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Through Chaos And Disharmony

"Through Chaos And Disharmony" (1998)

1. Not On My Back
2. Severed Senses
3. Primal Speech
4. Spineless Breed
5. Practical Confusion
6. Bond Of Degradation
7. Inward Escape
8. Beyond All Pain
9. Circle Of Fear

1. Not On My Back

My tears mean not weakness
They come from my anger
All is a matter of interest
Which way is right to act?

Why? (4x)
You lie!

I don't believe in your friendship
And I don't need your sincerity
I'm proud of my scars
What's the price of satisfaction

Speak on my face
Not on my back
Spit on my face
Not on my back

Why so much distrust?
Why so much betrayal?
Not on my back!

2. Severed Senses

How blind can you be
Not to see
Your future die before your eyes

How deaf can you be
Not to hear the cires
Of your raped soul
Raped soul

How mute can you be
Silent before you weakness
And looking the other way

You feel nothing!
You are nothing!

3. Primal Speech

Picture a world
Where the feeble
Has no rights
Strong takes everything
And this is called life

Exploitation legitimated
By a system of greedy rules
Modern life means abuse

There's no justice
There's no truth

When money is in control
And profit is the excuse
Stronger takes all
Profit is all

4. Spineless Breed

Rest assured
Nothing is going to change
Your life of shit
Will go on just like before

You have sold your dreams
Cheapened your values
For a false sense of security

How dare you face me?
How dare you judge me?

Blindfold, you don't see
Ugly stains of reality
Spotting your silver dream
As long as you don't think

5. Practical Confusion

Forget your past and your duobts
Will disappear not always there's
Nothing to explain
Let things fall into their place

If there's no love
You've got to learn
And live this way

Life is not what
You expect
Don't waste your
Time thinking
How things
Could be far

Repression suffocating thoughts
Deception consuming innocence
Alone (2x)
But in peace!

6. Bond Of Degradation

I can destroy you
My ignorance is stronger than you
And your life
You have hopes and dreams
But my envy brings you down
As I long as you're near me
I will deny you
You will sink
Beacuse of me
I judge your actions
I despise your feelings
I'll make you null
Everyone will be
Better than you
I judge your actions
I despise your feelings
I'll make you null
Your integrity disgusts me
I wont leave you in peace
Until I see your ruins

7. Inward Escape

Stare through
My vacant eyes
Extraneous hands
Conduct my life
Where reason
Was used to dwell
Is now fear's
Hunting ground

Inward escape (2x)

Recurring burst
Of images lost
A raging spill
Of hurting thougths

8. Beyond All Pain

Heir to the misery of human condition
Force fed the hate
That's entitled to me
Purposeless self falling apart
Can't hold together
What I have come to be
Self denial becomes way of living
Idiopathic negation
Terminal cancellation
Rebuff salvation
Time and time again
Never to be
Beyond all pain
Maimed mind can't take no longer
Emotional mutilation
Character cessation
Harmony dissolution
Inner most confusion
Ingrained corruption
True face lies hidden inside

9. Circle Of Fear

Words can't kill the pain
I carry inside myself
To die a thousand times
Alone every day
Lies to break my will
And steal my faith
Break this circle of fear
And free my spirit
Maybe we're enemies
Hate all we feel
Pain some kind of payback
Cos we do unto others
My name is disbelief
Hate is my religion
Suppress all my feelings
How long will this go on
Change me
I am against myself
Leave me
On my own
An empty promise
To each step mislead
A mouthful of lies
To each lost dream


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