again, maybe it will be someone you love

3. Swarming Vile

4. Larvae

5. Morbid Savouring Of The Sadistically Gutted

mummified in the wire of flesh
severed, torn, smashed body
internal organs punctured
eaten alive, from inside

cannibals ripping through the flesh
ruthlessly tearing for the intestines
vulgarly tormenting act of carnality
skin torn away, mutilated in lust for blood

stomach wide open, entrails removed and consumed
vermin settle in, the blood is seeping
soon feeding, pus leaking

consciousness in ritual of cannibals
skinned alive, flesh tearing thorns and razors,
defleshed - paralyzed in disgust
remains will be eaten by a cannibal family

skin bruised and blood drenched, vulgarly tormented
stomach is slit open, cut
entrails pulled out, eaten
oxidized chainsaw - sawed in half
savoured with urine

6. Necrocannibalism

grinding flesh between my teeth
munching rotting genitals
ribcage carved and split wide open
lungs and heart removed

feasting necrocannibalism, cannibal consuming

vulgarly crushed, cadaver lying disfigured
cranial region exploded, exposing the vomitous insides
repulsive brain slime, painting the room
horrific ulcerated faeces, decorated tomb


stink, reeking, meat eating, vomiting
sickness, love for others
dead bodies, cadavers decomposing

rotting bowels

7. Severe Exhumed Carnal Butchery

abhor the disfigured
mentally deformed epidemic
infectious rotten blood
spasmic larvae swarming in the rotting

fresh grave, wide open
orally excreting, nausea
regurgitate, vomiting gore
pouring, gushing red

venomous slime corrodes eyelids
eyeballs are dried up
fermenting, flesh sheding


maggots swarming feasting, meat rotten and purulent
devourment and digestion, in the stomach
flies take parts, swallow the pus
digesting, then regurgitating the rotting parts

8. Copulation With The Gutted Corpse

hollow corpse

vile swarming overwhelming, internal organs consumed
infested cavities, decayed remnants

sickness of the flesh, necroticism
perverse cannibalism, molesting the dead


morbid carnage on the dead flesh
eating from the rotting orifice

9. Sodomized Purulent Devourments

cutting through the flesh, shifting through the innards
pulling out insides, ground soaking with vomitus mass

insane cutting of the mutilated
deformed purulent human corpse
disgustingly malformed
defiled flesh and blood
rotting human relics


in sickening lust, skullfucking female remains
morbid fornicate, bloodsoaked oral ecstasy


lacerate the skin, consume the meat
abolishing skeleton, glorifying trophy

10. Colonize The Inhumed

fetid copro, repulse
dissected, mutilage
abhorrent, scalpel, carnage
stenching, rancid bowel juices
mixed with deep red and dark piss
excrement and cranio decorated, blastomed phallus

inducing nausea, causes vomiting
sickness awaking reek

in the dusks, sights of necrocannibalism
reek of shit, faecalized
morbid molestation in the bloody hole
lustful stabs around the cunt

sodomized, fucked, raped and defiled

bloody mush, splattered with sperm
blasphemous enjoyment of gore


lower bowel injected, infested by insects

entering from the rectum, eating to the lower body
reaching the scalped cuts, around the stomach
providing easy access, in morbid lust
maggots seep in the womb

intestines and guts being devoured and consumed
fermenting tissues digested
rotting torso collapses
hollowed out, empty corpus

guts grinded, swarming around the lower bowel
eating, feasting of the vile
dilated abscesses bled dry, covered with excrements
urine smeared, cranio decorated



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