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In Corruption We Must

"In Corruption We Must" (2005 Demo)

1. Buried Alive
2. Eternal Nightmare
3. Wake Up Screaming
4. Redemption
5. News
6. Corruptus
7. Tribulation
8. Masochist Basement
9. Suicide
10. Only Friend

1. Buried Alive

You woke up in the darkness
And you couldn't breathe quite right
You didn't know what time it was
But you knew it wasn't night
You tried to move your arms
But they were pinned up to your side
Your fingers scrape, there's no escape
It's time for you to die

Buried alive, buried alive
Paralyzed under the ground
Buried alive, buried alive
Rotting bodies all around
Buried alive, buried alive
Go ahead and cry
Buried alive, buried alive
Itís time for you to die

A claustrophobic nightmare
Suffocating in this cell
Youíre hands are tied, youíre locked inside
The rotting wooden shell
You scream until you're breathless,
But nobodies going to hear
You better say your prayers
Because the end will soon be here

Youíre body begins in spasms
Suffering from the fright
Breathing getting harder
The coffin is airtight
Panic creates illusions of
Shovels digging overhead
Buried alive you wonít survive
Becoming the buried dead.

2. Eternal Nightmare

I saw my mom, sleeping
With some guy I never knew
I thought I was dreaming
Waiting for the nightmare to be through

But I was being naïve
Everything I saw was real
My own mom, I couldn't believe
How would my dad feel?

I yelled at her so loud
What the hell are you doing?
Are you a whore are you proud
Itís not just him you're screwing
I could not obey you mother
When you told me what to do
Don't tell your father
Son I, I, love you

You don't love my dad anymore
You don't love that other man either
I'm telling dad that you're a whore
And that you are a deceiver

My dad killed her, sleeping
I told him what I thought I knew
I didn't know I was dreaming
Now my nightmare will never be through

3. Wake Up Screaming

Why should I even fight it?
This shit is out of line
I lost my soul and all control
And all my piece of mind
My heart has been cut open
Itís leaking like a sieve
I try to find the reasons
But I've lost the will to live

Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Screaming!
There is no relief for the fear youíre feeling
Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Screaming!
If you think your safe, then youíre still dreaming
Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Screaming!
There is no escape from the fear youíre feeling
Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up Screaming!
If you think your safe, then youíre still dreaming

There he lays awake in bed
Staring at the wall
Burning himself with a cigarette
So his eyelids will not fall
His floor is strewn of coffee crystals
And porno magazines
Anything to keep at bay
The horrors of his dreams

4. Redemption

5. News

Armed and dangerous and everybody runs
A kid gets bullied and answers with guns
A suburban war zone painted in red
Gunshot echoes; another child dead

Another hijacker on the freeway
A serial killer seizes the day
The truth about our society
Itís on the news for all to see

We all let it happen
Everyoneís to blame
With all the violence now
It puts us all to shame

Time still passes by
Everything is the same
With all the violence around
It puts us all to shame

6. Corruptus

Youíll ask for guidance from above
But the world doesnít revolve around love
Itís all about the money and greed
To fulfill your every need
Cause with Politicians like these around
The Christian message is always found
With moral hypocrisies
Jesus was a man of peace

So Corruptus now before it's to late
Exploit our generation with religion and hate
Corruptus, Corruptus, go ahead
Corruptus like you've corrupted them

Conglomerates claim to go bankrupt
Some are legit, but many are corrupt
They pitch out a downsizing phrase
While the CEOís give themselves a raise
The flags colors are red white and blue
Many have died for it so sad so true
Allowing corruption to go unseen
Turns our flag red black and green.

7. Tribulation

You call it life; I cut it down to simplicity
Life is a cycle, adventures in futility

Amidst recurring lapses of absolute depression
Comes a few moments without tribulation

For some the ignorance is truly blissful
Fool themselves into thinking life isnít so dismal

Cycle of hopeless future repeating a desolate past
Cruel truth of life the good times never last.

8. Masochist Basement

In the basement he waits
The night grows darker
His tortured mind tells him
To cut deeper
There is nothing left now
God is gone
He has it all but
He doesn't deserve it
Loyal friends devoted parents
All that is good he resents
The flag he sees
As he vomits he bleeds

Masochism, self-injury
Cutting myself to punish me
It hurts me not my pain is my pleasure
Sucking our own blood, no one needs me
Who should care? My life is my own
Suicide will be the death of me

He sits there staring
At his arms and his legs
With repulsion cut them
Slash them masochism
Break the skin slit the wrists
Bite the neck bloody fists
He regrets his friends
And family cried
No need for help he says
He's doing fine
He wont hurt himself again
But you know he's lying

Watching the clock
Waiting for the moment
Wash the knives the skin
Make the incision
Scrape away the first three layers
Making sure to hit the vein
Drawing the blood
That's why he's there
Of his own death
He has no fear
He does it on his own
In the masochist basement

9. Suicide

The night is foggy
The rain breaks the sky
My head is down but
Thereís no need to cry
Youíve played with my mind
And in my head youíll find
That I want to die
Knife at my throat tonight

I die. Iím dead. Iím guilty.
I die. Iím dead. Iím sorry.

Because I donít want to live anymore
Iíve got to kill myself kill myself
I donít want to live anymore
My last thought is I want to die

No more of my wants
No more of my needs
I am done lying
I am done hiding
How I really feel
How I never healed
Now I am no more
Then the love that was yours

Knife reaching deeper
Iím feeling weaker
The blood is flowing
The pain is growing
My end is right here
But there is no fear
Because I know something
Once dead there is nothing

10. Only Friend


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