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Tragedies Beheld By The Cemetery

"Tragedies Beheld By The Cemetery" (2000)

1. The Inevitable Tragedy
2. Hanged Amidst the Graves
3. Betrothed to a Witch
4. For She That Slumbers (Covered by the Cerement)
5. Evil Dead
6. A Dismal Nocturne (Haunting the Family Vault)
7. Of Seductress in Obsequal Attire
8. Axe, Gore and Thy Awful Charms

1. The Inevitable Tragedy

2. Hanged Amidst the Graves

As the fate decreed
I came across the edifice
So lonely and deserted
The mansion stood among the trees
A hundred years elapsed
The breath of life has left this place
But gloomy walls retained
The traces of joy and pain

Lurked in the dusk
Behind this house
Forsaken graves
All overgrown with weeds

As the first light of dawn
Pierced through sombre wood
And engilt the apices of toombstones
Marvellous portrayal
Of a girl arrested me
Goddess stared at me from marble slab

Never I have seen
Such a surpassing beauty
Her image was so vivid
It seemed to me she had revived
Days and nights I spent
In private with her lovely shape
Since I have seen her face
Depicted on a stone
Full of bewitching grace

I shall never learn the cause
Of what has cut her life so short
Right in the bloom of youth
The fresh flower was engored
Sprinkled with blood
Her beauty withered
To find its death and rest
And all the delights of life
Has been shrouded
In darkness right away
In darkness...

Life is worth to go on
No longer anymore
That is what I realized at once
Sublime old tree rose next to her grave
Here comes the cord
Soon I’ll stay forever by her side

Left face to face
Amidst the graves
In unity as one in dusk we rest

3. Betrothed to a Witch

Despiteful, malignant
The light of moon is stealing
Into my cold gloomy ward
I feel her cold breath
She’s near
She’s coming back again...

Eyes of her concealed
An awfull mystery
Blinded by her sorcery
I have paid
No heed to their morbid gleam

Dazzling charms of her
So indescribable
Lit up the crepuscular
The dew of her beauty
Threw the captive flame on me

Awake! Break the torpor!
Is what I really needed
To be done

I sacrificed my heart
For she that has been dead

Hand by hand we walked
The path in gloomy grove
I enjoyed the sight of rustling crowns
Of the trees
Their whisperings of warning
Were unheard by me

Longing for a kiss
Her hublean ruby lips
Touched mine and I felt the bliss
Deadly claws
Of her dreadful witchcraft
Dug into me

And our silhouettes combined
We faded into midnight mist

Tell me! Tell me now!
Goddess, delightful
Please tell me what art thou
Where didst thou comest from
To steal my heart and soul

Not a single word
Was uttered to feed my lust
Not a single word
Just a graceful splendour
To blind my eyes!

That night I dreamt of her
But visions were so dreadful
Instead of rest I throed
It came to me at last
The mouldy slabs I lay on
Were not the bed I fell asleep before

Wanton old woman
Lascivious to the core
Totally naked
Appeared in a doorway

Was it just a dream?
The old witch was drawing near
Was it just a dream?
The gleam in her gaunt hand
The carving knife!

I turned around my head
I thought it was my chamber
But only vaults I saw
I snatched the knife out of
Her hand when she approached
And cut her throat
As deeper as I could...

Eyes full of hatred
And consternation
Stared at me before the dying away
And then I saw an awful vision
The young beauty in blood

They caught hold of me
Justice is never to escape
But they’ll never know that she
Is the first to overtake me

Murder of a bride
Imprisonment for life
Haunting me is nightmare of that night
She is still alive
Damp walls will never hide
Me from her lust
The evil predator
Is thirsting for my life

4. For She That Slumbers (Covered by the Cerement)

5. Evil Dead

6. A Dismal Nocturne (Haunting the Family Vault)

7. Of Seductress in Obsequal Attire

Swathed in sombre velvet
She left me in her repose
In dusky dank tomb perfume
Enwrapped in swoon
Never to arouse

Thus I stood in cheerless crypt
And wept for her in grief
“My lurid beauty, mistress dead
I hate this kiss of ice-cold lips”
But she slept amort in dusk
So princely in her grace
Imperious, monarchial
I hymned this majesty of death

I called to thee:
“Wake up from this
Impenetrable slumber!”
Yell of mine resounded
The dismal castle
Lapped in woods in a heavy mist

Time had passed
Since she succumbed
And Death blackened her dress
She shared her beauty
With death-worms
Devoted her slender waist
To marble stone embrace
In the realm of Morpheus
For some days she seemed to rest
All of those unearthly fantasies
She dreamt now cobweb veils

But what is the kind
Of this soft voice
Haunting me in the nights?
Wher these entreaties
Spoken silently
The moan of my Funeria?

All my misgivings are broke
Steal me from here...
I know that thou hast not gone
Unseal my holy lair...

When the light of moon prevails
Over picturesque landscapes
And the awe fills up the lands
Night will bless our sweet embrace

Sweeteest was the song
That was heard
From under the slabs
Where embellished
She craved for me
The wine could not drawn her call
Candelabra whirled
In the nocturnal wicked dance
Endless supplications
Drove me out of my mind

Flustered I rushed down the stairs
Draw near, my minion...
‘Twas time to meet her again
I languish in my grave...

Through the nights I summoned thee
Time has come to set me free
Thou art welcome to take me
On our couch of ecstasy

Vesper was turning into night
When I found myself in cellar
Lighting up my path
With a cresset burning bright

I came up to the shrine
Where my departed Queen abided

Slowly, as if in dream
I smashed down the seal
And broke open the crypt
My love oath to redeem

Stars were dim
So dull as her eyes
That stared right into the sky
What did she reveal in far
Beyond the mortals’ grasp?

Blood-red wine made me blind
Haze covered my mind
I took her up
To join our lusts
We joined in our lusts...

In abandoned castle
We’ll give ourselves
Up to our love
No one will disturb our harmony
Neither loons, nor servants at all

We imbibed the lure
Of aristocratic ardent sex
Ghosts and wraiths
Were guiding our dormitory
And nobody ever could vex

Duchess in her prime
Posthumous sorceries
Inflame desires of obscenity

Bewitching coldness
And defencelessness of thine
Attached me back to thee
And I could not resist thy spell
And stayed with thee
My nymph, forevermore

Castle became desolate
Now me and thou...
Inhabit this bodeful place
And share our fervent love...

Now the light of moon prevails
Over picturesque landscapes
And the awe fills up the lands
Blessed be our sweet embrace...

8. Axe, Gore and Thy Awful Charms

Stains of gore
Ominous dark-red
Coated the sullen walls
Eerie painting so sinister
Who’s she to inspire me
Could they ever comprehend?

To please thy pride
To feed thy smile
Their souls will dash around the castle
In wedding dress
Immersed in pangs
She greets her death

Watching her blood to splash
As the axe reflects the candlelight
Now it’s time
To let her know the truth
Tear the bed-sheet off the bed
To reveal thy awful charms

To please thy pride
To feed thy smile
Her ghost will haunt our howling castle
In wedding dress
Immersed in pangs
She greets her death

Funeria, she won’t be mine
Dost thou behold this blood to flow?

Beneath this all-absorbing Moon
The piercing shrieks of horror
Follow all the murders in my room

Funeria, I’m only thine
Thou art the only one for me

Below the cerement of night
Another maiden’s slain. She’s dead
For thou art sovereign of my heart

I’m sure thou shouldst be pleased at last
So greet my bloody tribute now
My axe will plunge and spill her blood
The sweetest ichor to delight thy eye


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