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Money Talks

"Money Talks" (1987)

1. Money Talks
2. Set Your Own Pace
3. Could Be Worse
4. Wake Up
5. Freedom of Expression?
6. Menace to Mankind
7. Too Much, Too Little
8. Human Contrast
9. Tables Are Turned
10. Positively
11. All Wrong
12. American Heroes

1. Money Talks

Somebody hassles you try giving them a ten
They'll probably never bother you again
Because money talks and people listen
To get rich is the American ambition
Money talks and people listen
To get ahead and get some more
That's what this country was built upon
And all it seems to stand for
So capitalism makes you free?
This is no democracy
We have no humanity
Not in this society
The disease of greed affects us,
I think it always has
Because nothing talks louder
Than cold, hard cash
We only care about how we can get more
This country has no use for anyone who's poor
The American dream completes the scheme
Exploit the poor without remorse
Social barriers, we lie to hide
Dog eat dog with our false pride

2. Set Your Own Pace

What's your ambition?
Do you wanna go somewhere?
You wanna be somebody?
Do you think the others care?
They'll give you false ideas
And tell you what to do
They'll say it's alright
But you've been played a fool
(You have to) make your own decisions
And do things your own way
No matter what they tell you
You have to set your own pace
You think you're somthing special?
You'd better think again
You're old enough to kill
You just can't win
Even if you're young
You've just begun to fight
Just no way to win
But, you are in the right
No doubt in your mind
To do what you believe right
Let them try and stop you
You've just begun to fight
Belive in your own thought
There is no other way
Fight there unfairness
Set your own pace

3. Could Be Worse

You say how life is treating you bad
But some would kill for what you have
With a place to sleep
And a roof over your head
You haven't seen how tough life can get
Why should you complain
With all of your advantages?
When people out there can barely manage
With a free education and no bills to pay
But you'll have to face reality someday
You say your life isn't worth living
But you'r always taking, never giving
There's always pressures in life
But why not deal with them one at a time?
You think life is tough for you
But everyone has to pay there dues
Why must you always complain?
When you have so much to gain
You're always telling your parents
But you should realize how much you've got
You're always asking for somthing to borrow
When an innocent kid could die tomorow
Now you're on the streets and on your own
Don't you wish that you were home?
So you think you've done all that you can
And now you're life seems at an end
If that's the way it's gonna be
Then put a bullet through your head
So now that all your problems are solved
Tell me what it's like to be dead

4. Wake Up

When you're on drugs you're unaware
Can't face reality because you're scared
Do you do it because you like the taste?
Can't you see you're better off straight?
You say it makes you feel great
But you're just using it for an escape
Can't you see enough is enough?
So why don't you just wake up
Can't you see waht you're doing is wrong?
You know if you keep it up you're gone
Smoke and drink just to be cool
Can't you see you're just another fool?
Why do you say I preach to you?
Can't you see I'm trying to help you?
I watch you throw you're life away
But in the end, you will pay
You say you don't need it to get by
But you know it's another lie
I give up trying to help you
Now it's all up to you

5. Freedom of Expression?

Here's a group of right wing wives
Looking to get there faces on the news
Gonna tell us how to live our lives
Because of there ideals and there views
So our music deals with political violence
They say that it's corrupting the young
So what about the US defense
I suppose that it's made for fun
Who are you to tell us
How to express ourselves?
All you wan't for us to do
Is sound like someone else
So you think you're in control
Of the land of the free
Your censorship is bullshit
Hail the P.M.R.C
Bible thumpers in every respect
Corporate pressures change the way we live
To burn the labels and kill the bands
So now real music is for the conservative
If we upset you're way of life
You'll throw us in jail and make us pay
Worse comes to worse and now we've learned
We're effected by every word you say

6. Menace to Mankind

I'm a threat to your way of life
A menace to all mankind
Is that what you think of me?
When all I want is to be free
Ronnie says he wants to help us
Bullshit, he'd rather kill us
To fufill his insane cause
And burden us with two-faced laws
Speak for peace, as you spend for violence
Lives will cease, our voices silenced
War is death, and you will murder
Unheard screams, I'll just scream louder
Nuclear bombs are indispensible
My life to you is just disposable
You preach freedom, you make me ill
All you teach is how to kill
So while you all dit back and relax
A million die with one swing of an axe
Try and control the lives we lead
That type of life we don't need

7. Too Much, Too Little

You're advancements in technology
Aren't all they're cracked up to be
Life becomes more complicated
Human knowledge becomes outdated
Is that what you meant to do?
Use the world as your tool
No room for my own beliefs
This nightmare becomes reality
Too much technology
Too little control
Machines replace people
Wires replace their souls
World with little to lose
And even less to gain
Time stands still
As the worms eat into my brain
The worms eat into my brain
I won't be made machine
I'd rather stay myself, human being
Another number in the book of life
Another robot seeing through your eyes
Time slips by as my mind decays
It seems to get worse every fucking day
You see a country on the rise
What I see is a country's deciline
I've begun to see new light
My future dreams are in my sight
You can't take my strong resistance
I see beyond your shallow existence
With time you'll control it all
The world awaits on your call
You'll have the power that you need
For your mechanic society

8. Human Contrast

You tell me I can't have my say
Why do you give me a price to pay?
You tell me I can't make my stand
Do I have to prove myself a man?
I can't compare with your state of being
I can't compare with your state of mind
Do I dare ask what you're seeing?
Do I dare ask what to find?
You tell me I'm all alone
But at least I'm not another clone
You tell me the right way to act
But is your whole life so intact?
What is life like
Through the eyes of someone else?
Why be like the others
When you can be just yourself?
You tell me the place not to be
Obviously not in your society
You tell me what life is all about
In your mind there could be no doubt

9. Tables Are Turned

Well Ron you blew it this time
You'be had your turn, now it's mine
All your lying caught up with you
It's your mistake, what will you do?
You knew about it all along
You deny it, same old song
You try and blame it on someone else
No one's to blame except yourself
Did you think you'd get away?
I hoped this would happen someday
To see your lies blow up in your face
Another crooked president, just another disgrace
Well Ron, you've had your fun
Ignorant to the damage you've done
Got America where it dosen't belong
You still deny it, same old song
In my lifetime, I hope to see
People living with real peace
Without fear of death unreal
Without pain they already feel

10. Positively

You can push me down, but I'll still stand
You can put me down, you're such a man
I could care less what you think of me
All you prove is insecurity
I was never meant to be
But I stay positively
If progression is the least I see
I will stay positively
You insist you're right, but I prove you wrong
I don't think you'll be here for long
Why must you make others feel your sorrow?
Today you'll fight, but what about tomorrow?
Life around is turning black
But I stay positively
There is no turning back
And I will stay positively

11. All Wrong

How far do you think you can go?
On ignorance and what you think you know
And how far can you push me?
To get you to face reality
I try hard to deal with myself
You depend on drugs and anything else
Frustration controls your every thought
Loneliness is all that you've got
It's all wrong
It's all wrong
It's all wrong
You're all wrong
Close-minded ignorence
You thrive on innocence
Close-minded stupidity
That's all you'll ever be
What is it you're trying to do?
Someday it'll catch up to you
You lie and cheat all your friends
You will meet a bitter end

12. American Heroes

Today's heroes are a dime a dozen
Too many to even name
Americans killed by human error
Made that way in political games
The shuttle pilots, mistaken death
They're made heroes, I ask why?
What about the ones before them?
Do they also have to die?
Are those your heroes?
Well, they're not mine
We are the future heroes
Must we also die?
How about the everyday people?
Working hard, the unrecognized
Are they not the true heroes?
Or just boring ordinary lives?
You proclaimed these so-called heroes
To cover your own mistake
Mislead the people to believe
They died for their country's sake


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