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The Torment Continues

"The Torment Continues" (2005)

1. Crimson Hour
2. The Ascendance
3. My Eyes, Empty
4. Behold the Light
5. Soaked in Your Blood
6. Bitter Blood
7. Lifetime of Suffering
8. My End
9. All Hail

1. Crimson Hour

I lied in pain, in a dying state and unrest
My life trying to escape me,
my body begginig ... for death
I took that long blade and took a
deep breath
I then sliced myself from my hip to
my chest

This is the very end of my cries
None shall mourn for my demise
This is the end and I shall not rise
My death is approaching with

I will die with a smile upon my face
Awaiting the glory of death's embrace
This life is nothing more than a mistake
this life I regret with a most raging

I closed my eyes and let it take
my away
I'm dislocated from my horrors
and pain
I felt death come and give me an
And then I accepted my death
and accepted my fate

I lied there dying and bleeding
in my bed
My life escaping me and so close
to death
I licked the blood from the blade
that stole my last breath
And I died with no pain...
...and no regret

2. The Ascendance

Broken bones protrude through my
flesh, as blood soaks my skin
with every breath I die a little more
as life drips from my wounds
death consumes me in all its glory,
and coldly invites me in
I cannot see any longer, I cannot
taste, I kow I shall be ash soon

Torturing myself in my private hell,
I fear pain no more
Gutting myself to the bone, I feel
pleasure through my affliction
I desire to hurt others, so I won't
have to feel anymore
I long to make others feel the pain
that is my addiction

Melting flesh rotting from my
bones, I can rest at last
I have hundreds of corpses rotting
around me
My throat is closing up my life
should now the past
Forsaken, I will not rest alone in

3. My Eyes, Empty

The blood that runs through my veins is rotten and hollow
My suffering is the only thing that drives my lifeless body
I witness my old life fading away, decaying in the dust of time
No one will come to save me, no mercy will I ever know
My eyes bleed sorrow, my heart seeps blackened decay
I am dying more every day, every painful second of this cursed life
I wait for the darkness to consume me in it's essence
My only hope for salvation -
I cannot bare another moment of this pain
Writhing in the sickness of the world, the vermin and ailments that bleed forth
I do not wish for a better tomorrow - I wish for the death of me

4. Behold the Light

5. Soaked in Your Blood

I have no restraint, not a shred of sympathy
This blood that runs through my veins is cold with hatred Sorrow is long behind me,
I feel nothing
Drunken on pure disgust for humanity and all of its flaws
Not a worthy face in the streets of slums
Not a worthy name to roam this century
I vow to kill them all in utter disregard
Blanketing them with my corruption
I have no hope for this scum we call ~ humanity
I have no sense of love or empathy Petty feelings are long behind me in a pile of dust
The blood that covers the land around me, the bodies I have killed out of lust
The empire has long fallen, dead with its ancient ways
I have nothing good left inside of me
I want to see them all slaughtered like the cheap meat they are
I want to see them all tortured for centuries

6. Bitter Blood

I raped the souls of the pure & holy
I embrace their cries so melancholy
I stand before a dying civilization
As I gazed upon pure desolation
Standing upon crumbled dreams, I thought
Wondering if only sooner I could have made this world rot
Kneeling down to the distorted faces of beasts so vile
I licked the blood from the cunt of humanity defiled!
A sense of euphoria enshrouded me I embraced my tears of strife so melancholy
I stood to my feet & let a river of blood take me away
Leaving the endless bodies in slaughtered disarray
I kneel before my master, I have served him well indeed
I took a last breath and my mortality withers into nothing
Endless drops of blood anoint me I embraced the ecstasy so melancholy

7. Lifetime of Suffering

My burden is more than I can bare
This suffering has stripped me to the bone
Shacking in utter pain, at death I have stared
My aching soul can't ache anymore
The countless years I have lived have brought me nothing
The only gift I have ever received is a lifetime of suffering
I cannot let another day pass to torture me further
I slit my throat with broken fervor
The weight of my pain could collapse me
This deadening depression eats me whole
Pulsating agony has forever trapped me
My soul just can't take it anymore
The driving minutes pass so slowly with dread
The only comfort of mine is the surrounding death
I just can't bare my burden any longer
I just can't conjure the will to be stronger
My burden is more than I can bare
This suffering has stripped me to the bone
Shaking in utter pain, at death I have stared
My aching soul just can't ache anymore...

8. My End

9. All Hail


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