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"Demo 2005" (2005 Demo)

1. Intro
2. The Caretaker
3. Death Machine
4. Main Scream

1. Intro

2. The Caretaker

An ingenious business venture for the mildly deranged
Employed by the state to recycle the deceased
A well enforced limit on the modern life span
Supply runs low, demand acquires new meaning
No concerns about your gender, no distinctions over race
Just another useless human to ruthlessly butcher
And unfortunately for you as I split your skull in two
Another lifeless, limbless body equals more money for me

When health’s failing
I am Father Time
Welcome to my full service

It’s my job to keep the funeral home full
A one way ticket out of life inside a body bag
Multiple murders are the key to a higher quality of living
Business will keep booming as long as I continue killing

I just want to help you die

You give your blood
Achieve a moral high
Fill out your donor cards
Vain hopes to save another life
The irony surmounts
For soon you’ll live no more
No organs will be spared
To serve this world that I abhor
The time is set for you
I am the Reaper’s watch
Unwind your mortal coil
And I will never get caught
Skulking in the shadows
Your destiny is dust
To assist you in such closure
A pleasure I enjoy so much

Mortality’s nemesis am I

The day has come for you to depart this life
My funds are low, I’ve but one way to provide

So you die

Drain your blood
Fill you with formaldehyde
No autopsy performed to see just how the deceased died
Atrocity surmounts
A human lives no more
I get my paycheck and my benefits in this government funded morgue
No funeral for you
No family around to watch
I’ll embalm you rotting carcass
I love this fucking job
No priest says “ashes to ashes”
As I render you to dust
And as the trash can lid is closing
I will find another throat to cut…

Who would have known
The world could be so cruel
Your own government
Paying me to end you

Oh no

I am the Caretaker

3. Death Machine

Bred of lacking remorse
Awaken deep in hatred
Bathed in the black stagnant blood
Of a repeated victim
A new time of resurrection
I am a soulless shell
I am infinite
I am a program
I am a machine

The future dead by your own hands
You've strangled the life from this world
Knowing why I'm here (extermination)
Knowing why, dismembered and burning flesh
Eats away all senses
And you're the only one left alive
Shallow reality

Seeing what's left of the corpse mass
Shred to the bone
When spoiled human meat's all that's left to digest
Dining amongst dead alone
When the vastlands of a burning hell
Fill with an ocean of blood
Then you'll know
Who I am

I am synthetic life, in a plastic world
Beyond your own demise
I am the pain of a collective unconscious
I strike all down
Strike fear in all

My breathing through my nonliving tissue
Barely sustaining life
Ihale the vital hatred
Favoring my existance
The strength gained
Through a mass account of fatality

Here to pave over the path...of ignorance
To reshape a directionless reality
Promising mankind no paradise

Here to lay the rotting intentions of peace of mind
In a smoldering world
Bathed in sinful blood
As stagnant as the righteous land

And slaughter the ones with empty hands

4. Main Scream


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