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...let them suffer

"...let them suffer" (2004)

1. Draining Grace
2. The Way to Armageddon
3. Hymns of Deception
4. Dichotomy
5. Amends
6. Vampurity
7. Perfection and Uncertainty
8. Blood of the Enemy
9. Draining Grace (Acoustic Female Version)

1. Draining Grace

It's been a long day.
Don't push me.
Leave me alone.

I took the cold knife from her lovely
Hands and pierced her heart.
Wounds of disdain slowly deepen
With mechanical rage.

She fell backwards smashing her head
Still quivering as she choked on her last breath.
A pain shot through my body
As I knelt down.

Looking at her beautiful red body
My hands begin to shake,
As Grace lie there draining before me.
I carry her lifeless shell to the backyard.
Start digging the hole.
Six feet under is the way it has to be.
I glance through the window
At the children staring coldly at me.

I shoved her in the ground.
Covered the hole with my mind,
Leveling back to sanity.

As I walk I look, all I see is the
Freshly turned dirt of the past. I run inside,
Chase the kids up the stairwell.
Grab the boy who shrieking hysterically.
My conscience tossing and turning.
"Maybe the stairs."
Throw him over the 20 ft staircase.
I listen to the thud and the vertebrae crack.

The boy looks up at his dad.
The man I will never be burns inside of me.
The girl runs down the stairs
I follow all I hear is "Why daddy why? Why daddy why?"

Can't explain what caused me to do this.

My large hands wrapped around her tiny neck
Her big blue eyes searching for explanation
But she's too young to understand.

Sitting, hands over my face guilt running through my veins.
It's been a long day.

I carry the lifeless bodies of my children.
They feel like dead weight here on my soul.

I dig like a madman.
Just want to get this
Over with and get the peace,
Get the peace I've long desired.
Reality setting in.
It's been a mind numbing day.
Nightmares of Grace
Draining before me, shrieks and sobbing
"Why daddy why?"
Go through my brain.

Sitting in my rocking chair,
Glance through the window, was it worth it?
Turn on the phonograph forever playing
The ungodly tune of remorse.

Every day they grow colder and I grow older,
I am alone

2. The Way to Armageddon

Since the beginning of time,
We've been warring for the divine.
That's the way we are.
Human mentality dictates that we should
Kill each other off.
Fighting for the stupidest of reasons-
Oil, religion, power.

Like a disease.
We'll keep spreading.
The end is near.
Complete bio failure.
Our grim future.

People breeding like lice and parasites.
Choking the earth.
Nature's immune system has started to kick in.
Humans are the virus.
New diseases are germinating,
They will wipe us out.

Like a disease.
We'll keep spreading.
The end is near.
Complete bio failure.
Our grim future.

Governments are way to powerful
Controlling us like little puppies.
Thinking that we can't think for ourselves
Yet they continue to lie, steal, and cheat.
Then claim they're always broke
With their taxes and corruption.
That's putting the drain on human life,
And bleeding us dry.

Amassed inside, internal bleeding.
Fortified, tubes for breathing.
Comatose, combative measure.
Overdose, for our pleasure.
Computerize, we're in the making.
Single cells, ripe for raping.
Intoxicants, inhale the species.
Now we're gone, it was way too easy.

Poison the earth and no one cares.
Pave the way to armageddon.
With toxic waste, contaminate.
Self destruct, dig your own grave.

Blood and stone, the seeds.
Empires continue to rise and fall.
We cycle on and on.

Amassed inside, internal bleeding.
Fortified, tubes for breathing.
Comatose, combative measure.
Overdose, for our pleasure.
Computerize, we're in the making.
Single cells, ripe for raping.
Intoxicants, inhale the species.
Now we're gone, it was way too easy.

No matter what we do
We will never be forgiven.
Time will always keep going
Even if we don't.

3. Hymns of Deception

Torn between vows of the laws they uphold
And the distant cries of the children theyíve ruined.
Keep telling yourself itís alright, youíll believe.
After all, your god cleanses sins, doesnít he?

Bless me heal me make me feel divine.
I feel the wrath of my sins
With every dried bread I eat, what a lie.

Family divine falls into line.
Dressed in their sunday bliss.
Play the part, show the world,
Only what you want them to see.

Tie me down to that fucking cross.
Crucify our sins with flesh, unholy blood.
Pour from the goblet like a cultic ceremony.
Let it wash our sins away

The earth our hell itís all I live for.
This existence of molecules is all there is.
The evolution of death brings me closer
To the ground with a bang of truth.

Biggest propaganda machine spreading over
The world like a fucking disease.
Forced upon the simplest of men.
Forget the thousands of years that past.

Clouds darken, angels harken,
Baby jesus cries his eyes out.

We must stop and fight together
To rid ourselves of these false prophets.
Take your judgements and your beliefs,
And just let us die alone.

Scream. The power. Feel no guilt.
Tell them gods lips roll from your tongue.
Theyíll give out their mind as they give out their hand.
Send in the wolves to look after the lamb.
Bending, pleading cry out in vein.
Heal the sick, over and over again.

The almighty is waiting for us to replenish
Our souls up in heaven. If thatís the case
I never want to die.

Twisted and demented feeding the fools hand
Seeding and breeding as youíre forced to doubt your soul
And when youíre brainwashed all your life and
You're trying to please everyone else, think for yourself.
What about you, do what you want and it will come true.
Fuck this society and its needs
Do what you want and you will be free.

Wake me from this dream as I lie in here by the stream
Children being raped and torn have we not been forewarned?
Lies money being reborn marriages and holy wars
Go hand in hand leave me be on this damn forsaken land.

Hail conception, blessed compulsion, forgotten prophecy.
Turned around by your own convictions
There's no one to blame but me.

Love and kindness.
Faithless souls, so advanced.
Deaf and blindness.
Lay safely to rest.
Where were you god when they counted on thee?
Your children screaming in pain.
Have you forgotten them so easily,
Or do you not even care?
When you want them all to believe,
Then you turn and just walk away.
Can you blame any of them,
When itís all they can take?

Never again.
Lies unraveled only by few.
I refuse to be pawned in your game.
Go fuck someone else, Iíve heard it before.
And youíll never force me to change.

4. Dichotomy

Lets get this torment started the death of pagans
Is what we need they shall not accomplish any amnesty
Through the fire in the night you will get a fright.
We can see you in the trees prepare to kneel on your knees
And bow to your new savior and change your behavior
In the end you will worship god

We will hunt down rape your women and your children
Burn your village to just because we have the right to
We will send you to purgatory.

It's not our way.
It's not our church.
We will not turn.

He died for you and you will see the light.
Canít you see your minds are not free?
We are your new faith and here to stay.

Herd them down to the square weíll make it a big fair
A huge celebration of god by the dawn
Tie them up to the stake where theyíll meet their new fate.
They will worship thee on the cross.
Burn witch burn.

Hide. Children lie in fear.
They know not who we are.
The suspended sword of christ - descending.

Get down on your knees no more blasphemy
You will read the book, the holy bible.
No more witchcraft no more full moon no more
Sacrifice - jesus christ.
Burn witch burn.

Now that we have won this fight you have no rights
You will go to church every sunday
Your salvation lies with our god.
You need something to believe.

Hands they gouge me, flames enshroud me.
I will never die within.

Blood. Soiled hands of hate,
Feed the mouths of kin
Deliver to your lord - unveiling.
Rise twisted little minds
See past the weak and blind.
They fall undignified - repenting.

Now you have found him.
Live the lies enhance the hate of god.
Falling down you realize you begin again.

5. Amends

Iíve seen blue beaches, holy crosses and shrines
And the Hollywood sign as is lit up the night.
But paradise fades with the inching of time
When the better half of me canít make up its mind.
Red wine Ďtill dawn as we slept through the day.
I could feel the poison set as it coursed through my veins.
The harder Iím pushed, the harder I fall.
The actions of one, left blame with them all.

Gradually walk down the charter steps.
Cold and miserable here feels like I left
A piece of my aorta back in the utopia
I just left a few hours ago.

My mind froze like I am forgetting something.
It does not matter as I am strangely at peace,
For I have made amends.

I made up with my lovely, beautiful, bitchy, caring, fucking wife
Back to the norm releasing memories
Of the last two weeks of enjoyment
Being away from this shithole.

Love me.
Lying at home mind racing through zones of love and hate.
Knock on the door interrupting my realizations of my mental desires.
Sister ragging on me typical female it never stops.
Never ends blah blah itís time to make some more amends.

It's getting lonely in here. This empty room.
I need some comfort. Iíve got to get out.

On the town dinner and dancing the night away.
We had the best time of our lives, she disappeared.
What really happened? I guess we made amends.

Flashes of violence, the horrible dreams
I can tell that something is not right.
I go to my doctor but she can't help me,
Insisting the need to come clean.
I feel so fucked up, but I can't tell her.

In the hospital strait jacket and all, fuck this shit.
I am more normal that these freaks my mental health is just dandy.
Leave me alone.

Enough of the needles, enough of the blue pills,
Enough of the endless staring between us.
Enough of the screams and enough of these walls.
One careless moment - I'm gone.

I gave my doctor her certificate of amendication.
Iím free again.

Maybe one day I'll find true love and contempt of my mind.
So our hearts can be together as one.
And I'll get one more chance
To show my love will last forever.

Things are going to be normal for a while.

6. Vampurity

As a human I stoodÖ before god and graced him my sword and life.
My blood fell in his name and word.
I learned to destroy without any hesitation, regret.
Left on my own, re-grown, now god bows to me.

Vlad Dracul seizing his throne,
To up-keep his moral code.
Threats from all sides donít seem to faze him,
Just as long as he tortures and impales them.
Slow and painful the way it should be,
So the victim wonít die of shock.
A horse attached to each of the victims legs,
A sharpened pole is oiled and slid through the ass
And out through the mouth - Impaled.

In times like these there will be no crime.
20,000 corpses lining the city walls.
20,000 examples should be enough.
You will be 20,001.
Men, women, and children will all be the same.
Cross the line, you will forfeit your life.

He placed a golden cup in the square.
Take a drink from it, but leave it there.
Cheat on your husband, heíll cut off your tits.
Impale you through the cunt an up through your mouth.
Almost utopia or just plain Hell.
Donít fuck with anything or Vlad will get you.

Nothing too cruel, skinned or boiled alive.
Was it the crime, or personal perversion?
He kept his people free, maybe a little atrocity.
Get down on your knees.
Either you love him or you hate him.
He is the judge and jury.

At the royal banquet with sick and old,
The beggars, they would give him a toast.
When he asked ďWould you like to be without cares,
Lacking nothing in this world?Ē
They said yes. Burn them.

Nobody made it out alive.
This was the end of their problems and pride.
I did this so no one will be poor in my realm.
A promise is a promise.

Iíve been locked in the psych-ward with nothing to do.
Impaling small birds and rats, releasing the sweetest
Of memories in my uneasy mind.

I lived before the earthís conception,
Breathed before the world began.
Iíll live beyond the echoes of humans,
Squirming to death by my own hand.
I am Vlad.
I will impale you and kill you all.
Am I fair or a monster?
Iím just trying to do the best for all mankind.
Let me do my own thing.

I will set you free,
For I am the son of the Devil.
Legends give birth to a new god.

7. Perfection and Uncertainty

Taste the tears, I tried so hard
This can't be real, it's a grand illusion.
Taste the fear uncertainty brings
In your fucked-up life there is no solution.

Here I sit alone again bound by name tied to myself.
Thoughts droning my conscious decay what to do.
Which way to die.
My life a repetitive wheel spinning out of control to no avail.
Nothing to look forward to, not a bright spot in sight.
Whatís the use whatís the matter when will my mind decease?

Lost in society gone to the world nobody will care
I envision my rotting corpse laying there it makes me smile.
It will have to happen, happen anyway. Canít find love.
Stuck at a dead end job. Nothing goes right no matter how I try.
Cast out my self contained cell.

The stage is set, rehearsed now taste the blood.
The music stirs, murmurs fade to lights.
Act one, first scene begins our plot
As the heroine rips my soul apart.

Here I sit again thinking to myself, thinking what a loser I am.
Listening to all her thoughts, all her vicious lies.
Deceit, love, betrayal.
All I want to do is end my fucking life
And put the past behind me forever.
So many ways to die which one shall I choose?
Pills, they take too long. Tried to hang myself,
Canít tie the fucking rope, knife is way too messy.

Taste the tears, I tried so hard
This can't be real, it's a grand illusion.
Taste the fear uncertainty brings
In your fucked-up life there is no solution.

Put the cold steel into my mouth oh god it feels so damn good
Ready to pull the trigger what is that sound
What an inconvenient time for the fucking phone to ring
What should I do answer the phone all I want to do is die.
All alone here on my knees praying it's her
Look at the caller id and Iím ready to die.

Feelings pushed aside the show goes on.
I've played this part so many times before.
Nothing ever matters and nothing will.
In the final scene fate removes her veil.

Tied to myself. Why must everything always go wrong?
Brought me to my knees.
Now this performance has come to an end. Do they love or hate this play?
How can I tell through all of this noise?

My mind races through the air or is it acknowledgement. Darkness I see.
I donít know.

8. Blood of the Enemy

I stagger and fall in the alley bleeding profusely,
Spattering everywhere. The war I just fought
Has left me mutilated, gaping wounds
I can't get this hated blood off me.
Peeled back flesh this putrid aroma besets me.
Choking on blood stained vomit.

Cornered and stricken, I fought with the violence
And hatred bred into men.
Blinded by anger, numb without fear
Let the enemy come.

Lungs feel like there going to explode.
Breathing fire. This violent struggle
Has left me disarrayed and forgotten.

Painful images flaring across my mind
Where are they? Where am I?
I am left here dying all alone. Feel my pain.
Why did no one help me kill this enemy?
Why? Why? Is this world really out to get me?
Leave me be.

Suffer in silence, I can't explain why
We chose to fight.
The wounds I've sustained, ignore all the pain
But I can't be alright.

Wrists feel like they were split wide open
Like the scars all over my chest.
Razor blades scattered all over the ground
And I am the only one here.

I have lost this battle must embrace death.
Who ever did this to me
Is really going to pay with their life.
Loss of blood really starting to get to me
Getting dizzy.
I can't believe it will end this way.
The light is starting to fade,
Mental pictures of my life going by, an ugly sight.

Now I lay reflecting on how I've defeated
Mankind's worst enemy.

9. Draining Grace (Acoustic Female Version)


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