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"Riffhead" (1997)

1. Flight Of Dusk
2. Trials And Tribulations
3. Riffhead
4. To Seek
5. 12:34
6. Judgement Rights
7. Creative Grey
8. Tangents
9. Brickfight

1. Flight Of Dusk

No human feels the truth.
I will suffer ever more and die.
Die in vain.
Die from careless waste and see the future of mankind.

Breath of air is no aid.
I must land and live my final day.
Can’t they see what they’re burning in the air
is no good for the race?

Red sun shines through the haze.
Make a dollar there’s no time to waste.
There’s no time.
He is selfish, guilty of the tainted skies and my own end.
Is it fair? My own life depends upon their will.
Will it change?
I see no future for my own dying race and the loss of my young.
Human waste is to blame. Will it ever change? No!

Soaring through the impure skies.
My stroke becomes ever weaker.
Life expectancy is due to change.
My life is a flight of dusk.

2. Trials And Tribulations

I see no future for a man who lives in pain.
Tomorrow’s just another day to face in vain.
Waiting for the night when I will see the light.
Do I use both my mind and my might?

Trials and tribulations (hear them calling on)—that’s all there is to life.

No one seems to bother when I break down on my knees and cry.
I try to smile, but why do I try?
Fighting for the cause, pain is growing, and I struggle on.
I see no end; I will mend; that’s all.

No one seems to fathom endless torture that I face everyday.
But in the end I will always say, Rise!

3. Riffhead

4. To Seek

Why has it come to this—the persecution of faith?
Flagrant, notorious, is it all worth dying for?
Death to human souls it brings, slaying of the free.
“Give me back my land,” he says. Let the people be.

To seek a new future; to mourn for the people of war.
To seek a new freedom; to pray for the dying and sore.
To seek a new homeland; to bring all the chaos to end.

Send your son across the sea so he can wait in line.
Give him a prayer and a gun to live in all uncertainty.
Fighting the beliefs of the Israelites.
Shave your head, sell your soul, and give up all your rights.

Madness corruption, is why we’re over there.
Drill the land, juice the sand to make our motors run on.
Draft the boys, pick up their toys, look into their eyes.
Feeling angry, feeling weak, what a fucking surprise.

5. 12:34

And when I arose I looked up.
This sort of omen was following me, maybe even guiding me.
And in the next moment it was gone.
But wouldn’t you know it would come back again and again?

The time is now 12:34. Will it leave me?
Because it will never change.
I can’t explain the symbolism. But do I want it to go?

The feeling it brings is that of bad.
But how can I judge it when nothing bas has happened?
Or is it a spiritual thing
that only can be brought out of my inner self?

If you hear what I say, it will happen to you.
This mystical draw that obtains your full attention.
To remain clear and open is your goal,
but all you will see is now the time is 12:34.

6. Judgement Rights

Go away. Leave me be. I’m very tired, can’t you see?
The judgement game—it’s all the same.

Day after day, searching on for what the people say.
So we play the judgement game, telling you rules
that turn you into shameful fools.
Criticize because you’re different from the normal rule.

Degradate, humiliate the ones that you demand loyalty from.
So we play the judgement game; turns you all from loyalty.
Lord of the law and honesty.
Degradate, humiliate the ones you love.
Own judgement rights.

7. Creative Grey

Running through the forgotten forest,
cries from all the birds that perch above me.
Think not the functions of every day.
Feed your mind with all the creative grey.

Come see what you should know tomorrow,
be what has come from your planted seed,
and dream of what tomorrow holds for you
—what has become your creative grey.
Teach your grey.

Like a hundred-way lightbulb, your head sits on your shoulders.
God is not a he. God is not a she.
God is energy, and it shall be yours.

And now we reach into the parts of our brain that we cannot see.
And now we reach into the parts of our brain that we cannot say.
And now we reach into the parts of our brain that we cannot feel.
And now we reach into the parts that we will call creative grey.

Now you know the secret,
and you must use it for the wise.
Go teach the herd; speak the word.
And let the grey spew out of your eyes.

8. Tangents

Rise above the glory seekers.
Nothing can they say.
And for you knowledge will provide your goal.
Go forth and achieve what’s set inside your soul.

Think of the illusions that are set inside your brain.
With hope for fulfillment of your struggling.
You will find the dreams that you are fighting for.
Time is running short, you know.
Go forth. Do show.

To be wise or play the fool in your own situation.
Guide your strength in the direction you know.
Fear no fear to make your persistence grow.

Tangent subject matter increase thoughts to bare their own goal.
Speak up, son. Vocabulary utilized.
Work your mind. Tangents come in realized.
Time is running short, you know.
Go forth. Do, show.

Listen to what I mean; don’t listen to what I say.
Daybreak comes. New mind to explore new views.
Down with the political avenues.
Time is running short, you know.
Go forth. Do, show.

9. Brickfight

Run from your brother. I will provide pain for others.
Holding onto fury because we’re brutalizing weary.
Another brickfight.

Brickfight! I won’t protect you.
I will regret you. I will subject you.

Casting stones upon her. Reason for creed, race, or color.
Feeding on their anger. Rocks fly to bludgeon heads of others.

Run cocksucker. I’m after you, motherfucker.
Holding onto fury because we’re brutalizing weary.


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