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Dark at Dawn

"Dark at Dawn" (2006)

1. The Alliance
2. Dark and Dawn
3. Avalon
4. Crossbreed
5. Roses of Light
6. Road to Eternity
7. Fearless
8. The Passage
9. The Ones with Fiery Eyes
10. Glorious Duty
11. Sons of the Sea

1. The Alliance

Waiting for years in the endless and dark of the night
For the morning light
Heaven’s beside us, stormclouds to guide us again
Coming for your bane, eternal

Unholy trinity, five of the storm
Seven to die, one to live on
Brothers of fire come back again
Taking the world with a lightning rain

You take the scars, I take what’s yours
That’s what our mission is for
And I weep for you
Drying my tears with the silk that you brought
How can I ever repay?
Thankful is my smile, eternal


Some of our beasts, taking the east, never will come back again
Some of our friends take what remains, follow the others in flames
Some of our best, taking the rest, right by the starlight they’re slain


2. Dark and Dawn

An empty space, this piece of paper hurts my eyes
But no way out, must face the truth
Just lonely words on white express my silent cries
The final chapter of my youth

No time to wait, this is my fate
Now is the dawning of new days
Go down this line, no wasted time
No further years kept in this maze

Through the years our hate is growing
Been burning us from inside
And our pain is taking over
All of our hope in the night

Within the light I see our past so burning bright
The crimson frost has melt away
As daylight fades we see the dawning of the night
Last vision of a darkest day

A frozen tear, I weep and fear
The shadows from a baneful sky
And all is gone, we come undone
Just with the last blink of a eye

3. Avalon

There’s a circle of mist
Hanging high on that hill
And a flowerly breath
Keeps it silent and still
And on and on we go
To hear the old vintage melody

There’s a hole in the sky
There’s a needle of stone
To this top we will fly
There’s a bringer of hope

So we walk this old trail
Kept by spells of a time
Which is on to prevail
And remain the last line
So we’re the ones to keep
This for long time waiting symphony


And we walk through this time
Like we know where’s the light
But all knowledge is lost
In the still of the night

Insist on freedom
Long lasting words
Time heals the wounded
But sometimes it hurts


4. Crossbreed

Down the road
That’s paved with broken dreams
On my own
In darkness filled with silent screams
Waiting for
The coachman and his Guards
To carry me away

“I welcome you my son
So take a seat and see
What your life ought to be
We’re heading for your destiny
Take up the challenge now
And let your journey end
We’ll fan the inner flame of yours my friend”

Painful - the truth
In all my visions
Dreadful - the hate
That poisons my mind
Deep inside my soul
Fire is growing - soon to take control

Down the road
That’s bounded by despair
Faster and faster
Rushing through a night so fair
Longing for
Redemption of my soul
To light my lonely way

“Prepare yourself my son
The terminus is near
Dismount and face the fear

5. Roses of Light

Roses of light
Gleaming again this time
Beaming so bright
Breathing but freezing
Feeling so right

Seems to me as if there was this light
Just to be a fire in the night
To light a long long way from home


Still I see this fire burning bright
To be free, to be there by your side
Follow this long long way back home


Flying, like winds I will be flying
These words I will be feeling, freezing
Feeling so right
Like roses in the night

Seems to me as if there was this light
To be free, to be there by your side
To light this long long way back home


6. Road to Eternity

Hot in here, deliverance’s so far, as it fades away
Breathing in, leave the line
Now’s the time I think I have to start, in the early day
So I go down the walk… good bye

Motors’ breath, the beating of my heart, soon I’ll see the way
There’s a lights’ shine so warm
Crashing in first gear, throttle down, blasting roars to stray
Come to take me away

There’s a road to eternity
Where the things are like they gotta be
There’s a flame in my heart, as I’m rolling this path
There’s a feeling that’s gonna last

Speeding through the desert, raging on, pounding all the way
There’s no crossroad to pass
Oh my light wait for me, I’ll come in time you see
To my last finish line, the last time


Running, speeding and flying
Living, lowing and dying


7. Fearless

Save your words for someone who cares
I already know more than I can bear
Crave for silence, speaking with violent voices
I wish they were so noiseless like the night

The loneliest decision of my life
Beyond all borders of your time
Endless freedom will be mine
The final peace that I long for
Through all waters brought me here
To the island of no fear

Fly without wings, suffer the last pain
Which seems to be so strangely short
See without eyes a place I have never been before
I feel like being home in the distance unknown


8. The Passage

And now we
Are on the way
Home is left behind
A leap in the dark
Embraced by waves
And framed by stars
Southerly land to find
May Kupe’s spirit guide
Our way on oceans wide

The thoughts are flying
So far away from home
The whales are breathing memories of
The navigator’s tale
The wind is leading
Us on our strenuous way
The waka is gliding proud and splendid
On uncertain trail
May Kupe’s spirit guide
Our way on oceans wide

Distant land of dreams
Cloud-capped slopes bear silver streams
Birds so fair
Stir the air
Where tall trees gently sway

Land where ancients roam
Longing for your pleasant home
So, on and on!
Rehua is bright’ning our way

Through heavy storm and icy water
We keep our course - down south

9. The Ones with Fiery Eyes

Smoke, burning fields, I was caught in a crossfires’ line
And I faught with the fear to be left behind
In this waste of kingdom that fell in flames
Kept awake by the screams of the falling friends who died by my side

Tears to fall down at the ink of the only son
With the fear, no more letters are yet to come
As you stare at a line that might turn to blood
When he falls
And you know that the last line he draws is a fireline

We know how to take a life, but we don’t know how to sleep at night
Tossing and turning, weeping and yearning
Oh, we are the ones with the fiery eyes

Years that you spent, so much love and caressing hand
Many nights you were sitting there by his side
There’s no right, someone dares to take your sense of life
And a king mustn’t sleep in a silky pillow while your son dies


10. Glorious Duty

Oppressive heat is lying over wasted fields
No breath of wind is in the air
Songs of cicadas supersede the battle cries
Curing the sorrow and despair

Merciless sun is burning from the clear blue sky
The smell of oil and tarnished metal
A fag and spirits telling memories of home
Lulling the fear of the next battle

Field-gray Nazi booty
Goners for the glorious duty
Hopes and dreams defending narcissitic zeal

Tin hat parade gleaming
Still to hear the fallen screaming
Blood will rust resplendent decoration steel

Bloodcurdling sounds of war - reality returns
Behind the lines the Flaks are roaring
Smoke columns fed with ended lives and shattered dreams
With us the hopes of victory are soaring (into the sky)


11. Sons of the Sea

Onward above stormy waters we fly
Shoulder to shoulder, rejoicing her might
Ages to come to sing this song

Nothing can take it from me
We are the sons of the sea
Tossing above and beyond
These northern lights flaming on

Drinking with laughter an joining our hands
You’re where it starts and you’re where it ends

Mother, we sing to thee
Raging so wild and free
Riding your waves and be
A guiding hand for me
Ages to come to sing this song


Winds in our hair and salt in our face,
Honey and milk at the end of our race
Only live on to sing this song


We are the ones to look up to the sky
And we are the ones that you take with your tide

Chorus repeat


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