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Vengeance For Withered Hearts

"Vengeance For Withered Hearts" (1998)

1. King Enthroned Upon Ashes
2. Vengeance For Withered Hearts
3. From The Moons Mist We Arise
4. Wolf Cry
5. Writhing Glory
6. Ceremonies Of Flesh Divine
7. Spirits In My Eyes

1. King Enthroned Upon Ashes

Horizons rise as the warriors crest the hills
Surrounding kingdoms in full insurrection
Flashes of steel begin the battle, rage with in their veins
Charging through the stone castles dodging the guards bolts
Swings of the axe, the princess dies in vain
Sorcerers unravel their scrolls reading the cursed words

Behold the swords of the wicked
We unleash our magical fury

A storm within these walls, eliminates all within
Gaze into the eyes of the fury
Cursed by a single glance, onward to victory
The floors soaked with blood
Feel the winds of the burning spells blowing upon the throne!

Swing the blades of the mighty
Witness the source of the power

Scents of embers set aflame, conquer this throne of the weak
Tomes of this anguish tolerate no laws

Storms of flame bring war!

Ashes float upon the soil; vengeance of those lay dead
Break the lock of the passage that holds their feeble king
Make him yield, before his bloodied people
The new dawn reserved, streak the knife across his neck

See the kingdom fall

The enemy lays slaughtered
Pile them high to burn!

As the king sits upon his bloody throne of blackness
Anger in his eyes, the call within
Cleanses his hands with the blood of the fallen enemy
Raises his hands in victory

For the love of his brothers

Crush the cross that protects this place
Howls of the wind, kings enthroned upon ashes

2. Vengeance For Withered Hearts

Essence of the full moon, night wind chills me
Fire in the distance, through forest trees
We gather strength for the morrow’s night
This war shall be won
Kill the father, the Holy Ghost, and banish his light

Dark wings enshroud chaos
Harboring hatred deep inside
Serenity, lost in voids perverse
Eternal pain, all that remains

Blood of centuries past ancestry left dead
Cries from the spirit realms fuels my hatred
With power seething in my eyes, I release this curse upon you
Curse upon you
Destroy the chapel with the priest vengeance
Shall be mine
Shall be mine

Soaring through the midnight sky
Wilderness surrounding me
Prepare for the gathering
We write in ecstasy
Entities forsaken
Dances of immortality
Strike down those, who oppose us
Withered hearts as cold as ice
As cold as ice

The morning falls across the field that will yield to battle
This day the end
Raise the blade to drive the Christian hordes away!


3. From The Moons Mist We Arise


Dawn is the illusion as we conquer this realm of lies
Dawn is when they find their feeble king after the battle in his realm drawn his blood

Arise brothers of the night, for our blade gleam in the moonlight
We are the power that gathers us here, masters
Knights gather for the blood feast

We arise!
Sons of war!
Masters who conquer, let him die upon your feet!
Blood on our swords!
I see no end to our bloodshed
Conquer this realm!
Kill them all I make them all suffer eternally!

Knights in the battle gather
So you think you are mighty
Unleash all of your rage
Come draw your arms, battle might, conquering the enemy, I see die!

Magical war!
Let our blades be stronger, stronger than universe unconquered
All of them be conquered and down
Let them die in pain
See his blood drain from his neck and die with demons

All falling down to honor the massacre
The untold story
The doom of a weapon drawn to the neck, counts the seas of glory
The doors are seething to conquer, enemies arise our
Land is soiled
To doom a land is a call for all to be dying!

Allow the blood to flow freely!
The blood
May we enter, to our own knights
Arise bloodline now enter war!
Life is the germ on our lands, fly amongst the storms
And in battle we will conquer all
Cleanse the soil, take them down!!!

4. Wolf Cry

5. Writhing Glory

Attack the enemy
Maim all in your path
Cast the curse of contorting pain
Dominate with your blade

The lines we penetrate
Conquer their mighty realm
Bring them to their knees
Leave all the remains behind

Path of blood shed, strike down upon
Strangle their lords, hail the conquering
Royal life is laid to waste, hang them high
Let them witness the agony
Win the battle: Ignite the town
Angry warriors of the night, light their resin
Mighty kings of the wicked realms
Victory is present when no life is spared

Reign in black ruin
Cauldrons boiling hot
Molten wax drips away
Flames arise… wicked cinders

Ashes, burn the flesh!
Chants of black fill the air!

Attack the enemy
Maim all in your path
Cast the curse of contorting pain
Dominate with your blade


6. Ceremonies Of Flesh Divine

7. Spirits In My Eyes

Rites of old age, winds, come upon my coals
Circulate oceans warmth: Awaken spirits my mystic domain
Cease my inner pain: guides my essence to endless chasms
Carry my wings through the caverns

Descend into black
Abyss of knowledge
Solo empire to assassinate
This flesh I bear

Transcend, boil, burn, and ruin!
Transform, rise, strength, ruinous

Draw my blade glide it across my throat
My calling
Embers invasion me
Die with…
Spirits in my eyes

Spirits in my eyes


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