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Crowd In Anger

"Crowd In Anger" (2005 Demo)

1. Crowd In Anger
2. Prophet Of Hell
3. Night Of Anger
4. Eternal Destruction

1. Crowd In Anger

You donít know the danger
Youíre the ignorant stranger
Death is ringing on your bell
Your going down, down to hell
But in the darkest night
You can win this fight
If the devil hears this sound
He will go down to ground

Haviní power makiní noise
Crowd in anger weíre the boys

We were born in ignorance
Now weíve the seventh sence
Playing Metal fighting the world
Dividing groups with the guitar sword

Heaven and hell far from each other
Fuck modesty think of this night
The devil says your doing the right
Now listen good to me tonight
Fuck off the society
Let out this electric sound
Weíre here weíre loud
We bring anger over the crowd

Now itís time to rise
Cause Metal never dies
A hidding way you have to find
And pray that you wonít go blind
Now open up your mind
And forget the world behind
Hellís open doors are shining bright
And we still kick your ass tonight

2. Prophet Of Hell

Oh metal! Fuck the rest
We do our fucking best
Always searching for the real, we want more!
Loud! Fast! Hard and wild
Listen to me little child
Thereís one thing in the air
Can you feel it everywhere?

Iím here to spread the fucking best
Donít forget what I say
This is the prophecy
And Iím the prophet of hell

Prophet of hell

We want to play everytime
Every night and every day
No stop no break all for metal
Thatís the way we want to live
Sex drugs heavy metal
Is our fuckiní religion
So follow us in our world in our way to live


Bang your head scream and shout
Let the maniac burn inside
Feel the noise feel the sound
Letís go on fuckiní wild
Here we are crowd in anger
Playing metal till weíre dead
So let grow your hair
And come to our show


Fire from the dark ground
Is shimmering in my eyes
The stage in flames hot as hell
Brings my blood to run
You will taste it in this song
Can you recognize the prophecy
If you understand what we want to say
Youíre on the right way

3. Night Of Anger

Silent night /Bloody rain/Dark shadows/Anger night

We are here to play some metal
We are here to kick some ass
So get plastered go to the front
Now you know what you have to do
Now itís time for us to rise
Take part of this revolution
So come on and do this shit
And let us play our fuckiní gig

Moonlight shining
In my Eyes
The anger night
Never dies

Night of anger

Horror night/Roaring thunder/Blizzering storm/Anger night

Weíre loud, weíve might
Weíll play on every fuckiní night
Join us follow us
Into the metalmania
Shout all night long
And battle with our metal song
So get it started, bang your head
All night long until youíre dead


Nightfall/Dark might/Metal time/Anger night

We are here to play some metal
We are here to kick some ass
Now get closer to the night
Get ready for the final fight
We can make you feel it hard
Louder, stronger: youíre almost dead
So donít try to stop our music
Iím telling you dusk is near


4. Eternal Destruction


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