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"Convicted" (1986)

1. M.A.D.
2. Little World
3. Sudden Death
4. Lowlife
5. Rage to Kill
6. Rest In Pain
7. Nuclear Future
8. State Control
9. Hypocrite
10. War to the Knife
11. Nation of Hate
12. Black and White
13. Reich of Torture
14. Convicted

1. M.A.D.

Mad - mutually assured destruction
Mad - killed by inner combustion
Mad - death throughout the nation
Mad - total annihilation

Both Russia and the U.S.
Donít want to be second best
Build more bombs to be ahead
Until the day that weíre all dead

I see no reason for us to fight
You are wrong and we are right
All the money that youíve spent
Should be used in disarmament

Join the army, see the world
But youíre signing up for war
Taught to kill men or child
The more you kill, the more they smile

After talks and allís been said
War is over, both countries dead
The people gone, now itís too late
Weíve all shock the hand of fate

The children of today
are the killers of tomorrow
Nothing in their future
except for pain and sorrow
Theyíll send us off to war,
to pay their cost
Even if the war is won,
weíre the ones who lost

2. Little World

Superior attitudes
Change the way to think
If you donít get your way
Youíll just sit back and sulk

Do you know who I am?
Do you really care?
You think youíve got me figured out
You think your world is fair

You live your little world
Thatís what I donít get
You make it all for yourself
So no one else can fit

You are the majority
The world consists of you
Weíll just wait and see
Whoís been played the fool

Youíve built your little world
Now youíre stuck for good
Now thereís no coming back
Thereís nothing you can do

3. Sudden Death

Itís always wrong, never right
Itís always such a useless fight
Living life with nothing to gain
Tired of feeling burning pain

Could hang it high
ĎTil I die
Could slit my throat
Who would know?
Could blow my head
ĎTil I'm dead
Could hold my breath
For sudden death

I'm waiting for a sign
That itís time for me to die
Now itís time for me to step
Into nothingness

4. Lowlife

Time goes by and makes me
Wonder what I'm here for
I'm waiting for a sign or
Someone to open the door

At times my life seems at an error
Without a real purpose
Will I survive problems in my head
And beneath my own surface?

What the hell is going on?
I feel like I'm dead
Is it life around me
Or am I fucked in the head?
I'm tired of hypocrisy
And murder by the state
I'm sick of your stupid lies
You tell us itís okay

Life seems at an end
Death is on your back
Ronnie and his generals
Just sit back and laugh

Time for you to act now
To make one final stand
There is no alternative
Your life is in your hands

You think that youíre the only one
To solve your problems with a gun
Does it make u feel like a man
To take a life in your hands?

There is no way out
Youíll just have to fight it out
No useless world to save
Nuke threat and no escape

5. Rage to Kill

A victim is chosen
His future awaits
Someone is watching
No one can tame
Satisfied hunger
Hatred within
Canít go on longer
Internal conflict

The psycho wants
Innocent blood
Kills without fear
Living a hell
Tortured by guilt
Outrage survives
Violence, his truth

Rage to kill
Blood will spill
Blinded sight
Lie from fright
With no compassion
Fear breeds his hate
Constantly watching
Deceiving the state
Threatened by no one
Too smart to get caught
Always remembers
The hatred he fought

He cried out for help
But nobody hears
He knows that heís insane
Reflecting his fears
Only a shotgun
Will answer his prayers
Attacking society
Because nobody cares

6. Rest In Pain

Mindless screams from the field of hate
Increase our panic as generals scheme
Mangled bodies emerge from the smoke
Unconsciously begging the nightís downfall

Life is just a fantasy
Death is felt in vain
No control or destiny
We will rest in pain

The instinct to kill is what they expect
Employed for destruction or the unbalanced will
Expectations of truth are lost with the dead
As thoughtless minds injure, all hope is lost

Free will controls whatís left of our minds
Survival drives our battered souls
The pain we carry to the grave
Shows indifference in the eyes of slaves

7. Nuclear Future

Will the hypocrisy ever cease?
You made the bomb, and made the mistake
Make us fight to cover your idiocy
In this country with itís so-called democracy

We ask why and we get - no reply
Then we ask about or future - we will die
Forget our dreams and go to war - sudden death
The bomb is dropped, itís all over - nothing left

Canít you get it through your head?
Youíll make us fight until weíre dead
I wonít kill my friend or foe
Fight your own war Ďcause I wonít go

Finance your war with our death
Wonít die for my country, screw the U.S.
A country dying, weíve got no say
You fuck up, but weíre the ones who pay

Wonít help the poor or be second best
Either you like it or die like the rest
We all mean nothing to our twisted earth
Why kill one another, whatís it all worth?

Use your head, and look what weíve got
A future filled with nothing, we are left to rot
From disagreeing to the threat of war
Blow us off the earth, will even up the score

I wonít pay the price of fate
To fulfill your lust and hate
When itís all over and itís all been said
You sit pretty, as we lie dead

8. State Control

Born to live, then to die
Never ask the question why
State control by mindless men
Believe in death, they live to win

State control - your time has come
Mind control - go get a gun
Life control - youíd kill to win
State control - theyíve won again

Shoot you down again and again
Want to live, your biggest sin
Fight the system, only to die
Itís hard to live with hate and lies

Take your mind, programmed to kill
Make you fight against your will
Sadistic men obsessed with death
Shot in the back, lose your breath

9. Hypocrite

You say you want to help me
I know it isnít true
Useless lies behind my back
I'm not a stupid fool

I donít need a lying friend
The kind I'd rather kill
Youíd better think suicide
Before I live my will

You know that youíre a hypocrite
I really hate the way you live
You deserve anything you get
We wonít put up with hypocrites

You look me in the eye
Tell me I'm your friend
Then I catch you lying
Time and time again

I confront you with my hatred
But you just deny
Just another day for you
And just another lie

So long sucker, you pushed me too far
One too many lies, now youíre seeing stars
Lies to reality, now youíve met fate
Life for you is over, for you itís too late

You think you can get away
Someday I'll make you pay

10. War to the Knife

Onward in battle,
soldiers aware of their fate
Following orders,
though those we fight donít we donít hate
Murdering children,
nothing will stand in our way
Destruction of life,
but we are the ones who will pay

Slaughter their faith
Killing their youth
Raping their land
By the blood of my hand

Thousands of troops,
brought here against their will
Innocent youth,
trained and forced to kill
Jungle warfare,
canít fight what we canít see
Senseless death,
the harsh reality

None of our business, but still we intervene
Untold horrors the public has not seen
Police action, itís not a real war
Foolish pride is what weíre fighting for

11. Nation of Hate

In this country, we live and we die
Paranoid violence, weíre sick of your lies
Hatred runs deep in the eyes of the youth
Your prejudice is sickening,
Weíll make the our own truth

A countryís sin
Or societyís bait
Weíre stuck in
A nation of hate

Used and abused, we canít take anymore
Stay out of our life, we can fight our own war
You fucked up this world and left us to rot
Now instincts and bullets are all that weíve got

Africa's dying, why should we care?
Weíve got our own problems, no money to spare
We have to buy nuclear bombs so weíll prove
With no future coming, weíve got none to lose

12. Black and White

Violence throughout the land
Racial groups, they plan attack
I'm tired of white manís crimes
It looks to be for good this time

Brother and brother
They kill one another
Without a real cause
Fight for whatís fair
For whatís really theirs
Only to get themselves lost

Whites took the land from the blacks
Killed their children to keep them back
Stole their land and shot their pride
Started up this useless fight

Riots start as whites flee
Their last chance to be free
Rocks fly throughout the skies
A gun is shot, a child dies

13. Reich of Torture

Smiling as he speaks of death
destroying lives unknown
Killing Ďtil his final breath
Protecting his fallen throne

March of the chamber of gas
The line to end their lives
As they die he starts to laugh
Last thing heard are cries

We have fought together side by side
Killing humans as they die
Burning souls once filled with life
Now theyíre filled with pain and strife

Prisoner of one manís hate
Now facing their final day
Try to reach their wired gate
Who has their god saved?

Running from the brightened light
Shots fired as comrades fall
Without guns they cannot fight
Death for one and all

They storm the gates on hopes to be free
Many trampled in the frenzied flee
Many fall as machine guns roar
See yourself, but now as a bloody corpse
Escape for you is nothing but a dream
The bullets rip your flesh as you scream
Your final breath is spent on cursed cries
The tortured lives of Hitler take to the sky

Is violence the way to get a point across?
If you donít get your way, itís your own loss
Donít try to force people to see your way
You shoot people down, someday youíll pay
A large racial barrier, when will it break?
Blacks arenít dumb, whites made the mistake
Like to kill them, but they wouldnít dare
Theyíll shoot back, whatís fair is fair

14. Convicted

You were convicted of a crime
Now youíre out, you served your time
With no skill, what can you do?
Got no education, youíre nobodyís fool

On the streets, youíll have to steal
Got no money for a nourishing meal
A losing battle, you canít survive
A ringing in your head, pain in your eyes

No friends, no fun, no life to lead
No job, no pay, you canít succeed

Always hear ďno,Ē a door in your face
Keep to yourself, stay in your place
Youíve lost your will, you have no care
Societyís outcast, and itís not fair

You start to run, maybe get away
You canít hide it, it shows in your face
I know youíve tried, you begin to realize
The only way out, you come to suicide


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