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"Sedition" (2005)

1. Spare None
2. Swathed in Impurity
3. The Road to Babalon
4. Descent into Eminence
5. Villainy Endures
6. Sedition
7. Violence and Uncleanliness
8. Sin (Amongst the Kings)
9. Master of the Strumpets

1. Spare None

Unfetter revolt and wrath
Smother all pure in black
Let none be spared from my virulence

Cradle the deity within
In the embrace of sin
Smitten with deeds of deviance

Succumb to this carnal force
Perversion and intercourse
Lechery and lust ever enduring

Curse every blessed name
Drench their lives in flame
Flaccid fallacies reduced to ruin

Wipe its embers from my eyes so that I may see
Smash the feeble fetters that confine me
Drown every righteous man in misery
With the ten thousand tears that consecrate my victory

Men of grace reach out to bind me
No chains are strong enough to hold
I shall fend off the barbs of a thousand blows
Unconquerable rebellious and bold
My sprit remains intrepid
And shall never bow its head
I spit upon these sullen servants
Let them taste my ire instead

Unfetter revolt and wrath
Smother all pure in black
Let none be spared from my virulence

Cradle the deity within
In the embrace of sin
Smitten by deeds of deviance

Succumb to this carnal force
Slit the throats of these frauds
Give no quarter to anyone

No innocence

No purity

No mercy

Spare none

2. Swathed in Impurity

Annihilate! - Every cretin and creed that obstructs my path to wisdom
The path of fire that few have dared tread before me
Awaken within you pride and wrath - vengeance
Upon the compassionate let Cain's bludgeon reign supreme

Garden of innocence wither and perish, littered with the fallen
Pious victims of their own despair
The children of god, poisoned and lost suffering amongst the wreckage
Of Eden

For I dwell in paradise
Cast in flesh and bone
All righteousness kneels beneath me
Impurity enthroned

3. The Road to Babalon

Arise amongst brimstone and pandemonium
The time has come to awaken and reclaim our dominion
Vines and serpents shall bind the hands of the enfeebled
Wipe the lands of all trace of the deceitful
Entice the innocent with lustful allure
Sire the fornicatress in the pure
And mentor sinful deeds in the adolescent
Vengeance upon the idols of acquiescence
Cultivate every single suppressed desire
Let every action exalt the deity in fire

The time has come for rebellion and reprobation
Abandon yourself to hedonism and fornication
Dive head long into the perverse ideal
Separate its vision from the surreal
Initiate them into the kingdom of ecstasy
Fill their loins with victory
And harvest the fruits of their sexual exertion
See the nubile schooled in perversion
Let them forget the Eden that they have come from
And walk the road that leads to Babalon

4. Descent into Eminence

Raise the texts of morality
Where the loathsome and vacuous nest
Shower its delusions with misery
Smear its every inhibition with filth
Hearts once open now blackened
Fists where hands were once outstretched
Have no mercy for the wretched
Tread the path of eminence

Drunk from the cistern of mediocrity
Content to be blindly led
Butcher these thralls that obstruct me
In my descent into eminence

Victory or defeat lies in our hands alone
True salvation lies within
Uphold this birthright with an iron fist
Compassion is the vice of kings
Bask in pride and infamy
Welter in the pleasures of the flesh
For sin pathed the road to paradise
That descends into eminence

Warped by the path of perversity
I see everything in shades of black and red
Flames burn away all impurities
For the descent into eminence

5. Villainy Endures

Prophets priests, apostles, men fated to fall
Crusaders against decadence capitulate and crawl
Seething in their skin, shackled to the yoke
Falter in their faith, despondent and alone

Villainy endures and corrupts them all
Tempts them from fidelity to the teats of whores
Enslaved by the perversions that were once scorned

Villainy endures and masters these thralls
Brings them to their knees and puts them to the sword
Villainy, virility, the antagonist eternally endures

6. Sedition

I will defy convention
Uplift the instruments of sin
Surmount the walls enshrining piety
Defile the supple flesh within
Overturn the altars of morality
Let the defloration begin
Cast the chaste unto harlotry
Anoint their loins with venom

Your Kingdom crumbles effortlessly
Your deities fall to their knees before me

7. Violence and Uncleanliness

Swallow the darkest of poisons
Distilled from dirt and silt
Inebriated by uncleanleness
Violence stirs in this filth
Eclipse the sun, yield to none
Smother the heavens
And taint the light of its stars
The road of excess
Leads to the palace of wisdom

Intoxicated grandeur
Uninhibited, dirty and enraged
Savour its bitterness
Fuel another virulent tirade
Forge on forever
Ironclad future hewn of hate
Vicious and cruel
I am violence incarnate

8. Sin (Amongst the Kings)

Cold heart of Judas beats within my flesh
Blood of demons flows through my flesh
Blacken my heart and sear my skin
Submit in ecstasy to the feeling
Revered, invincible I have become
I taste your weakness upon my tongue
Spat back in your face as serpents poison
Laugh as you wither and die like vermin

Run amok in the garden of purity
Defile all that is beheld on high
Fornicate with the sirens of chastity
Smash open the gates that confine
Partake of the fruits of perversity
Tinder for the flame inside
Embrace the accolades of entropy
Grasp its demonic horns and ride

Drawn into the web of iniquity
Young minds polluted with ecstasy
Take their place upon the throne of perversity
Amongst the kings for eternity


9. Master of the Strumpets

Void of benevolent feeling, frigid cold inside
I have travelled to and beyond my limits to understand why
It thrust me into suffering, sadness, swathes me in black and woe
And raised me above the festering human vermin that seethe below
I have gained immeasurable might since the days when I walked at their side
I have stared into one thousand eyes and seen the devil inside
And touched the demon dwelling in every man, woman and child
I know that this is where my destiny lies


When all that is sacred is expunged
And all supernal lies profaned
When I stand amongst their ruins
As carnality runs rampant in their domain

As strong and proud as a lion
And clever as a fox
As ungraspable as water
Defiant and amoral

Smiting those who falter
Impassive as they fall
Their tears are only water
No pity for them all

In My black and cold ventricles
Where divinity is found
In the taste of vengeance and
In the arms of strumpets


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