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Spontaneous Underground

"Spontaneous Underground" (1990)

1. Into Death
2. Manati
3. Human Error
4. Guerilla
5. Annihilating War
6. Morbus Gravis
7. Spontaneous Combustion
8. Evil Death Slaughter
9. RU 4 8 6 ?
10. Regentanz
11. Religious Fanatics
12. Dolphin Instinct
13. Regentanz 2

1. Into Death

2. Manati

They are living peacfully
in their waters
They were full of good nature
and defenceless
Human comes
without's brains
death's them
only for profitgreed
They wouldn't do nobody harm
why making this senseless hunt?

Sign of the innosence
Show us the peaceful way

Fuck those nuclear assholes
Place them to the wall
Hunt and slaughter them
For that they know what they do

Organisations and other auxiliaries
attempt to rescue what to rescue is
but the human
without's brain
care about a shit
and slaughtering goes on
Government gives only non-observanse
Just authority, money and all other
is shit


Money rules this goddamn world
No matter what you do for it
people kills
without's brain
on profitgreed
for filthy money
Take an example by those manatees
Where's the end of this fucking shit?


3. Human Error

Learn the simplest, for those
whose time had come,
it is never too late!
Learn the ABC, it is not enough, but
Learn it! Don't let yourself annoyed,
Begin! You must know everything!
You must overtake the guidance.

Human Error

Learn, man in asylum!
Learn, man in prison!
Learn, woman in the kitchen!
Learn, sixty yearold
Search for the school, homeless!
Get yourself knowledge, frozen man!
Hungry man, grab for the book:
It is a weapon.

Human Error

Don't shrink from asking, comrade!
Nothing let yourself be urged,
Look afterwards yourself!
You don't know!
Proof the bill,
You must pay it.
Put the finger on every position,
Ask: How does he got here?
You must overtake the guidance.

Human Error

German poem by Bertolt Brecht

4. Guerilla

Boundless opression
Boundless pain
Boundless exploitation
Are my aims
Children die by hunger,
But that don't bother me
I reign my land
Hate and violence
The fools who restrained
Will be abducted
You will feel
their mutilated corpses

They think they are strong
With their army of guerrillas
Iam never afraind of these bastards
Warriors of the underground
I know they are all venal
I can buy them with my money
They try to fight for freedom
But I am the master, nor those
Fucking guerrilla

I live in luxury
These fools are imbecile
They sell their individuality
For my prosperity
Until they don't understand
No change will be made
They can never get free
Born to serve for me
I prefer special people
To inate the envy
As long as they fight each other
As long I will be safe


Fight dictatorship
Exterminate discord
Never give up
We will be enslaved

I don't care about
population revolt
I live in my castle
Which seems dark and cold
If they conquer me
I'm not really powerless
I have the money
So I buy the guerrilla
I blind people with illusion
They never learn to see
These idiots are corrupt
They live for anarchy

I support my subordinates
To overthrow the new government
They are not able to reign the land
Population hates the guerrilla
The riduculous cry for law & order
And I will destroy their chaos
My troops will anihilate their society
So my deliverance will come
Back in horror

5. Annihilating War

World of power
Nuclear energy
Locked in cages
Falling on the cities
Marching on the land
Fighting on the cities
Fighting uniforms
Dying humans
Cry for the dead

Take possession of pain
Decay to rotten corpse
Corrupt in Luzifers blood
Redemption at
'Monumentum Stanum'
Recouncil!! Expect ...
Anihilating WAR

Back into Vietnam
Yankees fight the gooks
Agent Orange and the
H-Bomb are in use
Jungle: green hell
Endless battle
Creature against creature
Better you than me

6. Morbus Gravis

The white plague, synthetic pestilance,
divulged by infected funds.
Created by the mouldered brain of a
confused virus attundant.
Concealed from the world transforming
genetic heriditary disposition.
Obsessed by vindictiveness, grave new
world his merciless mission.
No protection strength against this
epidemic disease.
Saveless delievered to a madmans morbid
Atomic sterelization, total seclution
are the unique possibilities.

Fragments of the radiator-muff ragged
off her head.
The children turned into an idiscer-
nable mass.
Torned limbs and pieces of flesh in
the whole area are spread.
Abdomen were grinded, atrocious fuss.
His sucked this abomination into his
Rage, desperation, frightful pain.

Mean pathologic principal, penetrating
this artificial illness.
Degeneration of reality, epigone ex-
ceeds the original mess.
Inconceivable occasions deceiving the
world back to natural selection.
Voluptuos victims, with no sensory per-
seption, traces his sadistic action.
Death-doomed patients piercing through
fabrile sanity.
Produces by the destructieve science
of genetic chemistry.
Abstract, accountless research with
deadly tendency.

Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeculum in fvilla
Nil inultum remanebis
Sacramentum Morbus Gravis

(Inspiration by Frank Herberts novel
'The White Plague'.)

7. Spontaneous Combustion

This ain't a story to tell you
anything special to do, but
don't eat everything they sell you,
or your fucking soul will rot

Let's burn ...
... in a Spon tan eous Combus tion

From displeasement
that forms aren't precence
Rised my creation of a kind of existence
Apath which I alternate
build or walk or choose
stipulated to the fact, that my thoughts can move

Pay attraction to resurrection
Get your mental satisfaction
Let ideas gleam, however they seem
If orgasmic spastic or mean

Break out ...

It is not the point to do what you want
or to shrink from responsibility
to let guide yourself by arbitrariness
but never do something you don't want

I can see the fear as I look into your eyes!
I can see the fear as I look into your eyes!
Why do you not use your violence for the fight?
Why do you not use your violence for the fight?

... HEY! Spon tan eous Combus tion
... like a Spon tan eous Combus tion

8. Evil Death Slaughter

Surprising attack in the morning
For screams they are yearning
Supporting K K K
Leader of the U S A

We will starve for
We have to adore
For fucking Ronnie
We must d i e !

Soldiers dying in Nicaragua
Obey the fucking laws
Sworn to the leaders face
Humans of their own race


E V I L !
D E A T H !
S L A U G H T E R !

Insane last aim
Present of nuclear industry
Provide protection for the state
He won't share our fate


(This song is dedicated to Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America.)

9. RU 4 8 6 ?

10. Regentanz

11. Religious Fanatics

Your ancestors had killed our messiah
So join them under the blade of doom
You have to be punished
For a thing you haven't done
Falsify history
Change your faith or die
Believe in what you hate
Or see the sun with no eyes

Die you fanatic bastard
Sacred ripper bloody fame
Stryper, pope or inquisitor
It's all the fucking s a m e !

In a crusade of a bloodbath
Heathens will be civilized
Learn to love their enemies
Or they will be cruzified
Command to kill one thousand
Slaughtered in the name of god
Try to cruzify yourself
With nails for thsis religious gag


12. Dolphin Instinct

I stand paralyzed in the fear
I know I have been here
It wasn't a nice time before
Aminute ago or just a little
Bit more

For the first time this place I see
But it seems not unknown to me
In a parallel atmosphere
Oh, I know I had been here

Broken continuum of time
The door was opened and showed
The same line
The other dimension was so near
Can't ignore that moment
It was so clear

13. Regentanz 2


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