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The Art of Dying

"The Art of Dying" (2004)

1. Intro / Thrown to the Wolves
2. 5 Steps of Freedom
3. Thicker Than Blood
4. The Devil Incarnate
5. Famine
6. Prophecy
7. No
8. Spirit
9. Land of Blood
10. Never Me
11. Word to the Wise

1. Intro / Thrown to the Wolves

Led to the slaughter by those who were there to protect
Nailed to the cross then put on display to dissect
Dignity stripped like flesh being ripped from the bone
Sentence: death by mongrels to whick you are thrown

Here comes the pack
Come to attack
Blood in their eyes
No compromise
Thrown to the wolves
Left there to die

Hiding from shadows that chase by the light of the moon
Choking on lies overflowing in silver spoons
Told of the cities of gold and a thousand delights
Fed to the dogs that hunt in the dead of the night

Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves
As the brother shall deliver up the brother to death

Beg for a life that is worth not a dime to their kind
Pleading for mercy from those that would leave you behind
Betrayed with a kiss by the blackened soul you will save
Burned at the stake so the jackals can piss on your grave

2. 5 Steps of Freedom

Grip the bars that hold my mind
And pace the cell that's stuck in time
Immune to change and far from love
I curse this world and God above

Life is a cage when you're framed and confined
Sentence of pain 25 to life
I breathe in the sky as I recall the past
And realize these are my last

Need to kill this painful lie
Look over shoulder with my hand on knife
I can't keep living my life this way
I'll do my time but I won't behave

The road to hell is paved with good intent
Pass barbed wire and cyclone fence
Destiny lies far from this place
A cemetery plot my final resting place

Got to break this soulless cage
Return my life to human shape
A hell on earth is what they say
Kill or be killed same shit different day

3. Thicker Than Blood

Smell you eye on
How rapid the chase it is on
Swat you bite you
Locked on your neck and you're down

I can't believe that you're trying to put up a fight
Try as you will but you'll never forget this dark night
Can't you see that to us it's not labor it's love
Thicker than blood

Rip you tear you
Peeling your flesh to the core
Crave you need you
Your taste leaves us wanting much more

Chew you eat you
Savoring every small bite
Own you crush you
Night after night after night

4. The Devil Incarnate

Master of disguise move unseen
Shadow on the night silent hunter
Appetite arroused by the smell of your fear
Driven by desire instinct and hunger
And I will survive while you die

In your slow demise mercy denied
Bitter is the taste of your last breath
Choking on a bite from the apple of eden
Victim of my lies deceit and betrayal

Shed my skin steal your soul
Again and again from the birth of time

Steal your soul shed my skin
Over and over until the end of time

Look into the eyes of fate
Destiny you can't escape
Precious life that you now chase
Slips away as you're erased

Seasons come and seasons go
What will come you'll never know
Future is a mystery
For this lock there is no key

So you pray but I say it's too late

Running from the hands of doom
Crawling back into the womb
Look of horror on your face
Feeble human wasting space

Time has come to say goodbye
Live a life lived in a lie
Your tomorrow is now gone
The devil incarnate lives on

5. Famine

Turning knot rotting in my gut
Got me feeling so corrupt

Like a second hand politician
I'm a study in malnutrition
Every star I see I'm wishing
Got a deathbed at 12th and mission

New kind of...

Long ago once upon a time
Hundred miles an hour time flew by

Now gravestones become friends
Practice voodoo superstition
Like an archangel from heaven
Got a deathbed at 12th and mission

In need of sleep we crawl the street
American dream gone
Blood dirt money hustle and scheme
Can barely breathe gone

Mentally unfed
Spiritually dead
The flock's been misled
New kind of wicked

Turning knot rotting in my gut
Got me feeling so corrupt
Stomach's screaming deep inside
Another day got no place to hide

6. Prophecy

Enter the tomb of the old
Mystery in ancient gold
All that ever was foretold
Cycle in constant change
Temple of doom rearranged
Many tales remain the same

Carved in stone enter the tomb
Ritual under the moon

Intrigue wrapped all it's own
Building now what is renown
The sky is the cornerstone
Man fears time fears pyramids
Journey in sand to resurrect
Feather of truth is weighed against

One last trip river of life
Prophecy into the sky

Cursed with clairvoyance
The rise and the fall
The unknown is shadowed in stone walls

"Goddess of the sky
Spread yourself over me
Among the undying stars
That I may not die again"

Unknown truth ending untold
Monuments rooms of gold
Royal history in stone

Prelude to eternal life
Souls of our kings are deified
Opening of the mouth

7. No

Raise your hands to the sky
On your knees and abide
Don't stare into the sun
The new saviours have come

And you choose your wine
Like you choose your friends
And you base your life
On each passing trend

And I say
No to false claims
No to their aims
No to all of their rules

We've come to save your soul
We must regain control
It's the end of their reign
Our day has come again

You've been blown off course
We've come to take you north
In the eye of the storm
History's been reborn

We've been sent back
Surprise attack

8. Spirit

Dream awake eyes open wide
Drain the poison kill the lie
Life is now there is no end
Never know what might have been

Spirit never fade away
I can never forget that day
Beyond the grave
Spirit never fade away

Things that you fear the most
The same damn things you hold close
Try hard as steel till nothing's left
It'll come when you least expect

In your mind suspended in time
Different lives different times
Worlds collide memory blinds
Peace is hard to find
Spirit or ghost
Have I lost my mind
Hope is alive
Carry us through time

9. Land of Blood

You live in your private hell
Don't know if you're sick or well
Something out there calls your name
Too insecure to enter the game

Life to you is a magazine
All dreams are on a silver screen
You never want to grow
Seeds of hate are all that you sow

Land of blood fields of greed
So many choices broken dreams
Anything can happen and always does
Can you adapt when the going gets rough

Gold rays of sun sea of blue
Hide the pain that you're going through
You can never aspire
When inside lives the heart of a liar

10. Never Me

All's quite now on the western front
But you never know what's above you
Chances are when you're down and tired
It's a lack of what you need inside you

So they say if you play their game
Well you'll never have much to lose
It's the life they chose and if you're one of those
Well you'll never have much to prove

Looking up
Looking out
Reaching in
Let it out

So you claim that you're not the same
It's just a dead end old part of town
Why pan for gold when the water's cold
You might as well lay face down and drown

Then you play their game yet you cry for change
And you always seem to miss your turn
You let them make tour bed rest your weary head
On a mattress that's been set to burn

That will never be me
I will always be free

Raise your heads
Open eyes
Smash down walls
See the lies

11. Word to the Wise

Words are spoken from the book of the dead
Written in the blood of the ones who bled
Foretelling the story of our destiny
Shadow on the fate of humanity

The tyrants of the earth have made their plans
But the future of the world is in our hands
The ending of a war that would never end
Created by the kings of the kingdoms of man

The unification of the human race at last
Brothers and sisters come together forgive the past
Deep in your heart and your soul lies the key
Step through the door to a world where people are free

If hopelessness is what you see it's what you'll get
Believe in today because the fight isn't over yet
Our sons and our daughters will live if we never say die
Shame when the ones who have wings don't use them to fly...

There's hope for the world today I know
Believe that it's not too late for love


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