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"Demo'98" (1998 Demo)

1. Mystic Past
2. Pagan Strength
3. Black Warriors
4. I Am the Black Wizards (Emperor cover)

1. Mystic Past

Moving to the times of thousand years before Christ
We can imagine only in some measure
How important for the pagan tribes
Were five elements of the earth:
Soil, wind, fire and water
And holy spirit reigning over everything

They were so important
' Cause pagan rituals depended on them
Old men with hooded heads, strong and wise
Came through the woods, drew sigils

They worshiped their gods:
Fenriz, Midgard, Moloch
They threw the blasphemies
On those who wanted to bury their culture
And those who wanted to do this
Had to fight with the descendents of the old man

2. Pagan Strength

Defeated or not they come back in silence
And evil on their faces
Give the feeling of vengeance's desire
Centuries went by and there were many wars
Once they were triumphant and once not
The enemies has been expanding, gathered
And pagans have been losing many battles
After many years they were
Attacked, oppresed and killed
They hid in the woods and caves
But after all they were murdered
Only the strong survived
Wrote tales that rouses fear and thrills
And their sanctuaries, stone circles and ruins
Prove that their power and beliefs will survive...

3. Black Warriors

The descendents were strong and powerful
They had the spirit to fight
They put mud on their long hair
Painted their faces and prepared their weapons
To strenghten themselves before combat

Ready to fight, they walked in the night
Through the mountains, woods and caves

In the moonlight - frozen land
That's creating the mystic view
Fear on men's faces made them sinister

At dawn, when they reached the battlefield
Nobody talked
Everyone was silent and waited for slaughter

...Then came the agony and pain...

4. I Am the Black Wizards (Emperor cover)


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