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Report of Exploitation

"Report of Exploitation" (1993)

1. Zeitgeist
2. Genesis Of Terror
3. Deforested Kingdoms
4. Castle Of Sir Jan
5. Frenetics
6. Listen To Your Conscience
7. Noema
8. Hitch-Hicking To Death
9. Signs Of Corrosion
10. Tesay Ro

1. Zeitgeist

2. Genesis Of Terror

Tomorrow, who will decide our tomorrow?
Businessmen, scientists or governments,
whose only thought is of their own well - being?
Help us dear God to clean up this poor planet.
No more nuclear testing. No nuclear wars,
that contaminate the water and pierce holes
in the ozone.

Radioactivity shortens the life
of this suffering humanity.
Armies of teachers is what we need,
to conquer and to teach us.
this alone, they'll triumph!
No - Now you are man!
Ah - the dictators will never return

Industries poisoning all around,
opressing the workers,
and sewing wombs full of hate.
Both of us in love with peace and liberty.
If only there were no more frontiers,
to divide country from country,
religion from religion, there would be communion.
How much gold was lost in flames, in the wars?
How many children are dying for bread?
Plague circles stalking the village
Death thrills at the beginning of the end.

3. Deforested Kingdoms

Blood of innocent animals,
forests being mercilessly killed,
polluting water,
rain will fall no more,
everything to desert will be turned.
Poisoning everything, that's in their way,
piercing earth down to her veins.
they dry, divert, evaporate it.
Stop it!

How many cihldren have you brought to light,
that if it was another planet,
it wouldn't be fit to stand the pain.
Gotta exist among the bastards, kings and wisemen,
revolutonaries, who of them has been raping you?

Water! - Air! - Earth! - Fire!

Earth, they tore you to pieces,
you gave the answer, with no remorse.
Hey, race of deforesters,
your time has come, your destruction.

Typhoons! - Collapse! - Earthquake! - Inundation!

Bitter blood out on your surface.
Who will hear your cries?
Mother who's been raping you?

Water! - Air! - Earth! - Fire!

4. Castle Of Sir Jan

Searching through a forest,
for a valley long forgotten.
The darkness now embraced me,
and terror invaded me,
circling wolves were howling,
crying out for death,
and the rushing wind of darkness,
kissed her freezing breath.
The elements rallied, to protect the lord.
Horror now swept over me,
overcome by fear,
when somewhere in the distance
a voice spoke clear:
Sir Jan, call him!

Mysteries, that eyes have never seen.
Secrets forever guarded from man.
A castle with gates and doors of sun,
surrounded by great sounding bells,
cast in gold.
Searching to find the illusive truth.
Your quest,
Is sadly hopeless, somebody warned.
To see it a man must first deserve it.
In vain he strives with his mind,
for it lies bare in another dimension.
Legends which speak of hidden powers,
of blazing blue fire...

Sir Jan, believe and you will find,
what you seek.

One day all will have eyes to see secrets,
now guarded forever from man.
Seek out. Sir Jan

5. Frenetics

We are the torches light,
that chases back the darkness.
The let us cut through the lies,
discover again the truth.
Enough of begging, enough of crying.
Let us look for the path,
to lead us to our freedom.
Yesterday's no use to us.
The future does not yet exist.
Now is the only time, that counts,
and remember, it is not cowards,
who make history.

You are rebels! You are rebels
Revolutionary, loves his long hair,
dresses the way he likes, hates hipocrisy,
demanding peace, his law is liberty.

You are rebels! You are rebels!

Metal men! Metal men!
Frenetic headbanger gets exited
hearing the sound, that seems volcanic eruption.
Banging and shaking his head, dances of metal
Metal men! Metal Men!

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
Some would like to be the way you are, live
just like you do, 'cos they see the value
of revealing the way they are.
They find their pleasure
in satisfying all the others, they can't get
to something, living like that,
they'll never be.
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Metal men, you are rebels!
Warriors, armed with the realistic logic,
dominating the fear of this society.
Feared by those, who will always
keep on living in the past.
Metal men, you are rebels!

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

6. Listen To Your Conscience

Man do not believe that you have won,
because you have dominated all.
As long as you are a slave
of this society, society,
dirty with poverty.

We're looking for - Looking for what
Riches - Yes, but what for?
For it all - What's all?
The power - Don't you dream!

Soon the day will come,
everyone will look to the sky
waiting for a miracle
with faces of loneliness
They look just like vultures,
got smiles like hyenas.
We have lost our conscience.
they sanctify their arms,
screaming to the sky,
destroy the enemy,
who dares to work the earth.
Holding up a cross,
inverted it's a sword.
Repudiate strange credos.
thos who only speak of love.
they claim it all nothing they give.

We demand - What is it now?
Fame and glory - What's that for?
We demand - You are blind!
That everything will change

That life is all the same,
with benediction or evil.
Think! Remember!
That way of living is in vain
'cos everything will be payed,
you must pay!

7. Noema

Thrown out onto the street, like a mangy, fetid dog.
They screamed at her. She was not not fit to live
under that roof.

He mind, reduced to ashes,
by their studies, and their problems.
They tried to hold her back into life, with their course
of electric shocks.

Many years went by in her solitary confinement,
in a poor forgotten world,
where the people have no minds.

Somebody saw her, one day, asleep there
on the ground, naked and with no shelter,
and dreaming about nothing,
her oldest, cruelest friend.

And then at last, one day, her chance came around,
to go back and build her life again.
She found nothing but treason.
Her body, in ruins, her starved empty hands,
in her eyes a distant gaze. So she chose her way.
Voices and noises flooding in, to drown her mind,
destroying her fragile conscious remains

She wants from you - Noema!
Ask of yourself - She!
To the madman give all of your patience.
This was she - Noema!
Didn't value - She!
that world full of indifference.

Justice - love - truth - peace - freedom!

And who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Who evil sews, evil will receive.
Do not do to others, as you would not
have them do to you.

8. Hitch-Hicking To Death

Many are living without knowing,
that there is no way to return.
They cry, they scratch,
they bite and they scream.
The only thing you'll find is
rocks and blood and pain.
A cold tomb awaits your bones
to be desintegrated.

A long path of innocence,
walking the shinning ways of light
Promises hallucinate,
sensations well up to overflow,
waiting impatienly for your lift,
to tramp to hell.
The day you escape, not listening to your mind,
it's because in your world, no illusions you will find.
Massive invasions of vile dealers.
Run! Escape! Don't ever look back!

You have to run! You've got to escape!

9. Signs Of Corrosion

A distance of light, years away from here,
it's burning heat,
alone it can consume your fury.
Sex, luxury,
envy, foolish pride, fear.
Greed, idleness,
bickering and hipocrsy.
Crimes, that cast
shadows across the hardest heart.
Turn to face the sun and let it in
burn away in you, that corrosion.
Incinerated bodies, corroded minds...
already long since sentenced
to the scaffold of terror.
Feel it! Feel it!
In everything, your body.
Fire and thunder,
you feel like the sun.
Your future is putrefaction.
Listen, listen to that voice, to try.

If you are tired
of being dominated by your emotions,
look inside yourself
and see who is the greater.
Take control of the situation.

10. Tesay Ro

Ko'eju Kuarahy
Opu'a Overa
Ojajai Omimbi
Ovy'a Opuka
Ñeha'a jehecha
Ñembo'e Rohendu
Japula Jekua'a
Toheja tyvyty
Ha toho toheka
Ko'eju Kuarahy
opu'a overa
Ñande ára pyahu
toñua mimbipa, veraite

Ñande yvy oñemumba
hese ova,
Ñande'y ojejoki
ojepuru ojerova

Oje'oi mbyry
hesay ombosyry
opytave opyta
omoko mbaero

Ojajai omimbi
ovy'a opuka
Ñaha'a Rohendu
japuka jekua
Toheja tyvyty
Ha toho toheka
iñirú rekoha

Che ruguy
pyta peéicha aveí
tove to ñehendu
Ñande ruguy


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