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"Darkfire" (2002)

1. The Dark Fire
2. Master Of Bulls
3. The Pure Sound
4. Against The Erudite
5. Colours
6. Spiral Of Smoke
7. The Spice Islands
8. From Hollow Trunk
9. Gorgoroth's Fire

1. The Dark Fire

It appeared one day on the smoking and naked planet

Grey and burnt a thick cloud, dark and brilliant

It was produced by an unusual and different fire

It raised up to the sky tongues like palm leaves.

The DarkFire was the soul of the Earth who stealthy

wandering by the remains of his corpse

It burns without ever being consumed this primordial fire

thick and brilliant it reaches the sky as dark as the dusk

And moves the high spirits within itself.

Five are hidden into the heart of five very special men

They met inside the cloud and gave the beginning

It was the most powerful life that had ever been seen.

The soil was trembling the air oppressing

The fire set its hope on them.

Itís a devouring force that doesnít stop and doesnít rest

A male and determinated impulse, a guide for all survivors

It will always burn it will never lose

Its inner strength canít do anything but rule

it was named the DarkFire.

2. Master Of Bulls

Once the Master of Bulls had human shape

At the time he was blinded by rage

At the peak of his anger he began to change.

First he became raven, war herald, then water snake

A cow swallowed him and a veal was born in his belly.

The invincible bull crushed with his hoofs many survivors

Flesh in rags dangling from his horns.

Big white bull guides the Cattle

Heís given birth to fifty calves in just one day.

The first time the bull saw Bifrost

So calm and silent, big and strong, he went mad.

He killed anyone and could reveal himself.

He broke down and died

His heart swelled enraged and had a sudden giving way

3. The Pure Sound

While the terrible disaster shook our planet

I was on board a space ship in a space mission

And I was alone above left to my destiny.

The clock was a minute to noon

When Death came in without any knock

Into my foggy walled house.

ďIím here to get you. Move it. Youíre late.Ē

Life is beautiful over the clouds.

Itís blue like eternity and snows beyond the veil of sense.

I was born again up

Breeding by pure sound in a silent melody.

Our struggle silently continued worn down and mortal

Her body like a stone bore down on me

And yet was totally invisible.

Death blew me like a twig through a big door

Open on empty and I was dead, or mad.

I wandered about aimlessly in the space

Among Venus fogs in the middle of the moons of Mars

Along the shading edge of Jupiter on icy board

Of Saturnís rings trying to avoid the sudden Sunís blast.

Death was strong but for her I was an invicible enemy.

ďGo away!Ē, I told her, ďMy hour is far off.Ē

But Death was closed to me and held out to me her fingers

As moved by misterious threads.

I ran in a great rush to escape her and in that runaway

I fell down like a ripe fruit in this place where I am.

4. Against The Erudite

5. Colours

I was tired of the bare world

I had contempled it too long

Than I foretasted a mad expedition

My need to leave and release my immagination

Iím tired of a country filled both vapours

And grey mould emanations, grey trees, no leaves, no flowers on branches

they are scared to open the doors

and facing the luck of a night too dark but

i want colours so much Iím ready to open all the doors

Iím dreaming blue sea, green and shrill

And a real world filled with people

Iím dreaming old song and red wine

To warm me at the fire place

When I solve riddle Iím a miracle

I dive in the Ether and I spread around me a

magic Silver brightness Ďcause I want colours so much

I'm ready to open all the doors

6. Spiral Of Smoke

An obscene chant came out of the mouth

Twisted in Alphís face and the notes

Of his song taking dance shapes from a rise in the air

Wrapped in the spiral of smoke and slowly vanishing

From sight get lost in the sky

Strange things happened on the Spice Islands

Little barren moors of dunes pointing the stormy sea

Only the windís howl can break

The silence of the place

Many bodies gone up in smoke in vain

Are wrongs to Mimir he looks over the rival

With his magnetic power

It makes him undress let the clothes flying away

Taken by the clouds like lot of kite

7. The Spice Islands

I felt the earth was trembling

The rain was falling down on us

That menacing river

Began to spread mud everywhere

I sailed so long in the middle of the great boiling waters

At the end of the waters

they became a hidden part of me and I a part of them.

They call me the Son of the Water, born of a dream,

they ask me for the water to quench any thirst.

Just a drop, to recognize who I am.

One tree divided into equal parts barred my way

I got it on board and then

I sailed to the unknown.

To pass my time, I dream and dream

To survive I dream too

And when at last, I touched the land

I had become the best dreamer of the Universe

8. From Hollow Trunk

My house has no walls, no ceiling, no floors,

nothing at all as it looks home.

My house is a hollow trunk

A big blue trunk standing out in the grey

From hollow trunk one glance thrown by chance is enough

To make the rooms change

The heights, the distances, the plains transfigured

And shining through the air

Since I live I saw the things better

And my knowledge grows in concentric circles

Like the trunks of the trees

Whose rounds raise every year

Once, around the blue forest there was the wide park

Of a great metropolis but nowadays itís an invisible landscape

Being able to condition the visible, Ďcause spread all over

There are the dead bones rolled by the wind

9. Gorgoroth's Fire


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