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The Arrival

"The Arrival" (2002)

1. Opening The Gates...
2. With A Smile On My Face
3. Killing The Time With Haemoglobin
4. Spring Awoken
5. The More Money They Get, The Colder Their Hearts
6. Menschanhand
7. This Winter Day's Magic
8. Lebe Wohl
9. Prealudium
10. Love, I Think I Had Never Felt It Before, So I Cannot Say That I Have Felt It This Time, But You Were My Everything
11. ... For The New Prophets

1. Opening The Gates...

2. With A Smile On My Face

With the three means of punishment words thoughts and acts ya shall not injure living things.
But what happens every day we lead thousands of creatures to the slaughter it is like the entrance in hell.
My thoughts gave my actions a battle and that's why I am here.
To give another battle to the ones who destroy the creation.
With humility I fall to my knees and pray for forgiveness.
But the immortal souls of the dead give rise to a demon.
That demon and his army of undead warriors prepare for reprisal.
And they will beat us with our own weapons.
Which means harm cruelty and death.
But we shall not cry we deserve to be punished.
And I will die with a smile on my face

3. Killing The Time With Haemoglobin

So sad of being here.
So glad of being free.
Not dazzled of your temptations.
The aim to live truly free is the first step forward.
In not giving in your pathetic life.
Carve your self-made cool guy mask and wear it whenever you can.
You are so overwhelming.
You are my hero.
You can change your style again and again it doesn't matter.
Never ever asking why.
Never ever live a lie.
Just to be seen in your scene
Every conversation you take and every smile you smile.
I'm so tired but…
(you will do it to it's bitter end it doesn't matter).
Oh no it's just the everyman's behaviour.
But oh my dear and beautiful god I recognise that I'm guilty of this too.
To bring me a relief is my belief.
So I will take the consequence and metamorph into a demon.
Shall I kill the time…
I never want to but I will kill and I will drink my victims' blood.
And I will squeeze it out of their bodies.
The vampire takes control.
Haemoglobin is the drug and I will kill…

4. Spring Awoken

Whether you are ever going to feel this warmth again which makes us human.
Create this bright new world.
Cure the cancer of progress with even more progress.
It is the necessary evil.
Half aslept you agree but the money makes you tired.
And in your dream the money adorns your cold driven heart.
But it is not your fault.
And the next spring will never awake.
But it is not your fault.
Sleep well…

5. The More Money They Get, The Colder Their Hearts

The more money they get the colder their hearts.
To love has become a phrase.
Warmth doesn't exist.
Instead of holding him tight they would rather watch him fall.
But he knows and sometimes he weeps quietly his heart breaks and breaks.
His fire seems to be extinct.
That is how they want him to be (but what have you achieved).
One day he drove his car into the crash barrier and he had luck it was winter.
And the cold didn't make him realise that his legs were severed.
The snow absorbed his blood.
The martyrdom has been accomplished…

6. Menschanhand

Wie lange noch willst du nicht richten und unser blut nicht rächen an den bewohnern der erde.
Und es wurde ihnen gesagt sie sollten noch kurze zeit sich gedulden bis die zahl ihrer brüder und ihrer mitknechte vollendet sei die noch getötet werden sollten gleich wie sie...von Menschenhand.
Eine andere stimme hörte ich vom himmel her rufen: gehet weg von ihr damit ihr nicht ihrer sünden teilhaftig werdet und an ihren plagen nicht anteil habt.
Denn ihre sünden stiegen auf bis zum himmel und man gedachte ihrer frevel.
Vergeltet ihr was sie euch angetan hat.
Doppelt zahlet ihr heim nach ihren werken.
Zweifach füllet den becher den die gefüllt hat.
Wie stolz sie prunkte und in üppigkeit schwelgte soviel gebet ihr pein und leid.
Darum sollen an einem tage ihre plagen kommen.
Tod und jammer und hunger.
Vom feuer soll sie verzehrt werden denn stark ist der der sie richtet.
Das blut seiner diener an ihr hat er gerächt und sie riefen halleluja.
Der rauch von ihr steigt auf von ewigkeit zu ewigkeit.

7. This Winter Day's Magic

This winter day's magic seems not to be noticed by me again…
Tired and uninspired.
Oh yes the song I listen to says so much.
But is it really my fault should I be more open-hearted.
Should I completely change myself to start being loved by people I don't love.
Or should I always smile and start talking to those people.
But I hate those conversations those I hope they soon run dry.
And the circle seems to close itself.
Apathy spreads it's wings.
This winter day's magic seems not to be noticed by me again…
So I wait for your call because I need you there.
But the phone doesn't ring.
Depression embrace my soul.
Frustration tears my heart again and again…

8. Lebe Wohl

Auch die schönste fassade bekommt einmal risse und es kommt der hässliche untergrund langsam zum vorschein.
Jetzt habe ich lange genug geschwiegen lass meine augen abschied sagen denn es wird langsam unerträglich es beginnt das begräbnis meines alten selbst.
Ist es nicht irgendwie furchtbar peinlich sich so zu verhalten tausend austauschbare gesichter bei jedem anlass ganz weit vorn dabei.
Doch wie willst du freundschaft jemals intensiv erleben wenn man dir das gar nicht zutraut.
Wie soll man dir gegenüber stehen wenn man nicht weiß wer du gerade bist.
Es tut mir leid dass es nun an mir liegt doch ich kann nicht mehr länger warten.
Denn solch geheuchelte sympathie kann zu keinem ergebnis führen.
Es ist meine aufgabe nun das zu tun woran viele andere denken.
Ich werde die abrissglocke sein deine lächerliche rissige fassade stürzt ein.
Denn wenn man wie du mit messern um sich wirft und auch noch jedem eines gibt darf man sich nachher nicht beschweren wenn man auch verletzt wird.
Du kannst getrost die augen schließen ich weiß genau dass du mich jetzt siehst.
Denn es wird die sonne untergehen.
Die welt sie wird in flammen stehen.
Antipathie ist als einziges noch übrig.
Ich kann und will dich jetzt auch nicht mehr sehen...
Lebe wohl...

9. Prealudium

10. Love, I Think I Had Never Felt It Before, So I Cannot Say That I Have Felt It This Time, But You Were My Everything

Don't forget to kiss me before your train is going to leave this town.
I wish I had said it but I didn't.
And so you left this town and this beauty in the air was washed away.
My tearing heart remained.
Now cut it's arteries it shall bleed.
Let me die in your arms.
I loved you so much.
I had never felt I before so I cannot say that I have felt it this time but you were my everything.
The alienation became the bullet and the hatred became the pistol now pull the trigger and let me die in your arms.
You were my everything…..

11. ... For The New Prophets

The new prophets have arrived.
Let this be the battle cry for all these unlawful crowned heads.
They masquerade themselves as the bringers of freedom.
But shall we sell our souls to an institution in which freedom doesn't exist.
Then we will become truly victims of an ideology that keeps it's fellows small-minded.
They poison the innocence of our hearts by killing all of our dreams.
Let's stop carrying the crosses which they impose on us and which are the pillars of their heretical belief.
This artificial building will collapse and they will be buried.
The death of their thoughts is the birth of an overwhelming beauty that leads us through the darkest days.
And soon our lungs will breathe in the total freedom again.
"sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vrajo".
The new prophets have arrived they will enter the throne.
They are godlike now fall to their knees.
(and they will choose your fate).
The new prophets have arrived…


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