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KܣT Faeces: Rehearsal 9/15/02

"KÜ£T Faeces: Rehearsal 9/15/02" (2002 Demo)

1. Through the Eyes of a Misanthrope
2. Therapeutic Battery
3. Chainsaw Dismemberment (Mortician cover)
4. Exalted Butchery
5. Thoughts
7. Bestial Castration
8. Regurgitated Feces

1. Through the Eyes of a Misanthrope

How I loathe every mindless being in this world
If you could only see through the eyes of a misanthrope

How much I despise all
I want all this to end Ill save the world from misery
I will take it upon myself to be the savior
The solution: mass genocidecomplete extermination
Feel my hate burn right through you

Though I know that I differ no more than anyone here,
I am no greater being than anyone else nor I am higher
The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases: one of its diseases is called man
I am the same that I hatehuman parasite

Must end all this misery, must end this plague
Humanity must be terminated

We lie to ourselves that we are superior to anything else
Yet we differ no more than any simple organism.

Destroy and Erase

How I loathe the ones that has so much potential yet never take actions
Give me the chance to destroy humanity and I will
Oh how I hate our mortality
Born to sufferexisting in bondagedeath is the final release

2. Therapeutic Battery

Please forgive me as I rip your limbs apart
No, you did nothing to provoke me
You were just the unlucky one
I hate myself Im doing this to compensate on what the past has done to me
Bludgeoning battery your face splatters against the walls

Again Im sorry I didnt mean to
All these that I inflict upon you are my ways to release my frustrations
It seems this violent outbursts are very therapeutic

I swear it could have been anyone
Oh were both in a bloody mess Im covered in your blood, and you
Youre everywhere

Hushdont cry, let me take your tears away
Youre so warm, your fluids so comforting
Your intestines wrapped around me
Thank you for participating on this therapy of mine

3. Chainsaw Dismemberment (Mortician cover)

4. Exalted Butchery

I have been gifted an epiphany
A great divine intervention
A messenger of God has told me
The day of judgement has come,
and you have been chosen to cleanse this world

I have become the bringer of your demise
With these mighty swords I strike all with great vengeance
Hail me as I lay waste and create a path

Prayers of my vengeance has been answered
The lord has seen the sins of the world
Driven by my hatred, death will come to all

Hail Mary full of GraceHave mercy on your soul
As I blast you out of your existence

Sodomites, Fornicators, Heathens, All ye shall suffer
All ye I shall smiteFeel the cold steel in your mouth
Pulling the trigger: heads explode, limbs torn apart,
Stomach disemboweled, eyes gouged, flesh burned,
Genital castration, cranially and anally impaled

In the name of Holy Spirit, hear me calling for you
Praise almighty lord desiderated profligacy* exalted butchery

5. Thoughts

Icannot get rid of you from my mind
Every day this torment goes on
A vision of an angel race in my head every breath I take
You do not know how much pain you have caused me
Oh how I have this infinite love for youI wish you knew

Everyday the thought of seeing you becomes paranoia
Thinking if I ever see you again I would either: kiss you or stab you
Infatuation turns to obsession (and in my mind now its mutilation and defecation)

Ifantasize that you and I could be together,
but no way in this right world someone so grotesque can be with someone so beautiful
someone with so much beauty must be wiped out of this existence
If I can be never be with you, then no one will be

Staring at your pictures With so much high respect of you
I never even dared to masturbate, but its a good start to degrade
****, how I want to rub my scrotum against you bloodied face
These fists of mine will be the cause of that,
orifices will be violated, lashes will be reaped
To hear you moan in pleasure and in agony at the same time will send shivers to my spine

But all these are thoughts for now






7. Bestial Castration

This disability of mine must be erase and replaced
Repulsed by myself, I have decided that it must be done
I must find a replacement for this horrid limb of mine
Mockery will soon end

Searching. And searching
Coming across a barn
Yes, I have now found the perfect member
No longer I will be laughed at
With this bat, a swift blow to the cranium should do the trick

The beast awakens and startled
Striking the beasts head
To my surprise after several blows it still lives
A pistol triggered directly in the socket
The beast finally falls, and now carrying to back to my house

A step closer to my dreamthis will end soondragging this carcasspride will finally be enhanced

Its legs spread wide open, sawing off the genitals
Now its my turn, laying my genitals across the table
My hands tremble in great fearI shakeI raise my hands with the butcher knife
finally this horrid member will be replaced
With sowing materials its time to reattach this beastly genitals.

Screaming in agonyin disbeliefprocess almost doneErection completenow truly hung like a horse

8. Regurgitated Feces

Oh ecstasy, oh bliss
In your filth, I bathe
Consuming devouring
In great flatulence, I convulse
Your warm, soft, bitter, rancid droppings brings me joy

The stench fills my lungs
Inducing me to regurgitate your excrements
As I laugh at sight
The filth spurts out my nose

Ready to burst
Blasting my anus burning, ripping, bleeding
Exhume to consume*
I desire for more intake
Yet my body cannot continue
At both ends I retch our wastes


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