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The Fire God

"The Fire God" (2001)

1. Victory
2. The Burning
3. Penetrator
4. The Fire God
5. Lusitânia (De Orgulho e Honra)
6. Ultra Sonic Violence
7. Lost Curse of Human Decay
8. Reflex of Nothingness
9. Buried by Time and Dust

1. Victory

For the mark of the beast
Is the sign of Truth
For the victory of the abyss
Is the sign of Belief
The true Satanist is the one
That believes in his own extermination
Cause the almighty god created
The rage that has nothing to give
The Devil has its own ways
Of doing its magic
Forces of negativity
Have a way of making justice
To control the rage
Is to control the world
Almighty god now dead
Satan lord condemned you to Hell

2. The Burning

Burning Sun so high above
Will you ever hurt Me
When I see you, my hands seem to die
If I see you I begin to fall
I am as a rock so cold and dark
When you touch me, I burn inside
For all this ages you've been a god
You represent knowledge and fertility
A fragile kingdom you've constructed
Made of Nature and much more
An obsolete side of torture was born
Star of might you shall fall now
It's time you lay down to sleep
All your work is now finished
Mother Earth in ashes

3. Penetrator

I am the Master Demon
God of torture and pain
Hear my fullmoon chant
And prepare to be wasted
Infernal storms
Appears from winter breeze
I am eternity
The centuries are mine
Kneel before the God
Pussy licker
I have your body
And bloody soul
The reaper has born
For all existence
I am the One
The Penetrator
Fallen Nature
Lust and sins
Destroyed and Damned
You are all shit (crap)
I fuck your soul

4. The Fire God

By the light of the fullmoon
We embrace the shadows
By the fire of Hatred
We torture the Light/We conquer the world
the calling of redemption
The future of worms
By night we conquer
The Heaven's our playground
Master Fire
The Fire God
People Dying
You play with their souls
Humans lay down and fall asleep
Forever you will obey
You will serve the Fire God
Ruller of Life and Death
The rise of the flaming impiety
The grotesque life of us all

5. Lusitânia (De Orgulho e Honra)

Sê minha lusitânia
Para todo o sempre
Eu me orgulho
De a ti pertencer
Nas sete quinas
Moram os sete anjos
Que de terra
À Pátria conduziram
Do teu fogo eu me alimento
Com os teus cinco escudos eu me defendo
Do teu sangue eu bebo
No meu fundo horror eu te percebo
Que de orgulho lusitano nos cobriram
E com lâminas de sangue degolaram inimigos
O teu recorte banhado pelo mar
Acolhe o povo que tanto lutou
Gladius, Scutum, imperium, sanguine carens
Manus, Cereus, ignis, solum pingue

[Translation to English]
Be my lusitânia
I'm proud of
Belonging to you
In the sevenshields
Live the seven angels
That from the earth
To the patria drove
Of your fire, I feed myself
With your five shields, I defend me
From your blood I drink
In my deepest horror I understand you
Of lusitanian pride they covered us
And with bloody blades they cut their enemies throats
Your coast bathed by the sea
Embrace the people that so much fought
Gladius, Scutum, imperium, sanguine carens
Manus, Cereus, ignis, solum pingue

6. Ultra Sonic Violence

Among the shadows of domain
I fell the powers flowing in my veins
Your blood falling in the ground
The axe is opening your brain
Cutting you all in pieces
I drift through the dreams
A savage animal has awaken
To glorify the day of blackness
I've found th stairways to Hell
A dark unknown dimension
To be the one to control the departures
I've discovered the words of night
Humans nature decay
Into damnation all we fall
Destruction's our second name
Violence is our way
You are falling into black silent slumber
But you still fell your wounds
Through coldness the soul fly
Your brain is open
But I know you're still seeing me

7. Lost Curse of Human Decay

When Tthe humans were created
The almighty God failed
When God tought he controlled things
Master Satan was pulling the strings
We were created to build perfection
To build earthly paradise
But we have minds, we do what we want
No God's will control our thoughts
Satan's children will dismember
Will torture the human kind
Doomed by the night
Earth is destined to die by human hands
By the serpent's smile
Most seeming virtue
By delight of others pain
We will fall in Hell
It does not matter how small are your sins
You will be away from the light
Forever lost paradise
Our kingdom shall be disease

8. Reflex of Nothingness

Conspiracy! Reflex of within
I see the future in icy abyss
Monstrosity! Reflex of within
Dark winds fade the silent obey
I here by sentence you all to die
Regarding your thoughts
No more freezing lies
No more damnations
I am tired of all little humans
Trying to be known
And being regarded
By their impious Acts
Die die decayed people
You are nothing but shades of Hope
In clouds above I see you all waiting
To be seen by the eye of all light

9. Buried by Time and Dust

Visions of that no mornings
light ever will come. I'm to old now
The dark is so near, will I ever reach the land beyond
This is where we go when we have to die
I've been old since the birth of time
Time buried me in earth
centuries ago, I tasted blood
Buried by time and dust
Many years has pasted since the funeral
Missing the blood of human throats
so many years, ages ago
I must await, feel my body's stench
Wanderings out of space
Wandering out of time
A world out of light, death at the end
Only silence can be heard, silence of peoples tears
No one knows my grave
Buried by time and dust


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