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They Shall Suffer

"They Shall Suffer" (2004)

1. They Shall Suffer
2. Impaled Victims
3. Waiting for Death
4. Flesh on My Mind
5. I Wanna Kill You Fuckin
6. I Am God
7. Beyond the Nightmares
8. Painful Screams
9. My Blood to Your Body

1. They Shall Suffer

Going to the cemeteries
Voices calling me
hearing them
It's only me
who can hear them

Rotten corpses hurting their souls
Down in the deep darkness
They can't breathe

They cry out for help begging me
Only I can hear
Their pains, screams, sorrows
Raging in my head
Driving me insane
I want to shut them out
They hear me not
They understand me not

Sometimes angels come
To question the newly-dead
They hold no answers
Just shed their tears
Punishing the newly-dead

Trapped withing their bodies
Till the end
They shall suffer

Till the end
They shall suffer

2. Impaled Victims

They live in unknown places
The ones who knows are in pieces

Smell of rotten is every where
Blood covered all the land
Rivers are running red
Don't ever think of going there !
Fire burns by as the sunset
Everyone gathered around it for the feast

Impaled victims
Awaiting half-conscious...
Impaled victims
Awaiting half-conscious...

Victims are silenced as they rip their tongues
Plucking the eyes, blody tears...

They start biting bodies alive
Cause they like bodies fresh and alive
Sliced organs scattered around
Legs and arms are all consumed !

They rip the heads of the moving bodies
Leaving corpses there
They leave for their caves
Until next sunset
They go into a deep slumber
Which will soon going to last...

3. Waiting for Death

White surgical opretion glaves
Wrep up her fingers fight
On the lancet spread, blood in her hand
Being seen the small flesh pieces

No narcosis, no gas
Before the victim concious dissappers
Operation starts.
On the cold marble like on ice
Being lyed, body trembling
With a thin wire, tied from wrists
So that she cuts when it moves.

Fear - fulled eyes are looking
Screams have been in silence anymore
Lancet is splitting from bosom
Down along the body to two
It makes to be felt the pain that she suffering
With the blood gashing out

All whiteness was blurred to red
Coldness turned into warm
Still lying down before he dies
Begging god to die
His last change is to wait for death

Fulling many small needles into him
Sewing so tight
The wound that she created with lancet
Then setting her victim free
A great pain inside him while he moves
There is only are thing that he can do
To wait for death

4. Flesh on My Mind

I pushed the body full of death in the table
Starting to be hungry as I looked at my meal
Seperating the fresh segments into my plate.

I desire the flesh on my mind
I desire the flesh on my mind

By seperating I'm giving form to bones
So that it decorates my room.
Pulling out the stomach to get out
I'm reaching deep inside
My heart to place I love

I desire the flesh on my mind
I desire the flesh on my mind

Giving away your dirty bad-smelling shit
So that my appetiate does not stop
Setting my table appose to fire place
By a litting the candels in nice darkness
Comsuming my victim

5. I Wanna Kill You Fuckin

I wanna kill you fuckin'
In your eyes, don't wanna see the love!
I give you all my hate Not your love,
but your death body realeses me now!

I wanna kill you fuckin'
Wanna shit on your torn vagina
You love me, but I think killin'
You don't see the truth still...
To turn a dream into a nightmare,
I wanna kill you fuckin'

Do you know ?
When my dick touches your lips,
I'll put it deep into your throat,
Keep you breathless,
Will came into your mouth,
Wanna to kill you fucking...
I'll lick your tears
When you are breathless.
Now, I can see the hate
In your stares...

6. I Am God

He can't believe why ever life is given to him by god
Spilling blond, crying out, saying that he is the god !
He believes he brings salvation, while bringing damnation

It wasn't ever asked if he ever wanted to born
First he killed his mother, the reason of his birth
Spilling blond, crying out, saying he is the god !

Kneeling in front of corpse
Looking up to the sky screaming
I'm the god !

He believes he never should have born
Just like the mankind, just like himself
Children are his primal victims
Saving them before it's too late

Every murder he commits makes him stranger
Nobody can find him, while he dead is with god
Before killing everything neither
he wants to die nor caught
every minute he lives ;

7. Beyond the Nightmares

Livin' in the tunnel of the dark which clicks
After pain and than death is a torture beyond the nightmares
Tears drop after painfull screams turn into blood rivers,
when they stops, starts the redness begin in the ocean
Evil is washing himself in the ocean with blood
Bodies beyond the truth are getting purified

Human blood is holy !
Male gods warship to it
A madness beyond nightmares
Thought are not in a solution
Being washed with blood

The truth is in your eyes
Darkness starts when the life ends
Punishments are facing with bodies
Even if you enter the tunel of death,
when you're waiting for a light,
in the deep where there's no time,
Don't think when it's gonna end !
For the ending of pain beyond the nightmares.

8. Painful Screams

I stocked many insanes into rooms
No difference between unconscious brains and animals

I smash their bodies with chains
I didn't show them the sun, they stayed in dark many days.

I whipped them everyday
To make their bodies rotten in every space
I hear the most sufficient vocies of the universe,

No satisfaction with the screams full of pain
I pull of neils with panses
I blow the acid to bleeding fingers
The punishment of fainting mads
are colored eyes in my collection
I made them eat the penises I cut,
unless I throw them to a room full of violent maggots

This suffer will last forever
Blood and scream makes me live
Have you ever suffecated to any are?

Have you ever washed yourself in a blody bath .
I enjoy to make holes in the eyes
I jailed many insane into rooms
There's no difference between unthinkin' brains and... animals

9. My Blood to Your Body

The smell of decaying corpse is
Flowing from my nose to all my body
I can feel the smell in my complete body
I'm licking your decaying lips up
My hands are wandering on your hardened flesh

Pieces of organ which turned into liquid around my finger
Smell gets an intorable situation
My breath is cut away
That incites me more
Biting your lips like an animal
By tearing away, I'm taking them into my mouth
An irresistable nausea inside
I vomit inside your mouth
Licking the over flows up
Starting to vomit gain
Cutting myself
Pouring my blood to your body
Painting all my body with my blood
Ejaculating my making sex with
My decayed corpse.


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