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"The Eye Of Horus" (1998 Demo)

1. Intro
2. The Eye Of Horus
3. Blessed
4. The First Damned
5. Nine Steps
6. Danse Macabre (Outro)
7. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover)

1. Intro

2. The Eye Of Horus

the body of god who died and rose from the dead
the eye of the body which will never be killed
first trinity above the earth taking care
and the god of the night, desert, and storm
your stony cemeteries
impossible to destroy, above time flowing
in the gloom of the night
in the light of the eye of horus
they last
eternal truth,power of words and knowledge
the river of life, the land of the dead
fathers of the moon, creators of clandestine books
and son of su,cursed,powerful
gods with stolen names
rituals forgotten forever
gods of the land which doesnt exist
the eye of horus a monument of the world
which is left to oblivion

3. Blessed

it was night when they came
evil and deceit were hidden under frocks
on their necks-crosses in their hands-swords
they came to kill on behalf of their God
dissimilarity is imprisoned
in the darkness of the dungeons
the old faith impaled on the stake
old holy groves were destroyed
in the name of the cross
against other people
against the truth
against everyone
against yourself
tortures of liberated souls
which are decaying in the cells of the ecclesiastical strongholds
the knights of good are distributing death
spreading violence in the name of God

4. The First Damned

i in the abyss on the ruins of my dreams
my burnt world god treads on the cinders
envy and revenge two sisters i am their brother
is it my fault that i am a human being?
i wont forget how the wind was blowing in your gardens
i was your knight i was a traitor
i, created to die, to fall into the abyss
my existence for you to have your flower
your gardens grow on my soul
the roots of your trees draw juice from my blood
and yield fruit from my wounds
your world comes from my pain
my wandering your triumph my cry for you to existmy feelings, longing,and rebellion
i suffer at the bottom unnecessary for you
for the first time the question- why me?
the fire wont flare up in my soul
chained to my dreams forever
unfulfilled ,unreal but i last
and ill be a thorn in your eye forever

5. Nine Steps

when the warriors of the gloom came
when the wolf of the night conquered the sun
time of revenge and death set in
the sons of fire shed the blood of gods
nine steps towards victory of the night
nine steps to the comeback of chaos
nine steps to eternal darkness
nine steps to death
when the time of the northern rulers was over
like a drop of blod in the sea of eternity
thors blood sealed up their end
the dusk of gods set in
but their names will never be forgotten
the memory of these centuries will never pass away
thors blood still flows in the northern rivers
thors hamer will shed the fresh blood again

6. Danse Macabre (Outro)

7. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover)

murder at your every footstep
a childs toy sudden death
sniper blazes you through your knees
falling down can you feel the heat
ambushed by the spray of lead
count the bullet holes in your head
offspring sent out to cry
living mandatory suicide
holes burn deep in your chest
raked by machine gun fire
screaming skull sent out to die
living mandatory suicide
lying dying screaming in pain begging pleading bullets drip like rain
minds explode pain shears to your brain
radical amputation this is insane
fly swatter stakes drive through your chest
spikes impale you as your forced off the crest
soldier of misfortune
hunting with bated breath
a vile smell like tasting death
dead bodies dying and wounded
litter the city streets
shattered glass bits of clothing and human deceit
dying terror
bloods cheap its everywhere
mandatory suicide massacre on the front line


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