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Infected Earth

"Infected Earth" (2004 Demo)

1. Sky of Red
2. Eyes of Innocence
3. Ravens
4. Infected Earth

1. Sky of Red

The gates open for a chance to lead new lives
We only have one go so make it worth while
Design this world as a creator once saw
before the powers rape it with another war
With peril being the fashion of the egotist
Insanity the language of the extremist
With hatred being tools for modern ways
We Count endlessly and forever our numbered days

Savagery Misery Mutilation Death
Our species knows not of what we regret
Crucifixion A martyr's way
Hated then but a saint today

You wont see the clouds
They where burnt away
By fires of greed
Paint the sky for me
We all die right here
We all die right now
Paint the sky for me
Is this how its meant to be?

Look what we've done
A catch 22 on a biblical scale
Human erosion is the new rain
Pleasure is the cause of pain

We burnt the clouds whilst scorching the dead
Liberated nothing as the sky turns from blue to red

2. Eyes of Innocence

3. Ravens

Guided by flames in undying phase lay the shadows of this blackened fate.
Black outstretched wings dark and choral hymns sing anthems of ritual hate.
What once was human is no longer a material disgrace.
Shadows mistaken by blackest of ravens and dreams of a sweet bitter peace.
Something undying, your soul it will claim
Your mind is gone now body the same.
Its not of neither this world nor time.
It's neither human nor divine.

Crows lay by my side
Ravens bleeding my name
Onto gravel paths
A life lost, an enemy gained.

Vengeance is yours not simple but yours and everything that you know.
Is stuck in your mind now this second time the ravens fill the path you chose.
Moon smiling down upon your frown as crow's silhouette in dark tones
Bathe in the blood of your one true love and realise that you are alone

Burning on their words make you choke
Pacing through the smoke
Tell yourself all will be fine
but know that vengeance is mine

Vengeance is now fucking mine

4. Infected Earth


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