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Beyond The Blazing Horizon

"Beyond The Blazing Horizon" (2000 EP)

1. Thus the Stars Were Falling (Intro)
2. Episode of the Falling Star
3. Fireland
4. Waterfalls of Darkness
5. There Was Neither Ground Nor Firmament (Precipice Gaped)
6. Beyond the Blazing Horizon (Outro)

1. Thus the Stars Were Falling (Intro)

2. Episode of the Falling Star

I come from nowhere I am nothingness
Beyond the eternal desert of night
Light of the moon a substitute for sun
Innocence born in horrors,
Metamorphosis has just begun

After utopia of life horny dreams await
Now from the chaos I rise
To the sky...

Blinded by light darkness calls so sweet
Travelling so far but still unmoved...

[lead: Bielewicz]

I'm still flying, my wings are burning
While angels' art is so near
Call me, hear me, sail with me through the universe
I am the wave that'll flood your hope forever...and more!

Vortex of desire calls to eternity
Come my children, come, reach the Infinity!
Warm and glamour from the bottom of my soul
Thy presence makes the weak forgotten
Of pain and christian fever

Imposibility becomes the brightest night
Forbidden fantasies of the nameless
Open the entrance to another world
Undefined ones...

3. Fireland

Fruit of magic will blossom in your eyes
Stupidity will cast your minds to condemnation
Black warriors with torches in their hands
From ashes into fire will turn these lands

They don't look for bliss
And with pride go ahead
Emperors of chaos come...
Through the fireplain

They don't look for happiness
And with honour act their duty
Emperors of chaos come...
To the Fireland

Then will be bloody rain
Which will spread the fire
Like slaughter of innocents
You all will die!

For ruin of love
And damn of emotions
They steal your sun
For glory of disaster
And glory of hate
They turn the world into the FIRELAND!
You'll be suffer forever
It's the land of fire
It's the land of infinite despair
Of souls and bodies of bigoted people

For ruin of love...

4. Waterfalls of Darkness

There is a land very deep in my mind
Where I am a bound, enter the darkness!
Nothingness surround me with freezing desire
Desire I've never known before...

Like phoenix you'll reborn and change your destiny
" You're man, you're strong" - someone says to me

But where I live your beginning is my end
Waterfalls of darkness give me a hand
Come with me, feel desire of acclamation
-What's the aim in my life?
-I don't know, I must die

Stars shine very high, very deep in the sky
Now they are unseen, clouds make them die
Things from the past as far as the stars
Now covered with clouds, burning, in fire!

[lead: Skotniczny]

Waterfalls...-of water, element of life
Waterfalls of darkness...-the place I will die
The swamp of my life, vermin my throne
Answering the question: "Why?"-
-Never had gone

5. There Was Neither Ground Nor Firmament (Precipice Gaped)

I know I hung on a windy trunk
All nine nights, wounded by thorns
On the trunk being grown out of roots
Of tree unknown to me

I know I looked down, learned runes
Screaming I collapsed into its shadows
I learned nine mighty spells
Read out of ancient stones

Fed on hate, drunk with blood of dead
I started being produced
And growing up with power

One word for the second found the third for me
One deed for the second was searching
For the third for me

I spread terror and pain, tortures and death
In this strange place of the end my time had come
Tired with ruling the evil I'm freezing
Like a bird braided between branches

[lead: Skotniczny]

6. Beyond the Blazing Horizon (Outro)


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