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Of Decay And Desire

"Of Decay And Desire" (2003)

1. The Sleepwalker
2. End of Ice - Warriorqueen
3. Luna
4. Maid of Stone
5. Forever
6. The 5th Horseman
7. ...And the Sea Wept
8. Soulitude
9. Fair Well
10. Weltenbrand
11. One-Night Fall
12. The Rose of Tears

1. The Sleepwalker

On and on
Creeping through my mind
A siren's song, a guiding light
Rainy nights
Fading in the wind
Imprisoned there, in dreams within

There is a way

There is an aim
There is a light
An angel's voice still guides me
Through a winter's night
See her soul is far too clear
To take a grip, just feel her slip
And fade away

Nightly shades

Taking my embrace
A ghostly touch, still warm to me
The lesson's dark
But I now know why
Asleep I smile, awake I die

2. End of Ice - Warriorqueen

In Fire
She's waiting
To turn the ice away
A liar
Is saving
Up on the mountains of pain
Warrior of light be silent
Rule the earth is meant to be
I am here to reign in violence
For my eyes are of ice


Bringing the light to the sky
Crashing through the gates of icy times
For she'll return to the bright
For a sign
Coming from a kingdom once defied

This scenery

Is aching
Her limbs in silent frost
On fire
Her eyes melt
Showing the world that was lost
Warrior of light be silent
Rule the earth is meant to be
I am here to reign in violence
I might fade, but never die

3. Luna

His silver sun is shining bright at night
To enlighten his way from dusk 'til dawn
The Goddes of all stars
Dressed in her cold black dress
Her rays of light - alike a rose's thorn

Melting her eyes with fire and heat

Ere daylight's disguise her beauty conceals
Goddes of the dark, please shine on me
Let my eyes touch and let them see
What the night can reveal

Still I adore you a lot, from above

Mistress of darkness divine
Whispers "carpe noctem" with a heavenly shine
To see her in a way she is not to love

4. Maid of Stone

Fade away, my love
Under painful clay
Deep in the desert
Where no mortal's ever set foot
There she is lain
With a rose in her mouth and her hand
Into the voidness
Her sandy hair without colour, for good?

I've been praying, Lord,

Since she's left me
So all alone in the darkness
Guardian made of stone,
Won't you answer
My prayers for her coming home
My dear, please speak to me
Beloved, answer me
Give me a sign to rely on
I know you still hear me
Even you cannot see me
On my knees, don't deny me

Lifeless womb

Her grave, a pyramidal tomb
Crying and praying
That her leaving the light was no end
Then it awoke
After hours and days
And then spoke the rose made of stone
"Who loves shall be never alone."

I've been praying, Lord,

Since she's left me
So all alone in the darkness
Guardian made of stone
Gave me answers to
My prayers for her coming home
My dear, she spoke to me
Beloved, answered me
Gave me a sign to rely on
I know you still hear me
Singing sad melodies
For this rose-water's accompany

5. Forever

The world is turning
The sky is burning
It's weeping down
Frozen leaves lie bare
The sun is watching
Eternal morning
Is hiding there
Beyond the crimson flames
...until the crimson flame of

Eternity is watching me

It shines forever endlessly
Just like your light within my heart
There are some things that never pass
These are the things that ever last
Just like your light within my heart

The water's drowning

The waves are sounding
They scream to me
The rush of fading hope
I stand here gazing
It's still amazing
How one could reign
A kingdom's long lost halls
...until the crimson flame of
Still right here waiting for a passed by voice

6. The 5th Horseman

Here take this guiding hand
I lead you through this land and far below
Your journey here might end
Just trust a good old friend, the way he shows
Although it's getting cold
Don't doubt the way you go, I'm here for you
You better close your coat
You're risking a bad throat, don't want you to

Four bad seasons

Way I know
Guiding treason
Way I show

The riders over there

Already brought them where they do belong
So gather with these guys
You fit to very nice - another one

Meet them greet them

Brothers five
Growing stronger
Still alive

7. ...And the Sea Wept

Dry river-beds end in no man's land
Empty oceans full of waste
We lead ourselves into all man's end
All that remains is a bitter aftertaste
The sea has shed all she had to cry
A shoreless wail which came here to die
Just like an eagle in the sky
I want to spread my wings and fly away

Crying silence is falling over me

Lonely king of the air in deserted skies
How I wish that the end like this wouldn't be
Clipped wings before they learned to fly
Each drop of life spilled into the flood
Acid tears in sweet rain like red raining blood
We're trying to water from deep within
The desert sands of time with our weeping

One with the rain

Feeling the pain
Of the earth I am lain
In sane dreams I drown
Mankind sowed bitter seed
Expects to harvest fruits so sweet
For a thirsty mouth to feed
Insane kingdom's crown

8. Soulitude

Mellifluous lily white
The gift that's yours my breath of life
Just like the night needs the daylight to survive
You are the strength of my mind
And gladden my heart
With an aura so mighty

All summer's beauty is gone

And leaves are falling of the trees
My thoughts are just 'bout this grievous memories
Wand'ring in light-hearted times
When you captured my soul
With an aura so mighty

Fears creeping - If your foe is as mighty as time is

This soulitude - Pain I can't deny
Eyes weeping - When you still can remember the first kiss
Hours passing by - Night blackens the sky

A dull black fills my mind

As deep red trickles melting snow
But if my kisses couldn't hold you, oh I know
My tears can not at all
My suff'ring and crying goes on
But it can not at all

9. Fair Well

On the edge of dawn
Light ends the dark of day
Mourning star at dusk
Brightens with our decay
Forward, just one step
Millions of miles away
Floating back in time
Titans without delay

Wellspring of youth

Drinking your sweet water
Falling like stones - so bitter our tears
Of the one and only truth
Well, you're my fountain
For some you're deep as graves
For others high as mountains

Neverending youth

Aching like Narcissus
Echo sings her song
Whispering words like "Come with us"
Never to return
Hope, in all tears she's bathed
Bleeding hearts of pain
Nigh tend to be portrait

10. Weltenbrand

Drowning in fire where it never rains
Burning desire has all the waters drained
Waves of the flood leave the world in flames
Soil's boiling blood and flashes strike his son's wain

Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning

Sol et Nox in heavens hot they feast
Flesh and thunder and blood and lightning
By the eyes of the Gods the night is seized

Taming the horses, impossible to steer

Flaming -the passion- rides into his bane
For all who can see soon it will peer
Doomsday will be, showing the sun's wane
My world is on fire, the heat is my domain
Like suns, even brighter if I don't draw the rein
In fervour I shall sear to swallow all the pain
Souls unite in tears, forever there to reign

11. One-Night Fall

By sharing what's divine
You don't become an angel
The devil's got many faces
All looking into mine
A man among the beasts
A sheep among the wolves
How could there be light
When darkness never sleeps?

As long as there is man

There must be a devil
In female-looking form
To lead them in temptation
From the first sin done by Eve
To the last and nameless night
How could there be hope
When darkness never sleeps?

One man stands, another falls

And leaves by morning light
Another nameless night
Who resists when frailty calls?
Thy name is woman
...and the one-night curtain falls

12. The Rose of Tears

Futures' light
Shines upon us
In a rainy night
Only one
Little answer
Hides behind your velvet eyes
Lack of love
Doesn't hinder
Men from doing what they please
But just one
Little answer
Tells a victory from defeat

Smile for me, my rose of tears

You're fading on my mind
Be the one to guide me home
Or leave me far behind
Shine on through like fadings stars
But slowly is the light
Before we see their flame has died
A thousand years go by

In my eyes

Is the colour
Of the lake, we were so near
Let me tell
You my secret
The water in it were my tears


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