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"The Awakening" (1993 Demo)

1. Legends
2. Illusions
3. Perish for Beauty
4. The Awakening

1. Legends

Please tell me if they are true
The tales and the legends we're told
Happened in ancient times
We don't know where they belong
Tales of creatures unknown
Of things we don't see are they lies?

Before the dawn of time - when legends all were born
Before the dawn of time - awaiting the first breath
Before the dawn of time - is there anything we've lost
Before the dawn of time - are we allowed to judge the past

While we're searching for proves
All mankind will come to an end
Can't we learn from our mind
When fantasy takes command
Do we have to decide
What's good and what's insanity?


Can we tell for sure
That nothing exists we don't see
Do we know all the powers
That are between heaven and earth
We've now found the one true explanation
That's killing the creed


2. Illusions

Don't matter, honey, if you are dead
Most time you've already spent in bed
Your search hast just reached my call
The answer doesn't wait there at all

My deepest wishes take their form
In dreams the future is confirmed
The prediction of the uncertainty
Has never failed its unknown target

The emotions have jsut gone through my head
Amnesia possibly may stay
Knowing how to make someone
Amenable's nearly everything

Illusions of yesterday - tomorrow's reality?
Today's memories of forgotten times

Imaginations fly to the sky
Clearing my mind of the thoughts I've tried
To think seems as a normal word
But have you really ever tried?

3. Perish for Beauty

Trapped in a cage all their lives
Death is salvation, the last spark of hope in their eyes
White God created them all
To perish for beauty and colours of arrogance

Lack of emotion for life
The hands of their hangmen are grabbing with hard grip of death
Screaming in wildness and pain
No chance to escape, executed for mankind's survive

Do you want to get rid of it?
Try to and see you can't flee from your shadow
Remove now the veil from your eyes
Creator of horror, your mirror tells truth from your lies

4. The Awakening


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