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When Your Soul Is the Sickness

"When Your Soul Is the Sickness" (2000)

1. Carnival of Fetuses
2. Grandchild of The Ovenmaster
3. Hymns of The Unholy
4. A.F.
5. Covered In Fly Puke
6. Eulogy
7. Roadkill
8. Into Mourning
9. Mortuary

1. Carnival of Fetuses

Nine months in captivity.
Came out of the womb, fell on the floor.
Cat cut my umbilical cord, covered in goo,
In this life my bearers breath smells like glue.

Sick of waitng, people staring,
Social sodomy on display.
A carnival of blood-stained envy,
Hate strung lies and open graves.

Open my eyes to a big surprize,
To a house of a pigsty.
Garbage on the floor, needles in the couch,
Broken glass and blood dripping everywhere.

My daddy walks in, he's pissed as usual.
Sits his fat ass down on the couch.
Shoves the needle in his arm [ it's all about you ]
And grabs a bottle and smashes it over my mommys head.
She falls to the floor [ you fucking cunt we're through ]
I can't take this anymore. This can't go on.

What is this hell I was brought into?

My son.
I Gave life, but I don't really know you.
So much pain, just take it away.

Just like life the blood it drains and I am to be denied.

Hearts are bleeding children screaming;
An orgasm of constant rage.
Pointed fingers in blackened mirrors.
I Never I asked for what I gave.

He punts me outside,
Throws me in the car, says I don't belong,
Takes me to the city dump, throws me out,
Stomps on my head one last time for good measure
So he can go on, and laughs as he rides away.

Nine months and a day.
Waste of time waste of my life.
If this is what I am destined to,
I shall not exsist at all.
Roll around in the garbage ,
Barbwire, broken glass till my flesh is one big scar.

Just like life the blood drains, and I am nevermore.

2. Grandchild of The Ovenmaster

I Hear jews screaming in agony.
I Follow orders.
Master to the flame.

One man with a different vision,
out to save the superior race.
Blood streaming through the rivers of the nations,
Blinding colors blanketing the sky
With a brightening dispostion of death.

Propaganda spreading like brushfire.
Lies out of every mouth
With newspapers filled with deceit.
One accent will spread and destroy all.

Gasses flow. Rockets flare.
Faces melt. In the fire.
A million bullets. Burn.
Completely wiped out. Rot.
Scarred forever. Decay.
No regrets. Put to death.
Landfilled dreams. Hatred.
Lest we forget. Never.

Grandchild of the ovenmaster.
Smiles with delight at the creamtion.
100 Degrees of pure pleasure.
Wipe out the races for the cause.

Smiles of evil, pleasure, rotting flesh
Lungs burst with flame.
Screaming, clawing, no way out
Unite all or die.

Grandchild of the ovenmaster.
Wipe out the masses, the desecretion.

Tonnes of steel an ominnous presence,
Destroying all it can see.
It doesn't matter, it doesn't care,
It only lives to kill.

Grandchild sitting on his throne,
In a field of bones.
Proof of blindness and the measures of war,
Control the population because we have to.

Torture of the mind. Killing of the human spirit.
Breeding childern of hate.
Thriving on killing sprees,
So we can also have jobs of military rage.

3. Hymns of The Unholy

Watch the priest
Walk down the aisle of death
With his little fucking followers
Watching to the very end of his final command.
Their salvation will lie
As they fall upon themselves
And the dog will die.

Bleeding you cum.
To the black cross.
Fury released.
Watching christ die.

Watch the virgin in white.
Blessed be the little fucking whore.
I Want to fuck her up the ass
Till she bleeds in my mouth.
Look at the little bitch cry
Like she never had it before
With the cross up her cunt.

Church lies in ruin.
Coruption ends.
Children of god.
Fall unto sin.

Beelzebub arise.

Watch the priest
As he takes the altarboy in the back.
Angels fly by like stupid pieces of shit,
Telling all to read the fucking book of god,
All it is a lie.

Blasphemic praise.
The whores on her knees.
When your fucked hard.
Jesus you scream.

Watch the priest
As he takes all your hard earned cash,
So he can build his fucking house of the damned.
Millions of fucked gods to control feeble minds.
Fucked like sheep.
God will die.

4. A.F.

Forever setting sun.
I Welcome the awakening cold.
To become one with the earth again.
This infertile dream now ends.
As the moon a new beginning.
Eternal...and alone.

I Went for a walk late last night
In the midst of the fridgid evening
To clear the cobwebs out of my head.
My mind totally exausted from thought.

I Wander aimlessly through nowhere,
Yelling in anguish at the fucking air.
A pugnent stench surrounds my body.
I Fall down in the snow ptomaine begins.
Blood flowing out of my wrists onto
The angel white snow.

Dark juggernauts go through my mind.
How could I be so wrong?
How could I sacrifice my mortality to the beast?
Darkness setting in, I'm lost.
Lost in time, lost my mind.

I get up wandering aimlessly,
End up back at her place, time for the final talk,
It has to be done or my day should've never begun.
I Tell her I love her, but it never sunk in.

I Would do anything for you,
This is the final chapter and the end.
We talk and talk, blood gushing.
My brain can't handle it anymore,
The time has come where something has to be done.

It will end the way I envisioned it.

I go in the kitchen,
Pull out the biggest slicer of them all,
The one that will end it all,
As I am slicing our jugulars.

We will be together as one.

5. Covered In Fly Puke

Flies all over me. I Begin to scream.
Secrete silently. I'M coverd in fly puke.

Eyes opened up wide. Squirming inside.
Body petrified. I'M covered in fly puke.

You're rotting in your grave.
Straining, still you can not move.
Tortured by the lives outside of you.
You're covered.

Fly puke.

6. Eulogy

Stanleys' carcass rots in silence,
Eulogized in ultraviolence,
An attack of the heart with brutalitiy in the mind,
A soul within his own private domain.

Now your just a clockwork corpse,
The shininng of a snow blind king
Could'nt await the darking,
Till death do him apart, with the final cut.

Veer to the left, writhing in pain.
Numb with eccentricity,
Voices finally made to stop.
Peircing through my frozen mind,
Land left so far behind.
In the fridged water, we all die.

Stan was the man
Who envisioned oddessy to ectasy
Hidden in my man- made world.
You can't escape it.
Making people see life,
The way we make it.

Making people think that
Everything around him is insane.
No cure for insanity from war to technolgy,
The struggle to survive,
To make it in this imperfect world.

Portrayed onto the big screen,
Mortality's little indescenities.
From sex to violence all the little mind games.
To die in this imperfect world.

Hidden in my man-made world.
You can't escape it.
Making people see life,
The way we make it.

I Stayed away, crushed by my own morality.
I Will rest now for eternitiy.

7. Roadkill

An animal of not human descent,
Lying in the middle of the road,
Struck down in a very vulgar way.
Lying there, awaiting a slow agonizing death.

We drive by it. It really catches our eye.
We love animal flesh especially, when it's warm.

A good fuck and then good eating,
No need for the creature to go to waste.
A good fuck and then good eating.
What else could a person ask for?
A good fuck and then good eating.
It's a finger fucking treat.

I go in from behind and drive it in,
Sink my teeth in at the same time
And tear a nice big chunk of flesh,
Where I chew and fuck, chew and fuck.
You have to do it just right or you just might choke.

A good fuck and then good eating.
What else could a person ask for?
A good fuck and then good eating.
It's a finger fucking treat.

8. Into Mourning

I Wake one morning. To dismal darkness.
It was kind of odd, it was about noon.
I go outside, and I can't feel
The sun anymore today.

The mourning has come.
Salt stings my eyes.
Drawn to the sun.
If only you knew...

It was if an ecumenical eclipse occured in my sleep,
Or if I was dead.

I Go back in, turn on the news
And everything seemed to be the norm,
But I turn and look and see my body lying there dead.

I Have died.

I Fell down and started to weep in my hands.
Tears of black soiled the floor into a pool.

I Go back out with a horrified look on my face,
I am so confused. I Wonder if
My spirit should wander out into the plains of black
To see if I can find an answer to death.

I Set forth through the black earth
To the point of no return.

The mourning has come.
Salt stings my eyes.
Drawn to the sun.
If only you knew...

I Come to a gate where I break down the door,
Where, evil a lies. Lust.
I Will cause the dead to rise.
I Will cause the dead to a rise and devour the living
And outnumber the mortals.

9. Mortuary

There are children here praying for death,
Watching the forest fall to their mothers unfed jaws,
And death alone from death can save
And so the young ones excitedly beckon and call.

Life is the great indulgence death the great temprance.
This is the rotting hell
Where we squander the rest of our tormented lives
But there is no spirutal playground
Where the lambs of god can bleed.

Humanity says we should love one another
But should I love somebody that steals, kills, or even lies?
That vulagar degenerate will die by my bare hands.
Can the torn and bloody victim love the splashed jaws
That tore him limb to limb?

Eyes sealed over, the prophets lie silent,
The distant church hears them not,
And the cage of bone is slammed and bolted,
Its white crystal jowels yawn, at the dying sun.

Humanity says we should love all our mortal lives,
But is it not lust and carnal desire?
Time for a good fuck whenever we want.
Is that what they not call love,
In this day and age of cheating and abuse?

Succumb to wolves,
Indulge your pain, it's now begun.
The curtains falling.
Consumed by rage.
Broken within.
You all come to die in the mortuary.

Mortuary, sweet fucking mortuary.


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