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Best Wishes

"Best Wishes" (1989)

1. Death Camps
2. Days of Confusion
3. The Only One
4. Down, But Not Out
5. Crush the Demoniac
6. Fugitive
7. Then and Now
8. Age of Quarrel

1. Death Camps

The organized slaughter of the innocent
Can't you see this is a hellish state we're in
No sympathy in their hearts at all
At the death camps in our midst

Execution without a trial
Think about that for a while
The day they're doomed they're doomed to be killed
So your foul desires can be fulfilled

Execution without a trial
No regret for life at all
Meat hooked conveyor belts line the walls
Don't it remind you of Buchenwald

You don't even see the genocide
I can see you only care for your own hide
And because of the ignorance that clouds your mind
You've left your compassion so far behind

You don't even know what it involves
Because you never see the bloodshed on the walls
Conditioned since childhood kept you from the truth
They just go on lying and poisoning the youth
It's time to be intelligent and open your mind
Reach within yourself and see what you find
Do you really wanna be responsible
For the brutal slaughter of the animals

2. Days of Confusion

In these days of confusion much illusions try to getcha
Try to trick you Every single day
Much aggravation and frustration, devastation always heading my way
And I know why I'm sufferin', looking for satisfaction my mind keeps leading me astray

And I know and I see spiritually there's gotta be a better way

Can't get distracted from achieving the ultimate goal in this human life
No desire to play those games no desire to cause any others grief
I've seen the lies I changed my ways
And I just wanna make my stay here brief

No satisfaction just bad reactions on this dangerous path that I've traveled through, and I look back inside my mind and thank God for the things I still didn't do

I look around I see the shape we're in
And i know I gotta stop living in sin
I guess I must have lost my mind
For how else could I ever be so blind
I've felt the pain of defeat
I've thrown myself at your feet
I've turned my back on what I used to be
I'll follow you to eternity
Once again you made me strong
Now I know I can go on
You are the conquerer of my fears
You are the reason I am here

3. The Only One

I'll never forget when I looked in your eyes
My destiny unfolded to me
You tucked my soul, delivering me
From all of my pain, setting me free

I know I lost control, my mind was in a rage
But then you came to ease the pain
You are the only one, who makes me feel this way
This is not hard for me to see
The only one who makes me feel this way

When I hear your name there is no more fear
You're in my heart this is so clear
They'll be no more pain, once I join you again
I'm begging for you, to pull me through

When I hear your name, just your name, when I hear your name

I won't forget the way I felt when I first looked in your Lotus eyes
For the first time in my life I could see what I must do,
I need to be with you, yes you, you are all I need
Your everlasting love for eternity
You are the only one who makes me feel this way
This is not hard for me to see

4. Down, But Not Out

The youth of today, run wild in the streets
They all try to win, in the face of defeat
They still, they kill, they're going straight to hell
They don't hear and they don't see that they're not free

When I walk down these city streets
I see the victims and the casualties
Do they stand, a chance today
In a world that's thrown their away

They race to the grave
Don't want to heal
Don't want to be saved

Abandoned buildings that should be homes
Abandoned children left to roam
Broken families broken dreams
In the night I hear their screams

Can't make your future or kill your past
With a spike in your arm or a shotgun blast
Till you have the strength to look within
You'll be fighting a battle you'll never win

Mortality suffered society said
That money is God and true faith is dead

I see it in their eyes tis life they cannot cope
The system tells them lies, tries to stick us into giving up hope

We're down, we're down, but we're not out
There's still time to find what life's about
Is there a way of telling the troubled youth
That what they see on TV is not always the truth
We're down, we're down, but we're not out
There's till time to find what life's about

5. Crush the Demoniac

Ignorant fools don't believe in the truth
They are doomed to live in illusion and fear
Cut loose the doubts that arise in your heart
The time of redemption is near

Now in these times of frustration and anger
We've come out of the darkness that kept us blind
With the torch and wisdom and the sword of knowledge
We'll leave the corruption behind

Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac
Gotta wipe out, gotta destroy, gotta crush Demoniac

Demoniac reigns in their hatred and anger
And all of the sin that they bring
In the lie that "true" happiness can be found
In the pursuit of material things

Polluting our minds and corrupting the masses
With pride false attachment and greed
We've seen through their lies and there's no compromise
We know that it's time we were freed

The Demoniac who are lost in themselves and have no intelligence
Engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world

No we won't, no we won't, no we won't ever serve their demands
Cause we know, cause we know, cause we know the Lord and his plans

Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac
Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac
Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac
Gotta kill, gotta fight, gotta crush Demoniac

6. Fugitive

In this lifetime I know I found what's real
So hard I try to control my mind
I'm coming back, coming back
I feel it in my heart

I know I lived a life of strife
And this could be the last chance in this
Ad I know I got to change my ways
I know there ain't no compromise I can be livin' a life of lies
Life of lies and I know I gotta change my ways

Times gonna getcha gotcha it's creeping up on you
It's time to do the things I've always known I had to do
I try, yes I try, how I long to be with you again

In this lifetime I see you everywhere
The pleasure and pain was all to my gain
I tried so hard looking so far
My faith this is my courage I must go on

I call to you savior of my soul help me please
I'm just begging to see the line that's drawn
between the good and bad
And I know I've got to change my ways
When I recall the things I've done

I can see I was completely mad
I know I cannot change my past
But with you I could change my destiny
How I long for you to set me free

7. Then and Now

God has taken me for a life of crime
Misery and suffering and losing my mind
Trying to succeed but I was so very blind
There's no material pleasure that can satisfy time

Serving my sensed with no hesitation
Never even thinking of my situation
Been smashed so many times and it made it so clear
That I was only living in illusion and fear

It's time to advance towards a spiritual state
Instead of serving your senses falling victim to fate
The strength is there inside you, it's never too late
So don't be lead astray by illusion and hate

I'm telling you, you gotta believe in him
Nothing else can save you, open up your eyes, see the light
Hear the truth, nothing else could set you free
Be brave, be strong, you can't go wrong
Be brave, be strong, you can go on

8. Age of Quarrel

In this iron age of hypocrisy
The war against the weak goes on continuously
Can't you smell the bodies burning
Taste of death in the air
Not for a cause but just for greed

Mad scientist experiment in torture and in pain
Murdering the helpless who's this meant to gain

Polluting creation the air the land and sea
Making this world a hell of toxic misery
For the benefit of man they interfere with nature's plan
Can you tell me what is going on

I look out my window and what do I see
Junkies, gangs and rape and poverty
Don't you see the signs things are out of hand
Don't you think it's time we gotta stop

This modern age so full of grief
I've turned away from it's belief
I watch society digress
And it just looks like one big mess
I can't believe the things I hear and see
In this world there's no remorse
Now's the time we must change our course
Those of us who've seen the way
Must stand and fight for a brighter day


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