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Hang By The Cross

"Hang By The Cross" (1997)

1. The Sensless Voyager
2. Catcher in the Rye
3. The Hate I Have
4. Breakdown
5. Guided By Lies
6. Betrayed
7. Cult Disciples (Part 1 - The Hunted)
8. Cult Disciples (Part 2 - Soldiers of the Baphomet)
9. Jesus Meets Pizzaman
10. Pagan Breed
11. Cyberface
12. Bloodrushed
13. Simon Says
14. The Fate of Mary-Anne
15. Confronting Simon

1. The Sensless Voyager

Thousand and thousand of years he has travelled,
To seak out the answers of magic and darkness.
Under a moon on A shivering night,
He felt a presense, it gave him a fright.

Witches and demons be gone!
I am a friend of the light and the sun.

Who are you? What are you doing here!
Reveal yourself, the dark is blinding me!
"I`m the one, You once cast away! The morning star ,
and the air you breath. Kneel before me!
Like the slave you are! Please forgive me,
Spare my life! I didn´t mean to…

"Don`t ofend with your hypocritical words!
"It`s better to reign in hell and on earth
than to serve as a slave in heaven!
"I never knew that you had this powers,
so mighter than mine!

"Oooh it`s him "Take his life! DO it ! Do it !
Ooh it´s him "The Light Within hahahahaha…
…Witches and demons be gone!

"You`re a fool! Yeah, just run and hide!
Why should I lower my self to you?
By killing someone who fears his "Creations"?
Thousands and thousands of years he has traveled,
To seak out the answers of magic and darkness,
And when he found, the darkest places,
He trembles with fear when his conqeror appear.

2. Catcher in the Rye

I am the flame that burnes in the heart of man.
The light master , and the core of every star.
I am the snake, the sun the strength and sight.
I am above you and in you, I´m knowledge and delight.

I am the hawk-headed lord of the sky,
And the three eyed falcon who sees through the night,
I was the raven who picked out the eyes of jesus
As he hung on the cross.
I flapped with my wings in the face of mohammed,
And blinded him with my claws.
I`ll tear out the flesh of they who fear me.

I am the father of lies in the ears of deaf.
I was the poisoned snake that bringed sin upon man.
You´re rejecting my deeds even though, I gave you
Freedom from Christ and his likes!
But still some of you wishes to live
Like bugs trapped in maze.

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
Man for man, beast for beast

I am the snake, the sun the strength and sight.
I am above you and in you,
I`m knowlege and delight. Behold the crucifix,
What does it symbolize?
Pallid incompetence, representing a lie!

3. The Hate I Have

You try to prove me wrong, you try to run me
Through. You are always on my back,
Try to make me see things your way.
You try to shatter me, you try to fuck me up!
You think I`m in misery, my misery is you!

Who the fuck are you to speak, you fuckin’ piece of shitfull creep!
Who the fuck are you to spread lies about me to the world.
Who the fuck are you to think that I`ll do all the things you say.
Who the fuck are you to say, that I`m fucked up,
And you`re okay!

The hate I have for things you say. You fuck!
I`ll shoot you dead some day! The hate I have for things you do.
You fuck! Some day I`ll punish you!
The hate I have for things you`ve done .
Killing you would sure be fun.. The hate I have for you my friend,
Will follow us until the end. The hate I have for you won`t end.

Someday you will pay the prize, someday you´ll regret your lies.
Someday clown! I`ll tear your mask, you`re a joke,
You piece of thrash !

Bleed the wounds You`ve caused my friend.
Drown in blood you fuckin’ pain
My misery will then be gone, my misery is you!
The hate I have for you! The hate I have for you,
Will never stop !!!

The hate I have for things you say. The hate I have
For things you do.The hate I have for things you`ve done.
The hate I have for you my friend. The hate I have
For you won`t end.
Comin’ at ya’! - Comin’ at ya’ – I fuck you up!

4. Breakdown

Something`s rotten in the land of free, i don`t know
What has becomed of the… Gold and apple trees,
Where is the light you promised us? Something´s
Sour in the home of the brave, where the wise men
Speaks of the infernal system that upholds the law.

Building a fence , hiding their bleeding soil.
March for revenge,Against the goverments…
coil. Lies… Buisnessmen`s trade mark. Laughs,
Cause you don`t need me at all.

Using their powers to lead us to listen,
The biggest deception-
The american system!
Minds in progression,Ignored existance,
building resistance – Fuck U.S system.
Be like, Think Like, Dress Like, Say Like,
Play Like, They Like, Act Like – Shit!

Feel the fear… It`s coming near… States in pain…
Nations in flames… In a slaved man`s soul,
With his heart so old, never thought of freedom
The way it`s ment to be. Red, White, Blue.
Like a human Z00. And to you this nightmare`s true!

Progressive Intrampment
Something´s rotten in the land of the free, my friend
Something´s sour in the home of the brave my fiend…
Someday you`ll understand why we have written this song!

5. Guided By Lies

Who made you god to see? What to become of me?
Who made you god to be inside my head and all over me?
Who made you god to find that your life is more ment than mine?
Who made you god to speak, against my deeds in times I`m weak

Guided by "Lies" – In the house of all lies!
Guided by "Light" – In the house of the blind.
Guided by"Hope" – In the house of despair.
Guided by "Life" – In the house of the dead.

Turning the other cheak – It`s not for me
But for the weak. Kneeling before the cross –
Self-deceit to serve their cause. Sinners!
You must repent all your lusts done and ment.
Heavenly hypnotized, fucked by our preciouse Christ!

Walking through life with fears of judgement day
upon our souls that`s damned before the court of invented gods…
Judgement day – You live a lie!
Christian lies! - Invented gods!

6. Betrayed

Dark was the night when I saw her again. Into the fire
We walked once again. I was possessed by her
Shimmering eyes. She filled my head with all sorts of lies
Her claws wrapped round my mind, My mistress
Makes me blind. She`s locked inside my head,
Someday I`ll wake up dead.

How could I ever belive in her tales? Telling me
That true love never fails. "Why did I listen to
Her vicious lies"! knowing my deepest thoughts,
Playing her tricks with me. (Back again in the flesh,
So alive, haunting me, in the night, killing me)

Back from the neather world back here to stay. Evil´s the name of
The game that she plays. "Leave me alone evil bitch, rest in shame"

Each day, betrayed, by her, Overindolence.
A game, of shame, to please, her lusts.
This time around I`ll destroy you to please my senses.
Killing you slowly the same way you would.

7. Cult Disciples (Part 1 - The Hunted)

600 years ago, inside a convent. There was a secret coven,
unknown to man. They wrote forbidden lectures,
they search for truth. They found the hidden keys,
to spirit worlds. One day they saw a vision,
a man in black. He sat upon a thorne,
made out of silver and stone.

Oh, it`s Satan´s throne!
"Oh men of knowledge and so much understanding,
follow my path to higher wisdom, and you will be my
chosen ones! Kneel before me, my Cult Disciples
together we shall be one"!

The powers of darkness, has enterd ous souls! Our "Light" is the
Dark sides! We follow your call! Ooh master guide us!
Outside the convent walls, the world is changing.
A horde of Christians soldiers, gathered outside.
A rumour had been spread, - "They worship Saitan"

A witchunt had begun, they had to hide. – "Everybody hide,
Flee to the tunnels. Hide away the written words
They muse´t be found.
" Find them, hang them, burn them ,kill them, find out what they
know", Spears and swords in rageing battle, nearly killed them all.

Only four survived the slaying o the cult in 1398.
With anger and hate, they saw the christian massacres,
Turning the world to a rotten existence.

8. Cult Disciples (Part 2 - Soldiers of the Baphomet)

Arise! disciples Arise ! Revenge the fallen angel !
Avengers of Satan, Unite!
Christian blood will once again,
Feed the black hearts of the faithful ones.
With our swords of hate,
We shall desecrate.

Inverted crucifiction for the prophets of lies.
Impale the psychic Vampires with a painfull spear of hate!
They who bow before the rotten image of christ,
must Hang By The Cross !

Cult Disciples strong and proud,
we never bow we`ll never crawl crush the cross,
be like us. Show no fear Saitan`s near!

Soldiers of the baphomet, Disciples of the pentagram.
Soldiers of the baphomet, Disciples of the Pentagram.
Arise !
Crush the cross ! (Crush the cross
Crush the cross, Crush the cross)

9. Jesus Meets Pizzaman

Jesus stepped into a Pizza Hut in L.A. Inside he fell on his knees
and begun to pray. he ordered Pepperoni on a pizza to go, and
seconds later robbed the hut with arow and bow!

I`m jesus me, jesus He, jesus feeds.
Jesus He, jesus feeds, jesus me.

Jesus came down from the heavens one day, to find out some more
'bout "The American way". Red, white and blue filled with human
despair, this nation needs more than jesus could spare.

Hang by the cross pizza delivery,
hang by the cross pizza

The pizza man begged jesus for mercy, and gave his soul to saitans
deciever. He hung him up, and read from his bible,
and so He Crucified his new disciple!

10. Pagan Breed

Don`t allow your self to be guided by the mass,
explore the world with open eyes and cast away your fears.
Learn as you live and live as you learn. Stand by your word
and practice what you preach. Back away from their subsistance now.

Pagan breed, stride at the stream and
unfold the world of your dreams.
Pagan breed, break free from their chains
and this insanity. Silenced, heldback, censored, no more.

Brainwashed identity, no more personality,
living inprisonized, you have been victimized
Pagan breed, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Pagan Breed, live by this code and you`ll get all that you
need. -Silenced, no more

Do what others say - Do they know what`s best?
Think what others think - Do they think your thoughts?

Back away from their subsistance now.

11. Cyberface

Turn your screen on, feel yourself at home. Welcome to the net !
Please insert your disc, run the setup file,
click your mouse and
Connect your self, take your time, stay a while.

Print your name, in the window frame. Come inside to the virtual
worlds. In Cyberspace - you`re a Cyberface.

You surf around on internet, in warp speed two worlds will conect.
All Systems Go!
Connect your Cyberfix, get you cyberkicks! Surf your day away,
forget reality, find the place to be, the web is all you need.
Press any key to continue!

Call your server now, find a web side. Try the latest games. No
matter what you need, every thing is here, order what you like.
Virus detected!
World wide web has taken over peoples minds. Don`t get trapped
in virual worls, where stupid leads the blind!
Clear saved data!

12. Bloodrushed

There`s a bee of worries buzzing in my head. Round and
round it`s spinning, driving me mad. For days and nights it
keeps me awake, The only time I`m free is when I`m hard
at sleep.

Is this me? Can it be? If it is, is it for all eternity? Am I
you? Are you me? How can I be shure that I`m reallity?
Am I to be - you or me? Though my visions clowded I can
clearly see. I`m all locked up - Can´t fint the key, Is it me
or is it my insanity?

All those people amused me and I, Am I to blame that I
told me that "They" must die? Agrovating, petronizing - I
cannot stand "Them". A justifying Homocide for me, you
and I. Is this me? Can it be? If it is , is it for all eternity?

Watching "Them" watching me, still by hating "Them" I`m
hating me! Night fall is near, They`re already here
- Tonight, someone dies.
Bloodrushed, They`re talking to me!
Bloodrushed, The voices in my head.

They`re in control - of my mind. "They" told me to,
- I didn`t want to. "They" tell me kill, -And I do.
I made a crime, "they" told me to, I`m so afraid,
-But "They" are here. Why am I "Them"
-Cause "They" are you.
Why am I "Them"? -Cause "They" are you!

13. Simon Says

All alone and so afraid, what`s going on inside my head? I
murder, rape, steal and lie. "They" make me to or else I die!
I hear voices, I feel "Them" dancing in my mind. I see
figures, playing and laughing behind my back

(Simon) I`m the one who leads your way, to salvation and
purity. on my consience you can depend . A man of "god" and
his word, who will lead you down the narrow way of life.

Simon Says - His word to follow. (Whrath of god shall lead
my way) Simon Says - You`ll come to heaven, if I do as I
am told.

Simon Says - Take a knife, inch by inch - end a life. Wrath
of "god" shall lead your way. -Grab the bible say a prayer, grant my wish,
you`re gods own serial slayer! I must obey, do what Simon say.
Here`s my order Simon says. -Rape the bitch -To
her death!
Rape The Bitch To Her Death!...

14. The Fate of Mary-Anne

(The Fate of Mary Anne Part 1)

A little piece of flesh
Inside my hand .
So sweet, young and innocent
She was, to me.

Raped her dead, Like Simon said.
Took the maidens life.
Whith my special knife!

Running, screaming- yet, I caught her away
Simon Sent me. -To make this deed in Jesus name

Moaning, Whining, twisting, turnin, passion burning-
I really think she liked my taste. -Tearing
Scratching, bleeding, breathing, choking, dying- oh
It felt so heavenly!

On the ground , She was found.
Slaughtered beyond recognition.

Silent, Sleeping- the papers called it brutal death,
Tell me, Simon- Do you think they´ll find her dead?

Moaning, Whining, Twisting, Turning, Passion burning

Searching body parts for hours dragged the lake to
find her back spine. there I stood and watched them
Crying, Moaning, Whining.

Running , Screaming, Twisting, Turning, passion Burning,
I really think that Simon`s proud.
Tearing, Scratching, Bleeding, Breathing, Choking, Dying.
Oh- it felt so heavenly.

(Part 2 "The Funeral")

We`re gathered here today, to lay to rest
May "God" take her into his kingdom and protect
her virgin Soul.

The Lord won´t take this child today only "Gods"
servent are granted.
That little sinner isn´t pure that bitch must burn in Hell.
So sweet , So dead.

15. Confronting Simon


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