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Just a shadow of the things to come

"Just a shadow of the things to come" (2003 Demo)

1. Riots in my head
2. T.O.D.I.E
3. Fuck off

1. Riots in my head

Riots in my Head
Right now I feel the hatred grow
you look at me and I wonder how
how can you look when you are too blind to see
you are the one who was never a part of me

I see you breathing my air
I see you walk on my path
I feel you struggling me
I feel you´re not really tough

You think you rule the world
You think that you will get away?
You think Ill let you live your life
That i´m on to take away

Riots in my head
And you´re the enemy that tries to hide
Riots in my head
So you´re the one that wants a fight
Riots in my head
But there´s no need for you to worry
Riots in my head
Knowledge vs. hate, and I feel sorry

So now you realize that I am no good
Oops, do youl feel kinda misunderstood?
I dont think your trust was ever worth
And now you´ll get what you deserve

I hate your lies
I hate your moods
I hate your trust
And fuck my honesty

Its not only you, not only you
There are alotta fuckers just like you
Not only me, not only me
I hate myself for the way I feel

2. T.O.D.I.E

Today I feel like dying
And I don´t know why
A deeper wish for crying
Wish I could stop to sigh

Today I want to cut
into my weakened arm,
my veins, feel my blood
I wonder, is it still warm?

I kill myself, just to see if I was living
I hate myself, not taking, myself giving
I eat myself, to see what shit is in my mind
I kill myself, there´s no solution left to find

Today I feel like dying
But I´m still too afraid
All I do to me is lying
And I go on to degrade

Today I want to leave
Forever, ain´t come back
To this place of grief
Sorry, that´s no fucking gag.


There is no need to go on
Can´t find a reason in my life
All I do and don´t feels wrong
I should end it with my knife

3. Fuck off

Fuck off
You try to tell me
What i´m supposed to do
You try to tell me
What I should listen to?

Motherfucker get outta my way,
You don't know what i´m on to do or say,
So better grab your bitch and fuck off
Or otherwise you should start to pray

Run run run FUCK OFF!!! (2x)

Anger Hatred
Is what I feel for you
Anger Hatred
Is all I got for you

Beim 2. Durchlauf das gleiche nochmal auf griechisch.

All that I fucking get to hear of you
Are just empty speach bubbles
Coming out of your goddamn bloody mind
And i can´t goddamn listen to it any longer

It's your ignorance
Your ignorance


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