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Human Error: Ways To Selfdestruction

"Human Error: Ways To Selfdestruction" (2002)

1. Satanic Syndrome 666
2. Waterfalls of Darkness
3. Lunatic Gate
4. Hallowed Whores
5. Crionics
6. Episode of the Falling Star
7. Matrix of Piety
8. Precipice Gaped
9. Sacrosanct Strength
10. Indoctrination Procedure

1. Satanic Syndrome 666

I obliterate all feelings of mine
This is the beginning of the end
You repress a revolt inside
You won't succeed

Fear disappears in infernal fire
Venomous flames burn your desire
Ashes to ashes, blast to blast
I feed my power with false trust

Rip off the dirt that smears you from birth
Try to take your own torch and find the way
I am The One, Cosmic Power Of Destruction
Open the gates and follow The Beast...

...Here comes my microarmageddon...

Satanic syndrome six-six-six
I lead the crowds of threading crucifix
Fuck the human words of devotion
Satanic syndrome is the right emotion

...Here comes my macroarmageddon...

From fire and carcass you garbage!
You trod your hope on pessimism's edge
False acclamation has blinded you
Now you feel pain of the double betrayal!

2. Waterfalls of Darkness

There is a land very deep in my mind
Where I am the bound, enter darkness!
Nothingness surrounds me with freezing desire
Desire I've never known before...

Like phoenix you'll be reborn and change your destiny
"You're man, you're strong"- someone says to me

But where I live your beginning is my end
Waterfalls of darkness give me a hand
Come with me, feel desire of acclamation
-What's the aim in my life?
-I don't know, I must die

Stars shine very high, very deep in the sky
Now they are unseen, clouds make them die
Things from the past as far as the stars
Now covered with clouds, burning, in fire!

Waterfalls...- of water, element of life
Waterfalls of darkness...- the place I will die
The swamp of my life, vermin my throne
Answering the question: "Why?"-
-Never had gone

3. Lunatic Gate

I'm discounting my life by the hour - glass of suffering
Locked in my mind
Betrayed by my own dreams
My eyes flashed with hatred

Walk by the lunatic gate
Enter an icy cold existence
Thorny passage in starlight
In the line of horizon's end

I'm preparing my body for the great moment
Enter an icy cold existence

...Stench of the world in decay
I'm travelling through
The oceans of anxiety

Inside of me!

There's nothing more than burnt ruins
Non-existing nightmares swallowed me
Within a strange dream of delirium

Thorny passage in starlight
In the line of horizon's end
Welcome to my unreal vision
Cosmic travel with insanity

4. Hallowed Whores

The handicap of mine that leads me to gallows
A vessel of time leads towards eternity
As virtue is torment for mortals
A poisoned chalice immortals awaits

Garden of Eden, the day evil dreaded
Dressed in blur of paradise you were
Guidance of God broken
Taste inferior world
In instalments dying

Relics of past sunrise beheld
Distorted ideas poisonous grain sowed
Announcement of evil presence
Hate, love, stone to death hallowed whores!

Midnight arrives with sins of thousands years
Mourners in black share in distress
Rise up in erotic fire
And burn the curtain of lustful desire

Lure that graces the creatures of meat
As javelin drives in
But take it out to make you humble
And tainted with lunatic supremacy

5. Crionics

Frozen embryo sheathed in shroud of numbness
In darkness that no hope brightens
I dwell for centuries, alone
Among the rocks the fragile creature of mine
They and time, me and eternity
None of us will stand the confrontation
Insensitivity and torpor these remain

I emerge from darkness ineffectively
Bored with constant keeping alone
Searching for light and fade of pain
Infinity and unattainableness they seem to be
So near...

Stimulated wings' flutter I'm trying to break
The hard shell, my home and grave

Hopeless struggle against superior
Conditions, destiny - these I don't want to
Fate is looking gloomily, I'm reaching out to Him
Encountered again the sight-penetrating
Insensitive, smooth and cold obstruction

I subconsciously feel the day will come
The power that can save me will arrive
Speak to me and melt my powerlessness
Won't it be too late?

6. Episode of the Falling Star

I come from nowhere I am nothingness
Beyond the eternal desert of the night
Light of the moon a substitute for sun
Innocence born in horrors,
Metamorphosis has just begun

After utopia of life horny dreams await
Now from the chaos I rise
To the sky...

Blinded by light darkness calls so sweet
Travelling so far but still unmoved...

I'm still flying, my wings are burning
While angels' art is so near
Call me, hear me, sail with me through the universe
I am the wave that'll flood your hope forever...and more!

Vortex of desire calls to eternity
Come my children, come, reach the Infinity!
Warm and glamour from the bottom of my soul
Thy presence makes the weak forgotten
Of pain and christian fever

Impossibility becomes the brightest night
Forbidden fantasies of the nameless
Open the entrance to another world
Undefined ones...

7. Matrix of Piety

Devouring, smashing
Deflowering and crushing
Here comes the Truth without mercy
Baptised in fire It'll be the leader

Bloody instinct we have deserved
To survive the foolish dogmas of pain
To serve your body and mind
No to be a graveworm

Your generation considered as normal
Mine is forbidden but won't be forgotten
Your brothers and sisters have machine's precision
But are holy cyborgs, can't make a decision

She who loves lunatic walks
Interested in the night, beauty of the dark
Had to be burnt alive
Do you suit to matrix of piety?

Matrix of piety, a directive from above
Conform to behaviours you cannot stand
Dilapidated religion seeks the devoted
They will glower at you, senile souls of leech

8. Precipice Gaped

I know I hung on a windy trunk
All nine nights, wounded by thorns
On the trunk grown out of roots
Of a tree unknown to me

I know I looked down, learnt runes
Screaming I collapsed into its shadows
I learnt nine mighty spells
Read out of the ancient stones

Fed on hate, drunk with blood of the dead
I started being produced
And growing up with power

(One word for the second found the third for me
One deed for the second was searching
For the third for me)

I spread terror and pain, torture and death
In this strange place of the end my time had come
Tired with ruling the evil I'm freezing
Like a bird braided between branches

9. Sacrosanct Strength

Defeated or not they come back in silence
And evil on their faces
Give the feeling of vengeance's desire
Centuries went by and there were many wars

Once they were triumphant and once not
The enemies expanded, gathered
And pagans have been loosing many battles
After many years they were
Attacked, oppressed and killed
They hid in the woods and caves
But after all they were murdered

Only the strong survived
Wrote tale that rouses fear and thrills
And their sanctuaries, stone circles and ruins
Prove that their power and beliefs will survive...

10. Indoctrination Procedure

I abandon what can't be proved
To free my mind of the doctrine of lies
Overbearing king, common dictator
Now I am God

Bow to me, down on your knees
Mass culture will be no more
Sardonic laugh around the world
Fluctuating human nature

Sleazy priest, vault of naivety
Come my sheep I will keep
My hands on harvest of gold
...God bless you...

Fucking priest, morbid desire
Come my boy be my toy
Let me touch your skin
...God thanks you...

Persecution of human race
With holy host and trey
Deratisation of grey masses
Man, god, rat, Absolute, worm?

Avid for aspergillum sinner am I?
Mean Adam's descendant?
I hate phlegmatic reactions
Deeds of flesh emitting humility

Complexity of human nature
Intricacy of choices, moves and behaviour
Allows living in different ways
Not to adopt dogmas thoughtlessly

It's time to exonerate our minds
To stop christian expansion
Based on weakness and myth
Reign in confusion sophisticated solution


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