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Darkness Ablaze

"Darkness Ablaze" (2007)

1. Lonely I March
2. Dance Of Fire
3. Black Rainbow
4. Ascending From Ashes Part I
5. Ascending From Ashes Part II
6. The Demon Prevails
7. Once Called For Redemption

1. Lonely I March

Lonely in the desert I run
Through the endless fields
Of rotten life
Nothing else except of the remains
Of death, stone and dust
Pass my perception

My only comrades are
My still pulsing heart
And my immortal soul
In this eternal solitude
They are the only ones
Who are able to listen

Oh why am I the only one left
Who is forced to march forever
Through these endless fields
Of death and decay
Without any sense
And without any aim

How could it come so far?
Why must self- destruction
Be a part of human nature?
Now look what your
Worthless kind has done

Dead bodies everywhere
Broken bones and dried blood
I can’t forget the screams
So painful, full of grief
As the eternal fire came
To execute humanity

Dead trees everywhere
Broken branches and black bark
I can’t forget the scaring picture
When the leaves tried to flee
As they saw and heard
The eternal fire coming


2. Dance Of Fire

Obey in darkness
Praise the fairness
Get betrayed by your own senses
Never known it
Never required it
But now it is your final fate

Deal with reclusion
Banish the silence
Why it has to disturb you
All your gladness
Bursts in shadows
After your absence of pain

See the enlightenment
See the terror
Of this blazing death of night
After your acclimatization
All you have is demise and fright

Dance of fire – Cold and bright
Embrace of flares – final and quiet
Incineration – Cold and quiet
Combustion – Final and bright

Deeper, deeper on your heels
Biting, gnawing on your bones
Creeps the redemption
Of your carcass of your throne

Calm down
Fall down
To a pain you never abide
For a moment which lasts an aeon
For a moment clear of might

All your power
All your glory
Returns into my own light
For my vengeance
Is your decline
In an agonizing fight

What returns to smut and dust?
What consists till kingdom come?
Will you be dead throughout decades?
Will you ascend to the firmament?

All you get is a lonely regret
From billows of smoke
And an oak altar set
No one shall ask
No one shall know
Who takes the last signs of life
To sparkling shores

3. Black Rainbow

I take a look in the mirror
On this life I have to bear
Standing in a lake of tears that I cried
Looking at my broken self

My mind doesn’t know silence
They took away the calm
Thousands of voices in my head
Screaming my faults

This life is… perverted
Love… a stillbirth in my life

The mirror shows me pictures
Of my rotten world
Where the sun creates black rainbows
And the clouds spit deadly drops

The mirror shows me people
Just illusions of my sickness
Prisoners of contentment
Owning what I will never have

This life is… perverted
Love… a still birth in my life

A face appears in the mirror
So beautiful, so warm
But even this beauty
The black rainbow crowns

My heart fills with sorrow
‘cause I desire what I can’t have
My soul is gradually dying
‘cause the rescue is inaccessible

My heart fills with anger
I hate this fucking place
No more black rainbows
Shall punish my brain

This life is… perverted
Love... A stillbirth in my life

I’m down on my knees again
The tool of freedom in my hand
Surrounded by the fragments
Of my life

4. Ascending From Ashes Part I

5. Ascending From Ashes Part II

So all turned into fire
A weeping fate, the tears of the sun
On the field of honour I gaze at the stars
Everything is gone, everything is lost
Mankind, an extermination of itself

Here I stand in the raging massacre
The crying sky above me
Will I prevail? Will I survive?
Prying to myself, just a vision
Suddenly I see him, and time freezes
His movement, his charisma
Like a mirage of mine

An absurd instinct makes me
Makes me feel a sick affection
He turned to me
Our eyes meet each other
World stops turning for a moment
My fate is sealed to his
And his to mine

In a state of ecstasy I touch his skin
Our bodies melted
Our souls illuminate the whole
The heartbeat, a pulse for earth
Out of the dust
A new creation redesigns

6. The Demon Prevails

At the same time,
Equal place as usual
Again and again,
An unwritten law
With an burst cranium
Spitted dreams
And lost memories

Fought the battle,
Lost the war
No warnings followed,
No conscience asked
Lying destroyed
On homey ground
Only provided
By a mother’s heart

The secret urge,
The resolution
Next time shall be
Everything better
A promise broken
Before actually spoken
The hidden addiction,
For the moment gilded

The conspiracy by peer pressure,
Cowardice and ignorance
Rules the souls of the credulous
In the important act of quitting

How many will be fetched
How many are condemned
Each one has casualties
But nobody weeps at the graves

Courage, vanity, cheerfulness
Have only a short duration
They disappear like might and bliss
With the content stomachs
Washed down

A solution with consequences
Which no one can estimate
The ghosts raised won’t disappear
Cause the demon will prevail

All the friends of yesterday
Disappeared, gone, watching away
Celebrated together,
But everyone has to suffer

7. Once Called For Redemption


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