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As Daylight Fades

"As Daylight Fades" (1994 Demo)

1. Fallen Angel... Eternal Sleep
2. The Voice of the Gods
3. As Daylight Fades...
4. In Fire's Light
5. Legends
6. Dragon Tears
7. Last Embrace
8. Black Dream

1. Fallen Angel... Eternal Sleep

"Holy One, speak for me the words of truth."
"Live your dream because your last sleep is eternal."

I don't want to talk, I can't stand this anymore
Take me to the skies, fallen angel - evil undisguised

Carry the light, you are playing with fire
Burn - the west is where you shall dwell

Take the shape and colour of your shadow
and then the light fades
one day you'll look into the mirror and see a figure full of emptiness

Nothing is more than you are...

Fallen angel, I don't want to talk to you
Fallen angel, I can't stand you anymore

I wear the cloak of silence even when the sun doesn't shine
And it won't rain in winter...but you are not blind

Fallen angel - Risen One
Now I will never know who he was

My second spring when the leaves fall off the trees
In my prime as the flowers wither
Save me from myself, myself

You are much too superficial to see that I'm not the one
I pass myself off for

It's not the talking, it's the understanding
Don't think, reflect

2. The Voice of the Gods

Now finally on the way
Strong winds will take us home
No one we will obey
But our gods all alone
The oars are gliding in
The blackened nordic sea
And driven by the wind
The waves we must defeat

The voice we can here is the old northern call
Still guiding us on our course
This song in the wind born in warrior's hall
Is leading our way back home

Arrival is a feast
We've been gone for far too long
Remembering the dead
Many brothers, they are gone
But with their swords in hand
And restless souls within
We'll return to the land
That they are buried in


You feel the bond when you are born
Where mountains touch the sky
Eternal ice and raging storms
Up where the eagles fly
You hear the hooves of Sleipnir pound
Wolves and ravens by his side
With one eye watch us through the clouds
And take us as we die


3. As Daylight Fades...

4. In Fire's Light

Last cry, defeated now's my soul
First lie had sealed the fate of mine
I pray to whom it may concern
A final tear, I leave the light

Now you will pay me the price
In the way I have payed for your lies
In disguise now my face I'd to turn
And I laugh as I'm watching you burn

Good-bye, false friends I need no more
Farewell, and look into my eyes
You tried, but I will give you more
I haunt your dreams, take you away

Look out, noone can judge my deeds
Disgust to taste the blood you bleed
Your soul, a cripled piece I love
To see you rot in fire's light

5. Legends

Please tell me if they are true
The tales and the legends we're told
Happened in ancient times
We don't know where they belong
Tales of creatures unknown
Of things we don't see are they lies?

Before the dawn of time - when legends all were born
Before the dawn of time - awaiting the first breath
Before the dawn of time - is there anything we've lost
Before the dawn of time - are we allowed to judge the past

While we're searching for proves
All mankind will come to an end
Can't we learn from our mind
When fantasy takes command
Do we have to decide
What's good and what's insanity?


Can we tell for sure
That nothing exists we don't see
Do we know all the powers
That are between heaven and earth
We've now found the one true explanation
That's killing the creed


6. Dragon Tears

Now as we're flying across the sky
Despair's dying as noone lies, winds let us go
Storm, through we're chasing with mighty wings
Deep salvation I feel within
I never did know
That all gold of the earth lies on a dragon's back
A power that I can't deny

So watch us as we fly on, ride to the horizon
Freedom and eternity
Far away up high, the mortal world aside
Believe me just what you can't see

Clouds, endless blue of eternity
Can't believe this but I can see
Overwhelmed by this power

Wish I could do this all again
But my time is slipping away
There breaks my last hout

Whoever would have thought that I could see this all again
So grateful I had never been

Now you can kill me, I am prepared
Saw what I wanted, thankful I am

My sword remains dry now, I did understand
You showed me riches I can't hold in my hand
And tell me the man who can call a dragon a friend

So let us fly to the sky once again
Let us chase through the clouds across the land
And noone hears a lie until we have to die

Let us rise again into the air
This was the last chance to cure all despair
The salvation for me in all ways
It's only an emotion away, let us fly

We fly again

7. Last Embrace

I never did before, they'll never know myself
Can't feel like me
I never lived before, how could they understand?
Don't want to die

You have seen me from inside

Why do you love yourself?
Stand, wait another day
The hate, alive

I want to see you from inside

"I don't care what you want,
Not your property,
Come on and hate me for the things
I will never regret."

Why can't I forget?
Perhaps I don't want to forget
The sky gets overcast

I am going to die...

"I don't care what you think,
Not your destiny
Leave me and hate me for the things
I will never regret."

So listen to me now!
This world is not made for you!
Past is never ever again! Time is now!!

8. Black Dream


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