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Demo 2005

"Demo 2005" (2005 Demo)

1. Altar of autopsy
2. Through war
3. Desecration of divination
4. Faith diminished

1. Altar of autopsy

Chained to my altar of autopsy
Chains carefully locked
There’s no escape for you now
Acid in your veins to keep you screaming

I am now your god
Eyelids cut off
You are my witness

Your glaring eyes witness the torture
As I find my preferred tools
I start off gently
By piercing your bones with nails

Eerie sounds fill the room
As your bones shatter
The dripping blood from punctured veins
Around the room I scatter


Molesting facial regions
I mould you beautiful
I remove your cheeks
And you’ll smile forever


Unbearable pain makes you cry
But without eyelids it’s hard to blink
As a rusty bonesaw as my pencil
My art needs no arm or legs
Violently cutting through muscles and bones
Your shrieking is forever unheard
Huge loss of blood, skin turns pale
Impaling your kidneys with a rusty nail

Bladder precisely punctured
The warm blood and piss I drink
I am the mad conductor
In this symphony of gore and blood
Body unrecognizable, mission almost complete
Cutting and ripping, crotch turned to mush
It’s time to feast on your vaginal meat
Destroying the heart, blood starts to gush


2. Through war

Limbless Bodies screaming,
On the battlefield.
The walls of man,
Is covered in his blood

Love your weapon,
As it rips the flesh.
Taste the power.
My throne is the corpses of enemies.

I am Death and demise.
Obey my command, maggots:
Slaughter your enemy and fall,
Impaled on the bayonet.

Through war,
You praise Hell
Salute it soldiers
It is your fate

I rape their women
Impale their children
The smell of burning flesh
Arouses my primal instincts

Flames of tearing destruction
Paints my portrait of battle
Flesh eating Napalm roars
The riddle of pain through fire

3. Desecration of divination

Did not the papist himself
Crown the pig of the devil,
To nourish his sheep?

Did not the your god almighty,
Who left you to rot in your sin,
Speak of pain and vengeance?

I place my trust in hatred
I pledge my life to death
I am eternal

The snake and wolf commands
The legion of the damned:
March towards apocalypse
The final war

The black empire
The seas of blood
The hanging of zealots
Desecration of Christ

The black aeon
The four horsemen

Desecration of divination

4. Faith diminished

Inexplicable, inexpugnable, inextricable
Unspeakable misery kept in imprisonment
In thy subconscious mind the fear lurketh like a predator

I scorn thy unseen lord, for thou hast betrayed thy soul
Transparent, yet stained like a warrior’s sword
Thou ask forgiveness but thou shall undergo punishment

Thou shalt be judged before the lord of the nether world
Faith diminished in a tremulous gathering of souls
Beliefs turned to dust in the final hour

Thou art now godforsaken, by thy side walketh millions
All damned as a result of a life devoted in trust to the prophet
Condemned to suffering for all eternity

To err is human, to forgive… - Impossible.


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