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Inferno Rex Sathanas

"Inferno Rex Sathanas" (1999 Demo)

1. The Awakened Horde (Intro) / Inferno Rex Sathanas
2. By Amaymon´s Cyclone
3. From The Chasms Of Burning Flesh
4. Ungenesis Millennium 666
5. Warchants Of Triumph (Outro)

1. The Awakened Horde (Intro) / Inferno Rex Sathanas

Descendants from heaven gather at the burning gates,
black winged demons from the kingdom cursed to man.
Where fire burns eternally and is the only light to shine,
thou shalt kneel for the throne of his excellence Sathanas.

Blood stains the dim halls where the screams of torture resound.
The cauldrons filled with the remains of dying human creatures.
His majesty walks among a gallery of impaled corpses.
The shadows are alive and witness eternal suffering...

Great lord Sathanas!
Enthroned upon a myriad skulls,
embodied by power and strength and the purest of black magick.
King with a thousand names and a thousand dreadful faces,
we praise thee in devotion an we will give our blood once more!

Inferno Rex Sathanas - King of Kings!
Let the flames of hell prevail!
Inferno Rex Sathanas - Satan!
Ruler of infinity and beings!

"Come O lord, behold with joy as we draw the nails into his skin.
Again and again like millenniums before,
now the Nazarene dies a thousand deaths!"

2. By Amaymon´s Cyclone

The earth shakes...
Come O lord unto this earthly plane
where thou hast been driven forth from the celestial realms.
Come forth, king of inferno, thou whose name is heresy.
Great force against the light,
I call thee by thy unhallowed name:

Thou who hast might over every legion,
over every spirit obedient to Sathanas.
Crowned with th fierce black wings,
bring us the final night.

When the sky bleeds rain of blood
and thy cyclone ravages the lands,
when the dead rise from their graves
it is time to enthrone thee again!

The earth shall be purified, blessed with fire and ice.
The age of pandemonium by Amaymon´s cyclone.

And there is great bloodshed on earth and in heaven.
Angels die by demons and storms,
the earth is like millenniums before.

The earth is dead...
Come O lord and claim thy rightful throne.
Great king Sathanas, the universe be thy kingdom!

3. From The Chasms Of Burning Flesh

Demons of war gather at the citadel´s gate.
Demons of flame burn the stakes with human corpses.
Demons of hate lead the procession to vultures and wolves.
Demons of blood laugh at the cremating herd of god.

I have seen the chasms from which the fire leaps up high.
Come, drink the blood from the chalice and celebrate Satan´s rise!
Behold the melting flesh in the cauldrons of punishment.
See the pure energy stream towards the infernal throne!

There is no sky which could been behold.
There is no light which comes from the sun.
There is just black stone, blood and fire.
There is the great kingdom of Satan!

Hundreds of human candles, come, minions and behold!
Smoke colours the sky so black and ash brought here by the winds...

Fire - leap and devour!
Satan - take all their souls!

4. Ungenesis Millennium 666

As wolves among feeble sheep,
by bloodlust bound to this cursed soil,
we roam disguised by the cloak of the night
with the darkened shadows of revenge.
We are spawn of unearthly depths
from mankind´s abyss of thought,
where never any light will shine into,
where never god´s word will reach.

Warlords and battlemages, demons and cursed souls of the dark
unified by Satan´s mighty spirit, driven into the eternal war.
Battlefields are red from blood, bloodseas mirror the light of the moon,
gathered scavenger-beasts gnaw on the bones of cadavers.

This is the final sunset, the earth screams out in torment.
Rising the throne of malevolence for the coming ages and aeons.

Satan give sign for unleashing the dread upon all which god hasd created.
Unmake what gave birth to the weakness, unmake what gave birth to the light.

Mountains jewelled by piles of bones,
virgins impaled through their cunts.
Winged creatures sip the leaking blood,
crows pick out the broken eyes.
Path of Satan´s citadel
garnished with rotting angels´ corpses.
By lightning all the dead will rise
and roam the earth by war and fire.

The moon is in zenith now, of bloodred colour, with evil smile.
Watching the scenes of slaughter among all living beings on earth.
All culture´s evil forces unite and form a supreme Satan
with powers the cosmos never dreamt about,
the ultimate focused destruction!

Bring forth the hour when all collapses.
Satan show thyself to mankind.
Burial surfaces - as old they shalt be -
spawn their armies from the darkness...

5. Warchants Of Triumph (Outro)


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