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Baneful Skies

"Baneful Skies" (1999)

1. Within the Light
2. Baneful Skies
3. Silva Mea
4. The Voice of the Gods
5. On the Darkest Day
6. Thorn of a Rose
7. Dragon Tears
8. At the Night´s Plutonian Shore
9. Don´t Pay the Ferryman (Chris de Burgh cover)
10. The Throne of Tenebra
11. XI
12. Empty
13. Legends

1. Within the Light

Look above to stormswept skies
Towards the gates of Hades
I am drifting with the tide
On a path that candles light
I will follow your way
Reaching for your hand

A faithful desire - flames light the twilight
A star has died before my eyes
Through this storm of fire - as it falls upon me
In the endless shine

The light that beams only for me

Night will fall as I meet you within the light
And I laugh at the ruins of time
Go ahead through this passage and I will guide
This last starlight's return to the sky

Unknown powers guide my trail
Crawl beneath my skin
And rip apart the heart that failed
Gazing down on stormy grounds
Diabolic scenery
Where beyond our truth is found

Foretold and forgotten - like a word of wisdom
That a fool is pulling down
Beguiled by the rotten - that there's no more time
To turn the page and save the light...

...The light that beams only for me

So come down to waters wild
Take my hand and follow
As it's told, but never done
Just across this sunken shrine
Keeping candles burning
As your star by moonlight shines

Escape from debauchment - Diabolarch's laughing
Soon will ring his own demise
And on this horizon watch a fallen rising
Taking place by Venus' side

2. Baneful Skies

Moon, as thy silvery beam shapes my shadow
I see these signs on the wall I saw before
I should have known they'd return
Come to haunt me
Take all the tears that I've cried
Please forgive

The dark, the dark
Turn off the lights father
The storm, the storm
Just see the flame in my eyes
The dark, the dark
I see through all wisdom
The storm, the storm
Baneful skies

Gaze at the sinister sky, baneful visions
Clouds blessed with harmless disguise soon will fall
Providence's a friend of mine
From the ashes
Of my past life I will rise
...And return

3. Silva Mea

Down in this valley, lost and obscure
Rivers are peaceful and shallow
I came this way on a sunny, bright day
Confounded by traces I followed
Did they return or never die
Were they not touched by the years that went by
Once broken eyes with this mighty disguise
See what all wicked survived

Hide in the sunset - Silva Mea
Screams in the night - lost ancient light
One with this forest - Silva Mea
The candle of time I blew out, this is mine

Farther and farther within this woods
Bloom the most beautiful flowers
Steps make no sound on this velvety ground
Where life's not depending on hours
Onward they fly, cross clearest skies
Power and beauty of wild, pounding life
Eternally free, towards paradise flee
Escaping from mortal men's eyes

And when the light of eternity falls
Bright eyes will blink from the shadows
Safe in the arms of this magical warmth
Tranquillity roams through the meadows
Out of the haze there stands amazed
By sparkling and glistening shimmer embraced
The overwhelmed son with the wisdom to come
To tell where the children have gone

4. The Voice of the Gods

Now finally on the way
Strong winds will take us home
No one we will obey
But our gods all alone
The oars are gliding in
The blackened nordic sea
And driven by the wind
The waves we must defeat

The voice we can here is the old northern call
Still guiding us on our course
This song in the wind born in warrior's hall
Is leading our way back home

Arrival is a feast
We've been gone for far too long
Remembering the dead
Many brothers, they are gone
But with their swords in hand
And restless souls within
We'll return to the land
That they are buried in

You feel the bond when you are born
Where mountains touch the sky
Eternal ice and raging storms
Up where the eagles fly
You hear the hooves of Sleipnir pound
Wolves and ravens by his side
With one eye watch us through the clouds
And take us as we die

5. On the Darkest Day

So before I'm gonna try
Your picture takes my last caress
I say goodbye
For uncertain is the way I take
So I will swallow this
Before I close my eyes

Eternal Life - awaken
Or will I fade - forsaken wine

Towards the shadows of my time
At the end I see it shine
Breaking a new day
Tumbling further through this gate
Fall through whispers that I've prayed
Onward into time

I still remember there was a light shining on the sea
Fire on the water and the silence in my darkened room
I do remember the words you said, you looked into my eyes
But you never saw the true colour by the mystic candlelight

Knowing that there is this way
The end ablazes the light of day
Future takes its shape
I prepare for your embrace
By approaching a disgrace
Sinister your face

6. Thorn of a Rose

Across the light blue sky
There are nothing but clouds
And all the trees once green
Have dropped their lifeless leaves
Where is the blackest rose
The only one I would choose
Her colourful bloom's all I need
For my dark ego to feed

On the search for the flower desired
Find the way, find the way to her
Through the shadows by shining fire
Find the way

The search for the black rose has ended here
She is standing right in front of my eyes
I'm kneeling down, stretch my hand to pick
The flower to quench my desire
My heart bleeds as the bloom loses all her colours
My finger bleeds as a thorn pricks it
She hurts others for not being hurt herself
...Hurt herself

Wounds heal and you'll see
That a rose is not only there to hurt you

Beyond the dark grey clouds
There is nothing but light
At night the stars will shine bright
When wind thrusts the grey clouds aside
I see red roses in bloom
Their beauty and nothing like gloom
Only a fool couldn't see
What I've just discovered for me

7. Dragon Tears

The words were spoken by wisdom's might
I've been cursed to leave the light
To dwell beyond the gates at darkest side
The treasure I have to preserve from you
Countless riches here do lie
And no one dares to challenge this power of mine

Let me fly to the sky once again
Let me chase through the clouds, across the land
Just one more time before I have to die

Now dragonslayer come forth from the light
I am yours, don't be afraid
I'm tired and old, take the gold beyond the gate
Just one thing promise me before you will
Kill me for your dignity
I will carry you far, the light is what I want to see

So let me fly to the sky once again
Let me chase on through clouds, across the land
Just one more time before I have to die
Let me take you up into the air
It's the last chance to cure my despair
The salvation for me in every way
It's only an emotion away

...To be continued

8. At the Night´s Plutonian Shore

Again the dawn draws nearer
And brings the fiery sky
The songbirds sing the earliest lullaby

I wish you will remember
When once you'll hear me cry
You'll have to, 'cause I'll never leave your side

Turn to black and disappear whenever she awakes
Wings just leave a shadow on her face
Beams so bright, it hurts my eyes and burns me from inside
Victim of the unjust tide of light

Each day I see you wonder, you wonder at my kind
Please be undaunted, shape is just a lie
The friend who was the liar, the wretch that brought you sleep
Oh, tempter let him burn each time I weep

Beams so bright, it hurts my eyes and burns me from inside
Victim of the unjust tide of light

I guard your sleep my dear
I implore you to forgive me
At the night's plutonian pier

"...And my soul from out that shadow
That lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted - nevermore"
[E. A. Poe - The Raven]

9. Don´t Pay the Ferryman (Chris de Burgh cover)

It was late at night on the open road
Speeding like a man on the run
A lifetime spent preparing for the journey
He is closer now and the search is on
Reading from a map in the mind
Yes there's the ragged hill
And there's the boat on the river

And when the rain came down
He heard a wild dog howl
There were voices in the night (Don't do it)
Voices out of sight (Don't do it)
Too many men have failed before
Whatever you do

Don't pay the ferryman
Don't even fix a price
Don't pay the ferryman
Until he gets you to the other side

In the rolling mist
Then he gets on board
Now there'll be no turning back
Beware that hooded old man
At the rudder
And then the lightning flashed
And the thunder roared
And people calling out his name
And dancing bones that jabbered
And a moaned on the water

Then the ferryman said
"There is trouble ahead
So you must pay me now" (Don't do it)
"You must pay me now" (Don't do it)
And still that voice came from beyond
Whatever you do

Don't pay the ferryman
Don't even fix a price
Don't pay the ferryman
Until he gets you to the other side

10. The Throne of Tenebra

The wideness of the air is my domain
Mine is the sky
Mine are the omniscient eyes
Brother of the tempest and the wind
Master of all
The Gates of Tenebra within

Fly up to the sky my dragon son
Storm and thunder guide your way, ablaze and shine
See with watchful eyes my dragon son
Keep in mind the oath of mine with truth and light

Once I was the victim of the greed
Cursed for all times
Thirsting for sky and light
Imprisoned by the gold beyond the gate
Until a bright
Beautiful beam lit my way

Rule with breath of fire my dragon son
Seek beyond Tenebra's sun the light of yours
Cry out for my name my dragon son
Trust the flame of mine for I will come

Fire is the throne of the night
Trust in thee, as my powers will rise
As we'll return, vengeance will burn
Scream through the night, that Tenebra will shine

11. XI

12. Empty

The mist covers the trees and flowers
With wet eyes I stand here and stare
Alone I'll find my way in the darkness
Longing to fly through the air

The wave swallows my cries and laughter
Just part of the sea are my tears
When I'll swim through the wildest oceans
Drowning is my only fear

All the beauty I see
It won't last eternally
No more beauty to see
And the world is empty

The wind covers all tracks of me
On hot sand I walk through the night
As stars seem to sear me in the desert
A dream it is to my delight

Don't tell me that
All the beauty I see won't last eternally
When there's
No more beauty to see, then the world is empty

13. Legends

Please tell me if they are true
The tales and the legends we're told
Happened in ancient times
We don't know where they belong
Tales of creatures unknown
Of things we don't see are they lies?

Before the dawn of time - when legends all were born
Before the dawn of time - awaiting the first breath
Before the dawn of time - is there anything we've lost
Before the dawn of time - are we allowed to judge the past

While we're searching for proves
All mankind will come to an end
Can't we learn from our mind
When fantasy takes command
Do we have to decide
What's good and what's insanity?

Can we tell for sure
That nothing exists we don't see
Do we know all the powers
That are between heaven and earth
We've now found the one true explanation
That's killing the creed


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