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Braindrain Timeslavery

"Braindrain Timeslavery" (2002 EP)

1. Fear Of Death
2. Oppressed And Contaminated
3. Seeds Of Sickness

1. Fear Of Death

You know, someone is here, who wants to kill now.
You lie low, fear is following you.
Run for your live, cry as loud as you can.
No one is here to help you and at last I`ll catch you anyway.

Die, die, die, now it`s time to die. 2x

The bell tolls your last hour, you know your end is near.
Finally I have found you, now it`s time to die.
Your destiny was sealed, tell me your last wish.
I am your worst nightmare, the difference is, I?m real.

I have got your family, one after the other.
You must watching to my gruesome deed.

I hang your mother.
I shoot your father.
I stab your wife,
whith butcher`s knife.
I torture your son,
he`ll die in pain.
I rape your daughter
and break her every bone.

Fear of death ? Time to die.

I came out from the back to get you and you know now, it`s time to die. 2x

Cry, fucking bastard, when i dismember you.
Beginning by the feet, piece by piece.
I raise my axe towards you, whith abyssmal hate.
I hack you into bits, see, the hell is waiting.

Die, die, die, now it`s time to die. 2x

Fear of death ? Time to die.

2. Oppressed And Contaminated

Oppresion and contamination dominates us.
Captured in a jail whitout lattice.
The multis poisoned our food.
They never stop to make more profits.

Oppressed and contaminated.

Damned in a world full of capitalists.
Cursed on a place full of sickness.
Caught in a system full of illusions.
Lost in a live full of disappointments.
The rich men always want more,
the poor forever have less.
A time full of violent deeds.
Decadence and terror are locked together.

New epidemics, ignored by the governments.
Pathetic holding of useful animals.
Fed whit antibiotics and hormons.
Give rise to BSE and pig-pest.

Defenceless we stand here and can not react.
We hear and see what the others decide.
We have nothing to say about this subject.
So many things to come over us.

Oppressed and contaminated.

Rep. Oppression?
Rep. Damned...

Pest, Ebolism, Aids, Cholera, CJD, Leprosy, Cancer, Ebola 2x

Rep. Damned...

3. Seeds Of Sickness

We live in a bad world .
Sick bastards all around us.
They came over us,
like the pest over a medieval village.

No one can stop them.
It`s like a chainreaction.
If you eliminate one,
the next one takes his place.

Dark influences paired with violence.
Death, fuck, bleed, this is what they need.
It`s the highest feeling, pain and killing.
Leaders of the faculty for torture and cruelty.

Seeds of sickness.

The seeds of sickness grow whith immense speed.
Dig the roots deep in the earth of the brave.
Steering whith evil minds, they want to see you bleed.
The only thing they really want, is to bring you into grave.

Seeds of sickness. 2x

So we live in this bad world.
Whith sick bastards around us.
They live among us.
You can?t do anything against, there is no hope.

No one can stop them.
It`s like a chainreaction.
The hopeless reality.
Against the seeds of sickness.


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